The role of the corpus callosum in dichotic listening: a combined morphological and diffusion tensor imaging study.


:The objective of the present study was to examine the role of the corpus callosum (CC) in dichotic listening. For this purpose, 40 right-handed healthy male participants were assessed with morphological and diffusion tensor imaging, which yielded macrostructural (midsagittal area) and microstructural (mean diffusion, fractional anisotropy) measures of the total CC and predefined subregions. Applying the standard consonant-vowel Bergen Dichotic Listening Test (including 3 different attentional instructions), the authors found dichotic listening performance to be substantially related to the integrity of the CC at both macro- and microstructural levels. Results indicate a dual role of the CC; it is relevant not only for the stimulus-driven (bottom-up) transfer of left-ear input to the left hemisphere but also for its attentional (top-down) modulation.






Westerhausen R,Woerner W,Kreuder F,Schweiger E,Hugdahl K,Wittling W




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2006-05-01 00:00:00














  • Executive functions are employed to process episodic and relational memories in children with autism spectrum disorders.

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  • Preliminary evidence for differential trajectories of recovery for cognitive flexibility following sports-related concussion.

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  • Effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation following acquired brain injury: a meta-analytic re-examination of Cicerone et al.'s (2000, 2005) systematic reviews.

    abstract::The present study provides a meta-analysis of cognitive rehabilitation literature (K = 115, N = 2,014) that was originally reviewed by K. D. Cicerone et al. (2000, 2005) for the purpose of providing evidence-based practice guidelines for persons with acquired brain injury. The analysis yielded a small treatment effect...


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  • Visual information processing in high-functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorders and their parents.

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  • Cognitive, clinical, and functional characteristics of verbally superior schizophrenia patients.

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  • Multimodal cuing of autobiographical memory in semantic dementia.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Individuals with semantic dementia (SD) have impaired autobiographical memory (AM), but the extent of the impairment has been controversial. According to one report (Westmacott, Leach, Freedman, & Moscovitch, 2001), patient performance was better when visual cues were used instead of verbal cues; however, the...


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  • The effect of time course and context on the facilitation of semantic features in the cerebral hemispheres.

    abstract::Two divided visual field priming experiments were designed to determine the nature of lexical retrieval in the cerebral hemispheres by studying the facilitation of semantic features of unambiguous nouns. Unambiguous nouns have a single meaning, yet semantic features associated with these nouns may vary in the degree t...


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  • Emotion perception after moderate-severe traumatic brain injury: The valence effect and the role of working memory, processing speed, and nonverbal reasoning.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Traumatic brain injury (TBI) impairs emotion perception. Perception of negative emotions (sadness, disgust, fear, and anger) is reportedly affected more than positive (happiness and surprise) ones. It has been argued that this reflects a specialized neural network underpinning negative emotions that is vulner...


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