Receiver-operating characteristic analysis of leukocyte counts and serum C-reactive protein levels in children with advanced appendicitis.


PURPOSE:To assess the diagnostic value of the white blood cell count (WBC) and serum C-reactive protein (CRP) level in children with advanced appendicitis. METHODS:We reviewed 289 children ranging in age from 3 to 15 years old, who underwent appendectomy in our hospital between 1993 and 2003. The advanced appendicitis group consisted of patients with associated perforation, abscess formation, or purulent ascites, and the simple appendicitis group consisted of patients who underwent uncomplicated appendectomy. We compared the age, sex, duration of abdominal pain before surgery, preoperative WBC and CRP level, and hospital stay in the two groups. We analyzed the diagnostic value of WBC and CRP level using a receiver-operating characteristic (ROC) curve. RESULTS:The children in the advanced appendicitis group had a significantly longer duration of pain, a higher serum CRP level, and longer hospitalization than those in the simple group. The serum CRP levels had good diagnostic value in differentiating between the advanced and simple groups. Both the CRP level and the WBC in the patients who suffered abdominal pain for longer than 48 h before surgery had diagnostic value in differentiating between the advanced and simple groups. CONCLUSION:These findings suggest that increased values of CRP and WBC more than 48 h after the onset of acute abdominal symptoms are indicators of advanced appendicitis.


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  • Esophagectomy for thoracic esophageal cancer with a double aortic arch: report of a case.

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    abstract:PURPOSE:In June 2000, we started performing mechanical-stapled anastomosis (MSA) for Billroth-I reconstruction (B-I) in distal gastrectomy. Thus, we performed a retrospective study to compare the clinical outcome of MSA and conventional hand-sutured anastomosis (HA). METHODS:We evaluated 103 patients who underwent a B...

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    abstract::In this study, the risk factors related to intraperitoneal septic complications occurring after hepatectomy (IPSCH) as well as the effect of various perioperative variables on the outcome of IPSCH between 1985 and 1990 were analyzed. Twenty-one of 211 patients (10.0%) developed IPSCH. The findings in the patients with...

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  • Left upper lobectomy is a risk factor for cerebral infarction after pulmonary resection: a multicentre, retrospective, case-control study in Japan.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The anatomical site of resected lobes may influence postoperative cerebral infarction. The objective of the current study was to determine if left upper pulmonary lobectomy is a risk factor for postoperative cerebral infarction. METHODS:This was a retrospective case-control study in patients undergoing pulmona...

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  • Should robotic gastrectomy become a standard surgical treatment option for gastric cancer?

    abstract::Robotic gastrectomy (RG) using the da Vinci Surgical System for gastric cancer was approved for national medical insurance coverage in Japan in April, 2018, and has been used increasingly since. We reviewed the current evidence on RG, open gastrectomy (OG), and conventional laparoscopic gastrectomy (LG) to identify di...

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  • Systematic review of the implementation of simulation training in surgical residency curriculum.

    abstract:PURPOSE:We reviewed the literature regarding the specific methods and strategies for implementing simulation-based training into the modern surgical residency curriculum. Residency programs are still struggling with how best to implement it into their curricula from a practical viewpoint. METHODS:A systematic review w...

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  • Surgical treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract::Local tumor control is still the most important consideration in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Surgical treatments, including liver resection and liver transplantation are, and will remain, the first-line therapeutic strategies for local control in patients with primary HCC. Although aggressive live...

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  • Current status of robotic gastrectomy for gastric cancer.

    abstract::Although over 3000 da Vinci Surgical System (DVSS) devices have been installed worldwide, robotic surgery for gastric cancer has not yet become widely spread and is only available in several advanced institutions. This is because, at least in part, the advantages of robotic surgery for gastric cancer remain unclear. T...

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  • Low metabolic activity in primary gastric adenocarcinoma is associated with resistance to chemoradiation and the presence of signet ring cells.

    abstract:PURPOSES:Preoperative chemoradiation is a potential treatment option for localized gastric adenocarcinoma (GAC). Currently, the response to chemoradiation cannot be predicted. We analyzed the pretreatment maximum standardized uptake value (SUVmax) and total lesion glycolysis (TLG) on positron emission tomography/comput...

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  • Surgery or stereotactic body radiotherapy for elderly stage I lung cancer? A propensity score matching analysis.

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  • Redo Ileal pouch-anal anastomosis combined with anti-TNF-α maintenance therapy for Crohn's disease with pelvic fistula: report of two cases.

    abstract::Pouch failure has been reported to occur after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis for Crohn's disease. We report two cases of patients with Crohn's disease, who underwent redo ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (redo-IPAA) combined with anti-TNF-α maintenance therapy, with good functional results. The first patient, a man with pr...

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  • Properties and identification of cancer stem cells: a changing insight into intractable cancer.

    abstract::Although the idea was originally proposed decades ago, it has recently emerged that cancer can arise from small cell populations that differ from other progenies. These populations have the ability not only to renew themselves, but also to give rise to diverse phenotypes through the process of differentiation. The res...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of this study was to determine the clinicopathological characteristics and outcomes of Chinese colorectal cancer (CRC) patients aged 75 years and older undergoing potentially curative surgery. METHODS:A total of 2,482 CRC patients at TNM stage I-III undergoing surgical treatment between 1995 and 2005 w...

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  • Results and complications after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (SG) has gained popularity and acceptance among bariatric surgeons, mainly due its low morbidity and mortality. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the efficacy of SG on weight loss, and to determine the postoperative course, clinical presentation and treatment of co...

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  • Robotic versus laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer: an overview of systematic reviews with quality assessment of current evidence.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The clinical benefits of robotic surgery for patients with rectal cancer have been reported and many systematic reviews have been published. However, they have investigated a variety of outcomes and differ remarkably in quality. In this overview, we summarize the findings of these reviews and evaluate their qua...

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  • Clinical significance of an increased red blood cell distribution width in patients with rectal cancer undergoing chemoradiotherapy followed by surgery.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The clinical significance of the red blood cell distribution width (RDW) in patients with rectal cancer undergoing preoperative chemoradiotherapy (CRT) followed by surgery has not been fully evaluated. METHODS:In this retrospective study, we investigated the association between the RDW and the prognosis in 120...

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  • Paragonimiasis westermani presenting as an asymptomatic nodular lesion in the lung: report of a case.

    abstract::A 57-year-old man with a history of having consumed fresh-water crab 8 months previously presented with a solitary mass lesion in the left lung without any symptoms. Since neoplastic disease could not be ruled out, an open biopsy was performed, and histological examination confirmed a definite diagnosis of paragonimia...

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