Misconceptions about brain injury: a survey replication study.


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:The researchers sought to update information about the public's knowledge about brain injury and to document progress made toward correcting misconceptions. RESEARCH DESIGN:Survey replication. METHODS AND PROCEDURES:Three hundred and eighteen respondents from the lay public answered questions about general brain injury knowledge, coma and unconsciousness, memory deficits and brain injury recovery. Chi-square analyses revealed significant differences among respondents based on age, gender, education and personal experience with brain injury or brain injury survivors. Findings were also compared with those reported by previous researchers administering similar questionnaires. MAIN OUTCOMES AND RESULTS:Misconceptions persist regarding some brain injury sequelae. Although most respondents knew general information, large numbers reported incorrect beliefs about memory problems, coma and unconsciousness and recovery. CONCLUSIONS:Despite the frequency with which it occurs, the general public persists in holding misconceptions about brain injury. Greater public awareness is necessary to prompt appropriate health care funding and rehabilitative service decisions.


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Brain injury


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  • Models of brain injury rehabilitation.

    abstract::Rehabilitation services for patients with brain injury have been slower to develop than those with other disabilities, but have rapidly improved over the past 10-15 years. A range of different, specialized brain injury programmes has evolved. The literature is reviewed and the author describes and discusses the relati...

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  • Stakeholder opinion of functional communication activities following traumatic brain injury.

    abstract:PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:To establish a process whereby assessment of functional communication reflects the authentic communication of the target population. The major functional communication assessments available from the USA may not be as relevant to those who reside elsewhere, nor assessments developed primarily for perso...

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  • Neuroendocrine dysfunction in acute phase of moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury: a prospective study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Most of the retrospective studies have demonstrated that traumatic brain injury mediated hypopituitarism could be more frequent than previously known. Therefore, this study has prospectively investigated pituitary function and their correlation with severity, pressure effect and Glasgow Outcome Scale in the ...

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  • Thirty-day re-admission after traumatic brain injury: Results from MarketScan®.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To estimate the national 30-day re-admission rate after traumatic brain injury (TBI) in insured patients under age 65 and to examine factors that predict re-admission. METHODS:This study reviewed data on patients hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of TBI in the MarketScan® database from 2010-2012. Patient...

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  • Higher haemoglobin levels and dedicated trauma admission are associated with survival after severe traumatic brain injury.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Prevention of secondary brain injury is a key component of acute management of patients with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Haemoglobin concentration may have an impact on optimization of cerebral oxygenation. Patients with TBI may best be served by an organized trauma service. The objective is to dete...

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  • Biochemical and physiological parameters of recovery in acute severe head injury: responses to multisensory stimulation.

    abstract::We investigated the efficacy of applying a programme of multisensory stimulation to patients with severe diffuse traumatic brain injury, during their admission to a tertiary neurosurgical intensive care unit. We attempted to determine the nature and extent of any physiological or biochemical changes occurring as a res...

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  • Neuropsychological functioning during the year following severe traumatic brain injury.

    abstract::The neuropsychological functioning of a group of 65 adults with severe traumatic brain injury was assessed at 6 months and 1 year post-injury. The cognitive domains assessed were pre-morbid intellectual level, current level of general intellectual functioning, simple and complex attention, verbal memory, executive fun...

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  • Suicide in professional American football players in the past 95 years.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To examine publicly-available information on all identified cases of suicide in active or former American professional football players between 1920 and the spring of 2015. DESIGN:Retrospective cohort study. SETTING:Professional American Football in the US. PARTICIPANTS:A cohort of 26 702 athletes who had ...

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  • Gerstmann's syndrome associated with chronic subdural haematoma: a case report.

    abstract::We report a patient who exhibited Gerstmann's syndrome in association with a chronic subdural haematoma. A 71-year-old right-handed woman presented with mild right arm and leg weakness that began 2 weeks prior to admission. Neurological examination on admission revealed a mild right hemiparesis. Neuropsychological exa...

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  • Relatives' perceptions of role change, social support and stress after traumatic brain injury.

    abstract::There is general agreement between researchers and clinicians alike that relatives of people with head injuries experience heightened stress as a result of the injury and its consequences. In the present study a single structured interview, including both verbally administered and written response questionnaires, was ...

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  • Lipoic acid and bone marrow derived cells therapy induce angiogenesis and cell proliferation after focal brain injury.

    abstract:UNLABELLED:Abstract Introduction: Traumatic brain injury is a main cause of disability and death in developed countries, above all among children and adolescents. The intrinsic inability of the central nervous system to efficiently repair traumatic injuries renders transplantation of bone marrow-derived cells (BMDC) a ...

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  • Profiling early outcomes during the transition from hospital to home after brain injury.

    abstract:PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:To profile early outcomes during the transition from hospital to home for individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI) and their family caregivers. RESEARCH DESIGN:Prospective longitudinal study with data collected at three time points: pre-discharge and 1- and 3-months post-discharge. METHODS AND P...

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  • Concussion history is negatively associated with visual-motor force complexity: evidence for persistent effects on visual-motor integration.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Long-term monitoring of concussion recovery requires time- and cost-effective methods. Physiologic complexity may be useful in evaluating visual-motor integration following concussion. The purpose of this study was to quantify the extent to which prior number of concussions influenced visual-motor tracking f...

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  • Donepezil medicated memory improvement in traumatic brain injury during post acute rehabilitation.

    abstract::Memory dysfunction is a recognized and difficult to treat complication of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Since medial-temporal lobe injury is a frequent contributor to memory dysfunction in TBI, it is likely that an acetylcholine deficit contributes to memory dysfunction in this population. Recently, Donepezil, an acet...

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  • Coping and distress in caregivers of patients with disorders of consciousness.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To study depression, anxiety, maladjustment and coping in caregivers of patients in vegetative state (VS) or minimally conscious state (MCS). MATERIALS AND METHODS:Fifty-three caregivers of 43 patients with VS or MCS were assessed using Beck Anxiety Inventory, Beck Depression Inventory, maladjustment scale ...

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  • Brain injury: analysis of outcome in a post-acute rehabilitation system. Part 1: General analysis.

    abstract::During the past decade the rehabilitation field has developed new, non-hospital based programmes of cognitive, behavioural, social, educational and vocational treatments to address the higher order cognitive, behavioural and social deficits following brain injury. These new arrays of programmes are referred to under t...

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  • Periodontitis and orofacial health-related systemic impairment in patients with brain injury: a factor analysis approach.

    abstract::Aim: To investigate the association of periodontitis to orofacial health-related systemic impairment in patients with acquired brain injury (ABI). Methods: Ninety individuals with ABI were included. Full mouth periodontal examination was performed. Orofacial health-related 'motor' and 'cognitive' scores, dysphagia and...

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  • Group interactive structured treatment (GIST): a social competence intervention for individuals with brain injury.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Impairments in social competence are among the most prevalent sequelae of traumatic brain injury and present a major barrier to a person returning to a productive life. The recent increased incidence of TBI among military personnel and the subsequent difficulties these individuals face reintegrating into soc...

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  • Method of symptom assessment influences cognitive, affective and somatic post-concussion-like symptom base rates.

    abstract:PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:To investigate whether assessment method influences the type of post-concussion-like symptoms. METHODS AND PROCEDURES:Participants were 73 Australian undergraduate students (Mage = 24.14, SD = 8.84; 75.3% female) with no history of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Participants reported symptoms ex...

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  • The effects of amantadine on traumatic brain injury outcome: a double-blind, randomized, controlled, clinical trial.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Amantadine, as a dopamine receptor agonist, may stimulate and help the recovery of the nervous system after traumatic brain injury (TBI). METHODS:We performed this study as a double-blind, randomized, controlled clinical trial with target population including all patients with TBI who scored nine or lower...

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  • 'Less is more': validation with Rasch analysis of five short-forms for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust Personality Questionnaires (BIRT-PQs).

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Previous analyses demonstrated a lack of unidimensionality, item redundancy, and substantial administrative burden for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust Personality Questionnaires (BIRT-PQs). OBJECTIVE:To use Rasch Analysis to calibrate five short-forms of the BIRT-PQs, satisfying the Rasch model requir...

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  • Differential pathways of psychological distress in spouses vs. parents of people with severe traumatic brain injury (TBI): multi-group analysis.

    abstract:PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:A contemporary model of psychological stress based on an amalgamation of Conservation of Resources theory and the McMaster Model of Family Functioning was devised to compare the effects of neurobehavioural impairments on family functioning and psychological distress in spouses and parents caring for r...

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  • "Just got to live life as it comes": A case study of the spousal-dyad longitudinal mild stroke transitional experience.

    abstract::Objective: To longitudinally explore the transition home for a spousal dyad following mild stroke, in the context of a mild stroke-specific health service. Research Design: A case study approach, using an Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA), was identified as suitable for this study, as it enabled the essen...

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  • Mortality among older adults after a traumatic brain injury: a meta-analysis.

    abstract:PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:To examine mortality rates among older adults (≥60 years) post-traumatic brain injury (TBI). RESEARCH DESIGN:Systematic review and meta-analysis. METHODS AND PROCEDURES:Using multiple databases, a literature search was conducted for articles on mortality after TBI published up to July 2011. Informat...

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  • Neuropsychological sequelae of methyl bromide: a case study.

    abstract::Methyl bromide (MB) is a pesticide used primarily as a fumigating agent for homes, storage vehicles and soil. Chronic exposure to MB is known to cause damage to the central nervous system and other organs. Previously published post-mortem studies have also revealed significant brain abnormalities in patients whose dea...

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  • Return to work after rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury.

    abstract::The relationship of medical variables and discharge functional status to vocational and educational outcomes was examined in 79 closed head-injured patients who were consecutively admitted to an inpatient rehabilitation hospital during a two-year period. A follow-up study, conducted after hospital discharge (median, 1...

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  • The ethics of using placebo medication in a non-capacitous patient.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The use of placebo has long been controversial. Whilst evidence accumulates regarding it's beneficial and safe effects, ethical issues around the eroding of patient autonomy and accusations of deception stop most doctors prescribing inert placebo substances. CASE STUDY:This paper presents a case of a non-ca...

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  • The Mayo Portland Adaptability Inventory-4 outcome measure is superior to UK FIM+FAM in a British military population.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to identify the most appropriate rehabilitation outcome measure for use in a young adult population with acquired brain injury. METHODS:A 2-year prospective study of patients admitted to a UK military neuro-rehabilitation unit with acquired brain injury to compare the appropriatenes...

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  • Social-cue perception and mentalizing ability following traumatic brain injury: A human-robot interaction study.

    abstract:PRIMARY OBJECTIVE:Research studies and clinical observations of individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) indicate marked deficits in mentalizing-perceiving social information and integrating it into judgements about the affective and mental states of others. The current study investigates social-cognitive mechanis...

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  • Syria civil war: Outcomes of humanitarian neurosurgical care provided to Syrian wounded refugees in Israel.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:As an expected consequence of the civil war in Syria, emergent neurosurgical care for battlefield trauma has been provided for severely head-injured Syrians transferred to Northern Israel. METHODS:Sixty-six patients suffering from brain injury were brought to the border and then referred to the institution ...

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