Comorbidity of PTSD and depression following myocardial infarction.


BACKGROUND:This study examines comorbidity of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression following myocardial infarction (MI). It has two aims: (a) to examine whether this comorbidity is predicted by the objective severity of the MI and the patients' initial appraisal and stress responses; and (b) to determine whether this comorbidity is associated with PTSD symptomatology, depression, physiological adjustment, and psychosocial adjustment seven months post-MI. METHOD:116 MI patients were examined twice. At Time 1, within a week of the MI, initial appraisal, stress responses, and depressive reactions were assessed, and medical measures were obtained from patients' hospital records. At Time 2, seven months later, PTSD, depression, psychosocial functioning, and physical adjustment were assessed. RESULTS:Seven months post-MI, 16% of the patients were identified with PTSD; 8% with comorbid PTSD and depression; and 14% with high levels of depression without full PTSD. Initial level of depression was associated with comorbidity of PTSD and depression. While initial stress reactions did not predict comorbidity, they did predict depression, with or without comorbid PTSD. Comorbidity of PTSD and depression was associated with higher levels of adjustment difficulties. DISCUSSION:Comorbidity of PTSD and depression has some clinical significance. While initial level of depression predicts subsequent comorbidity of PTSD and depression, early stress reactions do not differentiate between MI patients who suffer from depression, with or without comorbid PTSD.


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  • Peritraumatic tonic immobility predicts a poor response to pharmacological treatment in victims of urban violence with PTSD.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Tonic immobility is the last defense against predation in animals and is characterized by paralysis and analgesia. In humans, it has only been reported in women victims of sexual abuse. OBJECTIVE:This study evaluated the prevalence of peritraumatic tonic immobility (PTI) in patients with PTSD and investig...

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  • Is subclinical anxiety an endophenotype for bipolar I patients? A study from a Costa Rican sample.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although genetic influences on bipolar I disorder are well established, localization of genes that predispose to the illness has been difficult. Some genes predisposing to bipolar I disorder may be transmitted without expression of the categorical clinical phenotype. One strategy to overcome this obstacle is...

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