Noise exposure and children's blood pressure and heart rate: the RANCH project.


BACKGROUND:Conclusions that can be drawn from earlier studies on noise and children's blood pressure are limited due to inconsistent results, methodological problems, and the focus on school noise exposure. OBJECTIVES:To investigate the effects of aircraft and road traffic noise exposure on children's blood pressure and heart rate. METHODS:Participants were 1283 children (age 9-11 years) attending 62 primary schools around two European airports. Data were pooled and analysed using multilevel modelling. Adjustments were made for a range of socioeconomic and lifestyle factors. RESULTS:After pooling the data, aircraft noise exposure at school was related to a statistically non-significant increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Aircraft noise exposure at home was related to a statistically significant increase in blood pressure. Aircraft noise exposure during the night at home was positively and significantly associated with blood pressure. The findings differed between the Dutch and British samples. Negative associations were found between road traffic noise exposure and blood pressure, which cannot be explained. CONCLUSION:On the basis of this study and previous scientific literature, no unequivocal conclusions can be drawn about the relationship between community noise and children's blood pressure.


Occup Environ Med


van Kempen E,van Kamp I,Fischer P,Davies H,Houthuijs D,Stellato R,Clark C,Stansfeld S




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  • An updated cohort mortality study of workers exposed to styrene in the reinforced plastics and composites industry.

    abstract::Mortality data have been updated for a further 12 years for a cohort of workers in the reinforced plastics and composites industry with exposures to styrene monomer and other chemicals. The cohort consisted of 15,826 male and female employees who were exposed to styrene for at least six months between 1948 and 1977 at...

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  • Automobile industry occupations and bladder cancer: a population-based case-control study in southeastern Michigan, USA.

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  • Injuries after falls at work in the United Kingdom and Sweden with special reference to fractures in women over 45.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To describe the relation with age of risk of reported injury after a fall among women at work in two countries, the United Kingdom and Sweden, with particular emphasis on fractures, and to interpret these data. METHODS:Rates of accidents compiled under the national reporting regulations of each country duri...

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