The Philip Morris External Research Program: results from the first round of projects.


BACKGROUND:Philip Morris (PM) launched the Philip Morris External Research Program (PMERP) in 2000, two years after the company agreed to the dissolution of two industry-wide, external research programmes: the Council for Tobacco Research (CTR) and the Center for Indoor Air Research (CIAR). Our previous analysis of PMERP's Request for Applications noted that PMERP's structure, while ostensibly concerned with new product development, was remarkably similar to that of CIAR. We also found the majority of designated peer-reviewers had previous ties to the tobacco industry and the research solicitation seemed to invite mitigating evidence concerning cigarettes and constituent risks. We concluded that a prime reason for PMERP's existence was to garner scientific credibility for PM. OBJECTIVE:To examine the grants awarded in the first round of PMERP and subsequent peer-reviewed publications. METHODS:Searches of industry documents available on the internet using PMERP and its variations as initial keywords; searches on Medline for publications from PMERP grantees. RESULTS:Of 153 applications, 61 proposals were funded, 36 of which generated 78 scientific publications. Of these, 65% deal specifically with the tobacco plant or constituents. Over half the researchers listed as PMERP participants had previously received or applied for tobacco funding. One internal document indicated PMERP's objectives included gaining "credibility" and "goodwill", and finding "young scientists". In addition, PM has launched its own and more extensive internal product design research programme. CONCLUSION:PMERP appears to exist less as a conduit for critical scientific inquiry than to fit into a corporate strategy intended to burnish PM's public image.


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Tobacco control


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  • Challenges for philanthropy and tobacco control in China (1986-2012).

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify the international philanthropies that have invested in tobacco control in China, describe their role and strategies in changing the social norms of tobacco use, and define the outcomes achieved. METHODS:Information on the international philanthropic donor China projects, including activities and ...

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  • Estimating the size of illicit tobacco consumption in Brazil: findings from the global adult tobacco survey.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Brazil experienced a large decline in smoking prevalence between 2008 and 2013. Tax rate increases since 2007 and a new tobacco tax structure in 2012 may have played an important role in this decline. However, continuous tax rate increases pushed up cigarette prices over personal income growth and, therefore...

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  • Workplace secondhand smoke exposure: a lingering hazard for young adults in California.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine occupational differences in workplace exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) among young adults in California. METHODS:Data are taken from the 2014 Bay Area Young Adult Health Survey, a probabilistic multimode cross-sectional household survey of young adults, aged 18-26, in Alameda and San Francisco C...

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  • Tobacco industry response to a ban on lights descriptors on cigarette packaging and population outcomes.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and its Guidelines recommend nations ban the use of misleading terms, such as 'light' and 'mild' on tobacco product advertising, packaging and labelling. Many nations, including the USA, have implemented such bans and some have introduced or passed legislation r...

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  • Development of smoking by birth cohort in the adult population in eastern Finland 1972-97.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To analyse the dynamics of smoking prevalence, initiation, and cessation in relation to sex, age, birth cohort, study year, and educational level. DESIGN:Six independent cross-sectional population surveys repeated every five years between 1972 and 1997. SETTING:The provinces of North Karelia and Kuopio in e...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To extend the limited international evidence on youth in-vehicle second-hand smoke (SHS) exposure by examining trends in New Zealand, a country with a national smoke-free goal and indoors smoke-free environment legislation. METHODS:We tracked exposure rates and explored the associations between in-vehicle SH...

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  • Smoker-free workplace policies: developing a model of public health consequences of workplace policies barring employment to smokers.

    abstract::A marked shift in tobacco-related workplace health promotion intervention involves the adoption of policies barring employment to smokers. We discuss the potential public health consequences of these policies on those affected-smokers, their families, the surrounding community and society at large. We find a lack of p...

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  • Long-term impact of plain packaging of cigarettes with larger graphic health warnings: findings from cross-sectional surveys of Australian adolescents between 2011 and 2017.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the long-term impact of plain packaging (PP) of cigarettes with larger graphic health warnings (HW) introduced in December 2012 on adolescents' relevant tobacco-related perceptions. METHODS:Cross-sectional school-based surveys of 12 to 17 year olds in 2011 (n=4413), 2013 (n=4423), 2014 (n=4576) and...

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  • YouTube as a source of quit smoking information for people living with mental illness.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:YouTube is the most popular video sharing website, and is increasingly used to broadcast health information including smoking cessation advice. This study examines the quality and quantity of YouTube quit smoking videos targeted at people living with mental illness (MI). METHODS:We systematically searched Y...

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  • Qualitative exploration of young adult RYO smokers' practices.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco often elicits negative connotations of a lower class product, uptake and use by young adult smokers has grown because RYO is more cost-effective than tailor-made (TM) cigarettes. We explored the practices and beliefs young adults develop to distance themselves from unattr...

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  • Have e-cigarettes renormalised or displaced youth smoking? Results of a segmented regression analysis of repeated cross sectional survey data in England, Scotland and Wales.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To examine whether during a period of limited e-cigarette regulation and rapid growth in their use, smoking began to become renormalised among young people. DESIGN:Interrupted time-series analysis of repeated cross-sectional time-series data. SETTING:Great Britain PARTICIPANTS: 248 324 young people aged ap...

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  • Evaluation of smoke-free policies in seven cities in China, 2007-2012.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:China is the world's largest consumer of tobacco, with hundreds of millions of people exposed daily to secondhand smoke (SHS). Comprehensive smoke-free policies are the only effective way to protect the population from the harms of SHS. China does not have a comprehensive national smoke-free law but some loc...

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  • Perceptions of tobacco health warnings in China compared with picture and text-only health warnings from other countries: an experimental study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To assess the perceived effectiveness of cigarette health warnings in China, compared with picture and text-only warnings from other countries. METHOD:1169 individuals (adult smokers, adult nonsmokers and youth) from four Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and Yinchuan) viewed 10 health warnings on c...

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  • Tobacco product developments in the Australian market in the 4 years following plain packaging.

    abstract::This paper aimed to identify continued and emerging trends in the Australian tobacco market following plain packaging implementation, over a period of substantial increases in tobacco taxes. Since 2012, our surveillance activities (including review of trade product and price lists, ingredient reports submitted by toba...

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  • Changes in smoking cessation assistance in the European Union between 2012 and 2017: pharmacotherapy versus counselling versus e-cigarettes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The landscape of smoking cessation may have changed in Europe recently. OBJECTIVES:To identify changes in use of smoking cessation assistance in the European Union (EU) and factors associated with use of cessation assistance. METHODS:Data from the 2012 (n=9921) and 2017 (n=9489) waves of the Eurobarometer ...

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  • The association of waterpipe tobacco smoking with later initiation of cigarette smoking: a systematic review and meta-analysis exploring the gateway theory.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:There is a concern that waterpipe tobacco smoking (WTS) can lead to the later initiation of cigarette smoking, a concept referred to as the 'gateway theory'. The objective of the study was to systematically review the literature for the association of WTS with later initiation of cigarette smoking. METHOD...

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  • Roll-your-own smokers' reactions to cessation-efficacy messaging integrated into tobacco packaging design: a sequential mixed-methods study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although loss-framed pictorial warning labels (PWLs) have increased knowledge of the health harms caused by smoking, they may elicit maladaptive responses among some smokers who have tried repeatedly, yet unsuccessfully, to quit smoking. However, research suggests that maladaptive responses may diminish if w...

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  • Indoor smoking bans in Bulgaria, Croatia, Northern Cyprus, Romania and Turkey.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The purpose of this study was to examine attitudes towards attempts to limit second-hand smoke (SHS) in five Eastern European nations. METHODS:The data consist of a Eurobarometer (64.3) survey distributed from November to December 2005. Logistic regression was employed to investigate support levels for indo...

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  • Kids campaign against tobacco.

    abstract::Counter-advertising contests, in which children are encouraged to submit artwork promoting awareness about the harmful effects of smoking, provide an effective form of education. ...

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  • Tobacco on the web: surveillance and characterisation of online tobacco and e-cigarette advertising.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Despite the internet's broad reach and potential to influence consumer behaviour, there has been little examination of the volume, characteristics, and target audience of online tobacco and e-cigarette advertisements. METHODS:A full-service advertising firm was used to collect all online banner/video advert...

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  • Patterns of smoking in Russia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Tobacco is a leading cause of avoidable death in Russia but there is, as yet, relatively little information in the public domain on who is smoking and how this is changing. This information is important for those seeking to develop effective policies to tackle this issue. OBJECTIVE:To determine the prevalen...

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  • Impact of nations meeting the MPOWER targets between 2014 and 2016: an update.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Since the WHO released the Monitoring tobacco use and tobacco control policies; Protecting from the dangers of tobacco smoke; Offering help to quit tobacco; Warning the public about the dangers; Enforcing bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship; and Raising tobacco taxes (MPOWER) policy package to assi...

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  • Residual tobacco smoke: measurement of its washout time in the lung and of its contribution to environmental tobacco smoke.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Tobacco smoking entails inhaling millions of fine particles with each puff, and it is intuitive that after smoking a cigarette it will take a certain time to washout residual tobacco smoke (RTS) from the lungs with subsequent breaths. OBJECTIVES:To study the washout time of 0.3-1.0 microm particles after th...

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  • Effects of flavourants and humectants on waterpipe tobacco puffing behaviour, biomarkers of exposure and subjective effects among adults with high versus low nicotine dependence.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Flavourants and humectants in waterpipe tobacco (WT) increase product appeal. Removal of these constituents, however, is associated with increased intensity of WT puffing, likely due to reduced nicotine delivery efficiency. To clarify the potential public health outcomes of restrictions on flavourants or h...

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  • Public perceptions of the tobacco-free generation in Tasmania: adults and adolescents.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The tobacco-free generation (TFG) proposal advocates prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to people born after the year 2000. In a world-first, the Tasmanian parliament is considering this proposed legislation. Levels of public support for the proposal among adults and adolescents were investigated. MET...

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  • Interviews with smokers about smokeless tobacco products, risk messages and news articles.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Smokeless tobacco (SLT) products and their communication have been topics of discussion in harm reduction debates, but little is known about smokers' perceptions of existing SLT risk messages. This study aimed to explore smokers' perceptions of SLT and snus products and news stories with different risk messa...

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  • The process of pregnancy smoking cessation: implications for interventions.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:There is a growing body of knowledge about the pregnant smoker and what happens as she goes through the pregnancy and postpartum periods. This article reviews the process of smoking cessation in the context of pregnancy. DATA SOURCES:Epidemiological data, extant reviews of the literature, and current origina...

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  • Is the socioeconomic gap in childhood exposure to secondhand smoke widening or narrowing?

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The social gradient in smoking contributes substantially to the health gap between the rich and poor. Passive smoking by children is associated with increased risk of more severe asthma, respiratory diseases and infections, middle ear disease and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This study examined trends in the...

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  • Effects of hookah smoking on indoor air quality in homes.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Hookahs (water pipes) are rapidly increasing in popularity worldwide. Evidence suggests that although perceived as safer than cigarette smoke, hookah smoke may be as, or even more, dangerous as cigarette smoke. METHODS:Air samples from 33 homes-11 where only hookah-smoking occurred, 12 with only cigarette...

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  • Potential reduced exposure products (PREPs) in industry trial testimony.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To identify patterns in trial testimony that may reflect on the intentions or expectations of tobacco manufacturers with regard to the introduction of potential reduced exposure products (PREPs). DESIGN:Research was conducted using the Deposition and Trial Testimony Archive (DATTA) collection of trial testim...

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