Effects of hearing level on habitual sniffing in patients with cholesteatoma.


CONCLUSIONS:Quality of hearing is one of the key conditions promoting habitual sniffing associated with closing failure of the Eustachian tube and sniffing may stop with deterioration of hearing due to progression of the disease. OBJECTIVE:To examine habitual sniffing associated with closing failure of the Eustachian tube and hearing level in patients with cholesteatoma. PATIENTS AND METHODS:A total of 171 patients with middle ear cholesteatoma treated in Tohoku University Hospital (106 sides in 101 patients, 63 males and 38 females, mean age 43.3 years), and Sendai Ear Surgi Center (70 sides in 70 patients, 37 males and 33 females, mean age 42.7 years) were included. The patients were divided into two groups based on the presence or absence of habitual sniffing, and pre- and postoperative hearing was compared between the two groups. RESULTS:Habitual sniffing was not found in patients with air conduction hearing level worse than 60 dB or air-bone gap larger than 40 dB. Habitual sniffing disappeared in all patients with expanded air-bone gaps in lower frequency regions after surgery.


Acta Otolaryngol


Acta oto-laryngologica


Hasegawa J,Kawase T,Yuasa Y,Hori Y,Sato T,Kobayashi T




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  • Comparison of hearing thresholds obtained using pure-tone behavioral audiometry, the Cantonese Hearing in Noise Test (CHINT) and cortical evoked response audiometry.

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  • Age-dependent changes in the expression of klotho protein, TRPV5 and TRPV6 in mouse inner ear.

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  • Multiplex analyses of cytokine and chemokine release from the cultured fibroblast of nasal polyps: the effect of IL-17A.

    abstract:CONCLUSION:Our results demonstrate for the first time a potentially enhanced basal secretion of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) and interleukin (IL)-17A-stimulated secretion of IL-6 from nasal polyp fibroblasts, enhanced basal secretion of IL-6 from eosinophilic nasal polyp fibroblasts, and a remarkable up-r...

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  • Disodium cromoglycate nasal spray in the treatment of perennial rhinitis.

    abstract::In a double-blind crossover trial, 24 patients with perennial rhinitis have been treated with 2% disodium cromoglycate (DSCG) nasal spray. 15 patients preferred DSCG to placebo, 9 patients showed no preference. Analysis of the diary cards showed a significant preference of DSCG in the group which received placebo firs...

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  • Morphological changes of labyrinthine blood vessels following metal poisoning.

    abstract::Metal intoxication (mercury and arsenic) in guinea pigs may cause damage to labyrinthine blood vessels by swelling of the endothelial cells, mitochondrial disintegration and sometimes protrusion of endothelial cell cytoplasm herniating into the blood vessel lumen. Chronic mercury intoxication resulted in distorted end...

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  • Cochlear Implants in Special Cases: Deafness in the Presence of Disabilities and/or Associated Problems.

    abstract::The aim of the present study is to construct a reference model with the indication for the attitude, the requirements and the resources needed in order to be able to deal with deafness in the presence of disabilities or associated problems. The study group consisted of 13 adults and 18 children affected by profound de...

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  • Dose and time dependent ototoxicity of aspartame in rats.

    abstract:CONCLUSION:Low-dose administration of Aspartame (Ap) did not produce a significant ototoxic effect at the end of the 6th month. However, duration of the ototoxic effect is shortened and severity of the effect is increased as dose and duration of Ap administration is increased. OBJECTIVES:While Ap toxicity has been stu...

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  • Acute treatment of noise trauma with local caroverine application in the guinea pig.

    abstract::Intense sound stimulation may result in excessive glutamate release from the inner hair cells, resulting in binding to the postsynaptic glutamate receptors and leading to neuronal degeneration and functional impairment. In this study we investigated the therapeutic effect and time window of caroverine, an N-methyl-D-a...

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  • Value of pre-operative caloric test in predicting speech perception after cochlear implantation in adults with post-lingual hearing loss.

    abstract:CONCLUSION:This study shows that, in cochlear implantation (CI) surgery, pre-operative caloric test results are not correlated with post-operative outcomes of dizziness or speech perception. OBJECTIVES:To determine the role of pre-operative caloric tests in CI. METHODS:The records of 95 patients who underwent unilate...

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  • Chronic maxillary sinusitis. Differential diagnosis and genesis.

    abstract::By a careful ENT and oral examination of 111 patients with suspected chronic maxillary sinusitis, the diagnosis was verified in only 56% (62/111). In 29 of these 62 patients (47%) a relation to dental infections was found, periodontitis being as frequent as apical granulomas. In 61% of the patients, in whom the diagn...

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