Oscillatory brain activity in the human EEG during indirect and direct memory tasks.


:Up to today, the neuronal bases of activating and establishing a memory trace are not well understood. Several findings point towards the idea that the activation of an engram is mirrored in induced oscillatory bursts in the gamma frequency range (> 20 Hz; induced gamma band responses; iGBRs). In the present study, we further investigated this hypothesis. Volunteers performed two tasks on repeated pictures of familiar and unfamiliar objects. They either made a familiarity decision with repetition being task irrelevant (indirect memory task), or a recognition judgment with repetition being task relevant (direct memory task). Furthermore, we complemented iGBR analyses by investigating other brain responses known to be modulated by mnemonic manipulations, namely, evoked gamma oscillations, lower frequency oscillations, and event-related potentials (ERPs). The results obtained for the indirect task replicated previous findings of repetition suppression of iGBRs for repeated familiar stimuli and an increase of iGBRs for repeated unfamiliar objects. These effects might be linked to the 'sharpening' of a cell assembly representing a familiar object and to the formation of a new object representation for unfamiliar stimuli, respectively. In contrast, the direct task revealed no repetition-related modulations of iGBRs. Thus, modulations of iGBRs are not a mere automatic consequence of repeated stimulus processing but might rather mirror changes within cortical object representation according to use-dependent plasticity principles. Furthermore, evoked gamma responses, lower frequency bands, and late components of the ERPs correlated with more specific subprocesses during mnemonic functioning.


Brain Res


Brain research


Gruber T,Müller MM




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  • Autoradiographic studies in animal models of hemi-parkinsonism reveal dopamine D2 but not D1 receptor supersensitivity. I. 6-OHDA lesions of ascending mesencephalic dopaminergic pathways in the rat.

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  • Visual information for action planning in left and right congenital hemiparesis.

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    abstract::In the present study, we investigated the co-localization pattern of the delta subunit with other subunits of GABA(A) receptors in the rat brain using immunoprecipitation and Western blotting techniques. Furthermore, we investigated whether low concentrations of ethanol affect the delta-subunit-containing GABA(A) rece...

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  • The role of the external lateral parabrachial subnucleus in flavor preferences induced by predigested food administered intragastrically.

    abstract::A study was undertaken of the role of the external lateral parabrachial subnucleus (PBNLe) in flavor preferences induced by the intragastric administration of predigested/cephalic food. These preferences were developed using two different learning procedures, concurrent and sequential. In the concurrent procedure, two...

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  • Quantitative studies of mitoses in fetal rat brain: orientations of the spindles.

    abstract::In continuation of our quantitative studies on 15-day fetal rat brain development, evidence was obtained of ventricular mitoses whose spindles are perpendicular to the surface of the ventricle. In most locations the proportion (ratio) between cells with perpendicular mitoses and predominant cells with mitoses parallel...

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