Structure/function relationship of homopolysaccharide producing glycansucrases and therapeutic potential of their synthesised glycans.


:The capability of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to produce exopoly- and oligosaccharides was and is the subject of expanding research efforts. Due to their physicochemical properties and health-promoting potential, exopoly- and oligosaccharides from food-grade LAB can be used in the food and other industries and may have additional medical applications. In the last years, many LAB have been screened for their ability to produce exopoly- and oligosaccharides, and several glycosyltransferases involved in their biosynthesis have been characterised at biochemical and genetic levels. These research efforts aim to exploit the full potential of these organisms and to understand the structure/function relationship of glycosyltransferases. The latter knowledge is a prerequisite for the production of tailored exopoly- and oligosaccharides for the diverse applications. This review will survey the results of recent works on the structure/function relationship of homopolysaccharide producing glycosyltransferases and the therapeutic potential of their synthesised exopoly- and oligosaccharides.


Korakli M,Vogel RF




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  • Studies on the Pycnoporus sanguineus CCT-4518 laccase purified by hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

    abstract::A laccase from Pycnoporus sanguineus was purified by two steps using phenyl-Sepharose columm. A typical procedure provided 54.1-fold purification, with a yield of 8.37%, using syringaldazine as substrate. The molecular weight of the purified laccase was 69 and 68 kDa as estimated by 12% (w/v) SDS-PAGE gel and by gel f...

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  • The effect of low temperature (5-29 degrees C) and adaptation on the methanogenic activity of biomass.

    abstract::The influence of low temperature (5-29 degrees C) on the methanogenic activity of non-adapted digested sewage sludge and on temperature/leachate-adapted biomass was assayed by using municipal landfill leachate, intermediates of anaerobic degradation (propionate) and methane precursors (acetate, H2/CO2) as substrates. ...

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  • Algicidal activity of Bacillus sp. Lzh-5 and its algicidal compounds against Microcystis aeruginosa.

    abstract::A freshwater algicidal bacterial strain, Lzh-5, isolated from Lake Taihu, with strong algicidal activity against Microcystis aeruginosa, was identified as Bacillus sp. based on its phenotypic characteristics and 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA) gene sequence. The algicidal mode of Bacillus sp. Lzh-5 was indirect, attacking M....

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  • Dialysis cultures.

    abstract::Dialysis techniques are discussed as a means for effective removal of low-molecular-mass components from fermentation broth to reach high cell density. Reactor systems and process strategies, the relevant properties of membranes and examples for high-density fermentation with dialysis, and problems related to scale-up...

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  • Heterologous expression and characterization of bacterial 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol-4-phosphate pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::Transfer of a biosynthetic pathway between evolutionary distant organisms can create a metabolic shunt capable of bypassing the native regulation of the host organism, hereby improving the production of secondary metabolite precursor molecules for important natural products. Here, we report the engineering of Escheric...

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  • Characterization of the caprolactam degradation pathway in Pseudomonas jessenii using mass spectrometry-based proteomics.

    abstract::Some bacterial cultures are capable of growth on caprolactam as sole carbon and nitrogen source, but the enzymes of the catabolic pathway have not been described. We isolated a caprolactam-degrading strain of Pseudomonas jessenii from soil and identified proteins and genes putatively involved in caprolactam metabolism...

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    authors: Otzen M,Palacio C,Janssen DB

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  • A unique CE16 acetyl esterase from Podospora anserina active on polymeric xylan.

    abstract::The genome of the coprophilous fungus Podospora anserina displays an impressive array of genes encoding hemicellulolytic enzymes. In this study, we focused on a putative carbohydrate esterase (CE) from family 16 (CE16) that bears a carbohydrate-binding module from family CBM1. The protein was heterologously expressed ...

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  • Humic analog AQDS and AQS as an electron mediator can enhance chromate reduction by Bacillus sp. strain 3C3.

    abstract::Humus as an electron mediator is recognized as an effective strategy to improve the biological transformation and degradation of toxic substances, yet the action of humus in microbial detoxification of chromate is still unknown. In this study, a humus-reducing strain 3C(3) was isolated from mangrove sediment. Based on...

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    authors: Hong Y,Wu P,Li W,Gu J,Duan S

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  • Purification and immobilization of α-amylase in one step by gram-positive enhancer matrix (GEM) particles from the soluble protein and the inclusion body.

    abstract::Immobilization of the enzyme benefits the catalytic industry a lot. The gram-positive enhancer matrix (GEM) particles could purify and immobilize the recombinant α-amylase in one step without changing the enzymatic character. The enzyme immobilized by GEM particles exhibited good reusability and storage stability. The...

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    authors: Zhao F,Song Q,Wang B,Han Y,Zhou Z

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  • Screening of ecologically diverse fungi for their potential to pretreat lignocellulosic bioenergy feedstock.

    abstract::A widespread and hitherto by far underexploited potential among ecologically diverse fungi to pretreat wheat straw and digestate from maize silage in the future perspective of using such lignocellulosic feedstock for fermentative bioenergy production was inferred from a screening of nine freshwater ascomycetes, 76 iso...

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    authors: Singh S,Harms H,Schlosser D

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  • Genetically engineered fusion of allergen and viral-like particle induces a more effective allergen-specific immune response than a combination of them.

    abstract::Chimeric virus-like particles (VLPs) were developed as a candidate for allergen-specific immunotherapy. In this study, hepatitis B core antigen (HBcAg) that genetically fused to Chenopodium album polcalcin (Che a 3)-derived peptide was expressed in E. coli BL21, purified, and VLP formation was evaluated using native a...

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    authors: Sani MZ,Bargahi A,Momenzadeh N,Dehghani P,Moghadam MV,Maleki SJ,Nabipour I,Shirkani A,Akhtari J,Hesamizadeh K,Heidari S,Omrani F,Akbarzadeh S,Mohammadi M

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  • Mitomycin C stimulates thermally induced recombinant gene expression in Escherichia coli MC strains.

    abstract::The effects of mitomycin C on C1857-controlled recombinant gene expression have been explored in E. coli cultures when the drug was added simultaneously to the thermal induction. A significantly improved yield of homologous, heterologous and chimeric fusion proteins was observed in E. coli MC1061 and GE864 (a MC4100 d...

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    authors: Corchero JL,Carbonell X,Benito A,Villaverde A

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  • Identification and characterization of Δ12 and Δ12/Δ15 bifunctional fatty acid desaturases in the oleaginous yeast Lipomyces starkeyi.

    abstract::Fatty acid desaturases play vital roles in the synthesis of unsaturated fatty acids. In this study, Δ12 and Δ12/Δ15 fatty acid desaturases of the oleaginous yeast Lipomyces starkeyi, termed LsFad2 and LsFad3, respectively, were identified and characterized. Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing LsFAD2 converted oleic ac...

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  • Metabolic production of a novel polymer feedstock, 3-carboxy muconate, from vanillin.

    abstract::Vanillin can be produced on a commercial scale by depolymerising renewable lignin. One product of microbial metabolism of vanillin by common soil microbes, such as Acinetobacter baylyi, is a tricarboxylic acid with a butadiene backbone known as 3-carboxy muconate (3CM). Three enzymes, 4-hydroxy benzaldehyde dehydrogen...

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    authors: Gosling A,Fowler SJ,O'Shea MS,Straffon M,Dumsday G,Zachariou M

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  • DNA methyltransferase implicated in the recovery of conidiation, through successive plant passages, in phenotypically degenerated Metarhizium.

    abstract::Metarhizium robertsii is a fungus with two lifestyles; it is a plant root symbiont and an insect pathogen. A spontaneously phenotypically degenerated strain of M. robertsii strain ARSEF 2575 (M. robertsii lc-2575; lc = low conidiation) showed a reduction in conidiation and fungal virulence after successive subculturin...

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    authors: Hu S,Bidochka MJ

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  • Characterization of heme protein expressed by ammonia-oxidizing bacteria under low dissolved oxygen conditions.

    abstract::We have recently reported that expression of an unidentified heme protein is enhanced in a nitrifying activated sludge community under low (0.1 mg O2/L) dissolved oxygen (DO) conditions. A preliminary assessment suggested it may be a type of hemoglobin (Hb) or a lesser-known component of the energy-transducing pathway...

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  • Production of gamma-linolenic acid by Cunninghamella echinulata cultivated on glucose and orange peel.

    abstract::A newly isolated strain of Cunninghamella echinulata grown on glucose produced significant quantities of biomass and cellular lipids in media with high C/N ratio. The oil yield from glucose consumed increased after nitrogen exhaustion in the growth medium, but gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) content in cellular oil systema...

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    authors: Gema H,Kavadia A,Dimou D,Tsagou V,Komaitis M,Aggelis G

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  • Effective mutations in a high redox potential laccase from Pleurotus ostreatus.

    abstract::Since the first report on a laccase, there has been a notable development in the interest towards this class of enzymes, highlighted from the number of scientific papers and patents about them. At the same time, interest in exploiting laccases-mainly high redox potential-for various functions has been growing exponent...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Macellaro G,Baratto MC,Piscitelli A,Pezzella C,Fabrizi de Biani F,Palmese A,Piumi F,Record E,Basosi R,Sannia G

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  • Expression of organophosphate hydrolase in the filamentous fungus Gliocladium virens.

    abstract::The broad-spectrum organophosphate hydrolase (OPH; EC encoded by the organophosphate-degrading gene (opd) from Pseudomonas diminuta MG and Flavobacterium sp. ATCC 27551 possesses capabilities of both P-O bond hydrolysis (e.g. paraoxon) and P-F bond hydrolysis [e.g. sarin and diisopropylfluorophosphate (DFP)]....

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    authors: Dave KI,Lauriano C,Xu B,Wild JR,Kenerley CM

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  • Transformation and gene replacement in the facultatively chemoheterotrophic, unicellular cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC6714 by electroporation.

    abstract::The unicellular cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC6714 can grow not only under photoautotrophic conditions, but also under chemoheterotrophic conditions if glucose is added to the medium. This makes it useful for the study of many aspects of bioenergetic mechanisms. In contrast to its closely related strain Synechoc...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Ludwig A,Heimbucher T,Gregor W,Czerny T,Schmetterer G

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  • Involvement of the NADH oxidase-encoding noxA gene in oxidative stress responses in Corynebacterium glutamicum.

    abstract::Corynebacterium glutamicum ORF NCgl0328, designated noxA, encodes an NADH oxidase enzyme. The noxA gene, which was preferentially expressed in the log growth phase, was found to be under the control of the whcA, whcB, and whcE genes, which play regulatory roles in cells under oxidative stress. While noxA transcription...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Park JC,Kim Y,Lee HS

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  • Development of chemically defined medium for Mannheimia succiniciproducens based on its genome sequence.

    abstract::This study presents a novel methodology for the development of a chemically defined medium (CDM) using genome-scale metabolic network and flux balance analysis. The genome-based in silico analysis identified two amino acids and four vitamins as non-substitutable essential compounds to be supplemented to a minimal medi...

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    authors: Song H,Kim TY,Choi BK,Choi SJ,Nielsen LK,Chang HN,Lee SY

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  • Bacterial synthesis of D-amino acids.

    abstract::Recent work has shed light on the abundance and diversity of D-amino acids in bacterial extracellular/periplasmic molecules, bacterial cell culture, and bacteria-rich environments. Within the extracellular/periplasmic space, D-amino acids are necessary components of peptidoglycan, and disruption of their synthesis lea...

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    authors: Radkov AD,Moe LA

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  • Gongronella sp. w5 elevates Coprinopsis cinerea laccase production by carbon source syntrophism and secondary metabolite induction.

    abstract::When sucrose was used as the carbon source, the Basidiomycete Coprinopsis cinerea showed poor growth and low laccase activity in pure culture, but greatly enhanced the level of laccase activity (>1800 U/L) during coculture with the Mucoromycete Gongronella sp. w5. As a result, the mechanism of laccase overproduction i...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Hu J,Zhang Y,Xu Y,Sun Q,Liu J,Fang W,Xiao Y,Kües U,Fang Z

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  • Expression of benzene dioxygenase from Pseudomonas putida ML2 in cis-1,2-cyclohexanediol-degrading pseudomonads.

    abstract::Benzene dioxygenase (BDO; EC from Pseudomonas putida ML2 dihydroxylates benzene to produce cis-1,2-dihydroxy-cyclohexa-3,5-diene. As well as oxidising benzene and toluene, cell-free extracts of Escherichia coli JM109 expressing recombinant BDO oxidised cyclohexene, 1-methylcyclohexene and 3-methylcyclohexen...

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    authors: Swift RJ,Carter SF,Widdowson DA,Mason JR,Leak DJ

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  • Bioleaching review part B: progress in bioleaching: applications of microbial processes by the minerals industries.

    abstract::This review describes the historical development and current state of metals leaching and sulfide mineral biooxidation by the minerals industries. During the past 20 years commercial processes employing microorganisms for mineral recovery have progressed from rather uncontrolled copper dump leaching to mineral oxidati...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Olson GJ,Brierley JA,Brierley CL

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  • Transposon sequencing: methods and expanding applications.

    abstract::A comprehensive understanding of genotype-phenotype links in bacteria is the primary theme of bacterial functional genomics. Transposon sequencing (Tn-seq) or its equivalent methods that combine random transposon mutagenesis and next-generation sequencing (NGS) represent a powerful approach to understand gene function...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Kwon YM,Ricke SC,Mandal RK

    更新日期:2016-01-01 00:00:00

  • Release of thioredoxin from Saccharomyces cerevisiae with environmental stimuli: solubilization of thioredoxin with ethanol.

    abstract::Thioredoxin is crucial for the maintenance of the redox status of cells of all types. Mammalian thioredoxin is secreted from various types of cells, although the mechanism underlying has not yet been clarified. Previously, we demonstrated that thioredoxin was released from Saccharomyces cerevisiae after treatment with...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Takeuchi Y,Nomura W,Ohdate T,Tamasu S,Masutani H,Murata K,Izawa S,Yodoi J,Inoue Y

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  • A 1-year study of the activities of seven hydrolases in a communal wastewater treatment plant: trends and correlations.

    abstract::The activities of seven hydrolytic enzymes (L-alanine aminopeptidase, esterase, α-and β-glucosidase, phosphomonoesterase, phosphodiesterase, sulfatase) were monitored during 1 year in parallel and serial treatment units of the biological stage of a communal wastewater treatment plant. The spatial homogeneity of enzyme...

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    authors: Kreutz JA,Böckenhüser I,Wacht M,Fischer K

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  • Chromosome-shuffling technique for selected chromosomal segments in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::We describe a novel chromosome engineering technique for shuffling selected regions of chromosomes from two strains in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: The technique starts with the construction of MATa and MATalpha strains in which a particular chromosome is split at exactly the same site in both strains such that the split...

    journal_title:Applied microbiology and biotechnology

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    authors: Sugiyama M,Yamamoto E,Mukai Y,Kaneko Y,Nishizawa M,Harashima S

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