An in vitro 125IUdR-release assay for measuring the kinetics of cell death.


:A radionuclide release assay for measuring the in vitro kinetics of cell death has been developed. CHO cells were labelled for 24 h with 3.0 hBq/ml of [125I] iododeoxyuridine (125IUdR) and the fate of the labelled cells and their progeny was monitored at daily intervals by measuring the rate of 125I release. Prelabelling with 125IUdR did not alter the plating efficiency, the doubling time or the selection of mitotic cells. The rate of 125I release from labelled (but otherwise untreated) CHO cells was approximately equal to 4% day. Treatment with a lethal dose of X-rays (30 Gy), heat (46 degrees C, 1 h), cold (-90 degrees C, 1 h) or the antibiotic Geneticin (300 micrograms/ml, continuously) resulted in the release of greater than 99% the 125I activity associated with the cells. Cell death was rapid after heating or freezing, and delayed after treatment with X-rays or Geneticin. The results illustrate the efficacy of the 125I release assay for measuring the kinetics of cell death in mammalian tissue culture cells.


Int J Radiat Biol


Schneiderman MH,Hofer KG,Schneiderman GS




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1991-02-01 00:00:00














  • Involvement of c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase-1 in heat-induced apoptotic cell death of human monoblastic leukaemia U937 cells.

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  • Radiation response of mouse lymphoid and myeloid cell lines. Part III. Different signals can lead to apoptosis and may influence sensitivity to killing by DNA double-strand breakage.

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  • Modification of tumour response by calcium antagonists in the SCVII/St tumour implanted at two different sites.

    abstract::Dose responses for the effects of four calcium antagonists on SCCVII/St back and leg tumour sensitivity to 20 Gy X-rays, and on tumour perfusion indicated by relative uptake of 86rubidium, were determined. The effects of these agents on 86rubidium uptake in some normal tissues were also investigated. Flunarizine sensi...

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  • Minisatellite and Hprt mutations in V79 cells irradiated with helium ions and gamma rays.

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  • The in vivo effects of low-intensity radiofrequency fields on the motor activity of protozoa.

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  • DNA lesion complexity and induction of apoptosis by ionizing radiation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine whether murine lymphoid cell lines can discriminate between high- and low-LET (linear energy transfer) radiation-induced DNA lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS:Sensitivity to killing by DNA-incorporated 3H and 125I decays, accumulated during storage in the gas phase of a liquid nitrogen tank, was dete...

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  • Radiation-induced chromosome aberrations analysed by fluorescence in situ hybridization with a triple combination of composite whole chromosome-specific DNA probes.

    abstract::Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) with a combination of three composite whole chromosome-specific DNA probes for human chromosomes 1, 4 and 12 was used to analyse in vitro radiation-induced dicentrics and symmetrical translocations in peripheral lymphocytes. Translocations could be rapidly and efficiently dete...

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  • Rapid communication: effect of irradiation on lymphocyte proliferation and differentiation: potential of IL-6 in augmenting antibody responses in cultures of murine spleen cells.

    abstract::Ionizing radiation induces both quantitative and qualitative changes in the lymphoid cells of both man and experimental animals, including inhibition of antibody responses. However, the cellular basis of this immunological lesion is not clear. In the present study, groups of mice were exposed to 2.0 Gy gamma-rays or s...

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  • Evidence for curvilinearity in the cancer incidence dose-response in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors.

    abstract::The recently released data on cancer incidence in the Japanese atomic bomb survivors are analysed using a variety of relative risk models which take account of errors in estimates of dose to assess the dose-response at low doses. For all solid cancers analysed together there is a significant positive dose-response (at...

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  • The expression of p53-regulated genes in human cultured lymphoblastoid TSCE5 and WTK1 cell lines during spaceflight.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The space environment contains two major biologically significant influences; space radiations and microgravity. The 53 kDa tumour suppressor protein (p53) plays a role as a guardian of the genome through the activity of p53-centered signal transduction pathways. The aim of this study was to clarify the biologi...

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  • Delayed effects of a single-dose whole-brain radiation therapy on glucose metabolism and myelin density: a longitudinal PET study.

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  • Correlation between mitotic delay and aberration burden, and their role for the analysis of chromosomal damage.

    abstract::The aim was to investigate further the relationship between radiation-induced mitotic delay and the expression of chromosome damage in V79 cells. Recently published data on the time-course of chromosome aberrations in V79 first-cycle metaphases after exposure to 10.4 MeV u(-1) Ar ions (LET = 1226 keV microm(-1)) were ...

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  • Treatment with 3,4,3-LIHOPO of simulated wounds contaminated with plutonium and americium in rat.

    abstract::The effect of a siderophore analogue 3,4,3-LIHOPO has been investigated in rat after intramuscular injection of 238Pu, 239Pu and 241Am simulating puncture wounds. Various treatment regimens were used to remove the radioactivity from its injection site and to reduce its retention in body tissues. The local deposits cou...

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  • Environmental and industrial developments in radiation cataractogenesis.

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  • Heat effects on the repair of DNA double-strand breaks in CHO cells.

    abstract::The effect of heat (43-45 degrees C) on the induction and the repair of DNA double-strand breaks (dsb) was studied in CHO cells after 60 Gy of X-rays using constant-field gel electrophoresis. Heat given prior to irradiation was found not to alter the number of dsb when measured immediately after irradiation. In non-he...

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  • The relevance of tumour and surrounding normal tissue vascular density in clinical hyperthermia of locally advanced breast carcinoma.

    abstract::It follows from the present work that the vascularization of the normal tissue present in the treatment volume limits the temperatures achieved during heat treatment of invasive ductal breast carcinoma. The temperatures can often be increased by giving fractionated heat treatment because heat treatment may reduce the ...

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  • Effect of GSM-900 and -1800 signals on the skin of hairless rats. II: 12-week chronic exposures.

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  • Effect of 5-[(125)I]iodo-2'-deoxyuridine uptake on the proliferation and pluripotency of human embryonic stem cells.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Human embryonic stem cells (hESC) hold a great potential for regenerative medicine because, in principle, they can differentiate into any cell type found in the human body. In addition, studying the effect of ionizing radiation (IR) on hESC may provide valuable information about the response of human cells to I...

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  • Intrinsic radiosensitivity and PLD repair in osteosarcoma cell lines.

    abstract::The response to radiation of seven osteosarcoma cell lines was analysed by in vitro colony-forming assay and compared with that of eight human fibroblast strains. The values of D0, the surviving fraction after 2 Gy (S2Gy), and the mean inactivation dose (D) of osteosarcoma cells in log-phase culture were significantly...

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  • An image analysis technique for detection of radiation-induced DNA fragmentation after CHEF electrophoresis.

    abstract::CHEF-electrophoresis was used as a technique to detect radiation-induced DNA breakage with special emphasis to biological relevant X-ray doses (0-10 Gy). Fluorescence detection of DNA-fragments using a sensitive image analysis system was directly compared with conventional scintillation counting of 3H-thymidine prelab...

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  • Design and characterization of an economical (192)Ir hemi-brain small animal irradiator.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To describe the design and dosimetric characterization of a simple and economical small animal irradiator. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A high dose rate (HDR) (192)Ir brachytherapy source from a commercially available afterloader was used with a 1.3 cm thick tungsten collimator to provide sharp beam penumbra suitable...

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  • Quantitative and qualitative effect of gamma-ray dose-rate on mutagenesis in human lymphoblastoid cells.

    abstract::Induction of mutations to 6-thioguanine resistance (TGr) by gamma-rays at three different dose-rates and molecular changes in the HPRT gene were studied in human lymphoblastoid WIL2-NS cells. Mutant induction showed a curvilinear dose-response for acute irradiation (30 Gy/h). The total mutant frequency was lower after...

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  • Biodosimetry using chromosomal translocations measured by FISH in a population chronically exposed to low dose-rate 60Co gamma-irradiation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate the cumulative gamma-radiation personal exposure by analysing lymphocyte chromosome translocations using FISH painting and to compare FISH-derived biodoses with those derived from retrospective physical dose reconstruction in residents receiving chronic low dose-rate gamma-irradiation while living i...

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  • Clinical interest in determinations of cellular radiation sensitivity.

    abstract::Determinations of cell sensitivity in terms of survival fraction after doses employed in clinical radiation therapy, say 1-3 Gy, are of increasing interest to clinicians as they provide direct experimental data which can be employed without reference to models of cell inactivation. SF2 values are expected ultimately t...

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  • Increased mutability and decreased repairability of a three-lesion clustered DNA-damaged site comprised of an AP site and bi-stranded 8-oxoG lesions.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Ionizing radiation induces DNA damage, some of which are present in clusters, defined as two or more lesions within one to two helical turns of DNA by passage of a single radiation track. These clusters are thought to contribute to the detrimental effects of radiation, in part due to the compromised repair of c...

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  • Nuclear structure and the microdistribution of radiation damage in DNA.

    abstract::Evidence for the roles of proteins and metal ions in the microheterogeneity of DNA damage is reviewed. Decondensation of chromatin in hypotonic buffers markedly sensitizes the DNA to radiation, while treatment of nuclei with hypertonic buffers strips the DNA of histones and other nuclear proteins and enhances the radi...

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  • Transcriptional modulation of micro-RNA in human cells differing in radiation sensitivity.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The molecular basis of gene regulation in cells exposed to ionising radiation is not fully understood. Gene regulation occurs at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. Recent studies have suggested that micro-RNA (miRNA) plays a significant role at the post-transcriptional gene regulation. miRNA a...

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  • Radiation-induced DNA double-strand break frequencies in human squamous cell carcinoma cell lines of different radiation sensitivities.

    abstract::DNA neutral (pH 9.6) filter elution was used to measure radiation-induced DNA double-strand break (dsb) frequencies in eight human squamous cell carcinoma cell lines with radiosensitivities (D0) ranging from 1.07 to 2.66 Gy and D values ranging from 1.46 to 4.08 Gy. The elution profiles of unirradiated samples from mo...

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  • Transformation-sensitive cells in G2/M-phase are not promoted by TPA following 137Cs gamma-rays.

    abstract::Mouse C3H 10T1/2 cells are most sensitive to radiation-induced neoplastic transformation in the G2/M-phase of the cell cycle. When synchronized 10T1/2 cells were exposed to phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (TPA) after irradiation, transformation of cells not in the transformation-sensitive window was enhanced, but tran...

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  • Radiation-induced bystander phenomenon: insight and implications in radiotherapy.

    abstract::Despite the extensive utilization of radiotherapy in cancer treatments, clinicians often face challenges in achieving desired outcomes. This is because of the existence of secondary radiation effects like bystander phenomenon that influence radiation nontargeted cells and tissues. The concept of bystander effects of r...

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