Plasma level of N terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide as a prognostic marker in critically ill patients.


:We studied whether N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide (NT-pro BNP) measured at intensive care unit admission is an independent predictor of mortality in critically ill patients. We conducted a prospective observational cohort study enrolling 78 patients with APACHE II scores more than 12. Serum NT-pro BNP and cardiac troponin T were measured at admission, and echocardiography was performed within 24 h. The primary end-point was 30-day mortality. The median NT-pro BNP levels of the 22 (28.2%) patients who died were significantly more frequent than that of those who survived (8328 versus 1016 pg/mL; P = 0.001). Patients with NT-pro BNP levels more than 1900 pg/mL had significantly more frequent mortality (47.2% versus 11.9%; P = 0.03). This group also had more frequent moderate to severe left ventricular dysfunction (30.6% versus 9.5%; P = 0.02) and abnormal cardiac troponin T levels (33.3% versus 14.3%; P = 0.05). Multivariate analyses adjusted for APACHE-II revealed that a NT-pro BNP level more than 1900 pg/mL is an independent predictor of mortality.


Anesth Analg


Anesthesia and analgesia


Almog Y,Novack V,Megralishvili R,Kobal S,Barski L,King D,Zahger D




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2006-06-01 00:00:00














  • Middle ear pressure changes during anesthesia with or without nitrous oxide are similar among airway devices.

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  • Evidence for the Efficacy of Systemic Opioid-Sparing Analgesics in Pediatric Surgical Populations: A Systematic Review.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Detection of ongoing spontaneous pain behaviors in laboratory animals remains a research challenge. Most preclinical pain studies measure elicited behavioral responses to an external noxious stimulus; however, ongoing spontaneous pain in humans and animals may be unrelated to hypersensitivity, and likely dim...

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  • The interaction of FK409, a novel nitric oxide releaser, and peripherally administered morphine during experimental inflammation.

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  • Left ventricular mass in a patient with Carney's complex.

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  • A manual slide rule for target-controlled infusion of propofol: development and evaluation.

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  • Limitations of the sodium fusion assay for fluorinated metabolites.

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  • Minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration of fluorinated alkanols in rats: relevance to theories of narcosis.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:The Meyer-Overton hypothesis predicts that the potency of conventional inhaled anesthetics correlates inversely with lipophilicity: minimum alveolar anesthetic concentration (MAC) x the olive oil/gas partition coefficient equals a constant of approximately 1.82 +/- 0.56 atm (mean +/- SD), whereas MAC x the o...

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  • Electroanesthesia (EA) studies: EA produced by stimulation of sensory nerves of the scalp in Rhesus monkeys.

    abstract::After it was learned that electroanesthesia (EA) could not be produced in a Rhesus monkey which had undergone a circumferential scalp block with 0.25% lidocaine, it was postulated that EA could be produced by electrostimulation of the sensory nerves of the scalp in the rhesus. The work reported here verifies that EA c...

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  • Holiday and weekend operating room on-call staffing requirements.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Every facility that performs cases on holidays has in some way decided on its operating room (OR) and anesthesia staffing for holidays. Previous studies have not examined how best to calculate appropriate holiday staffing. METHODS:We analyzed weekend and holiday data from a university hospital. RESULTS:The...

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  • Evaluation of an on-demand, ex vivo bedside blood gas monitor on pulmonary artery blood gas determinations.

    abstract::Critically ill patients often have cardiopulmonary perturbations that require rapid and frequent assessment for optimal care, including cardiac output determinations, measurement of cardiac filling pressures, and arterial and mixed venous blood gas determinations. We evaluated the performance of a rapid, on-demand bed...

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  • Epidural anesthesia for cesarean section in diabetic parturients: maternal and neonatal acid-base status and bupivacaine concentration.

    abstract::Acid-base status and blood levels of bupivacaine were determined in 16 diabetic parturients and their infants after epidural anesthesia for cesarean section. The newborn infants were divided into two groups based on umbilical artery pH at birth. Group A consisted of 10 infants who had a pH of less than 7.2 and group B...

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