Preserved cognition and functional independence after a large right posterior cerebral artery infarct: longitudinal clinical and neuropathological findings.


:BVR was 77 years old when he sustained a large posterior cerebral artery territory infarct. Medical, cognitive and functional data collected on four occasions over 10 years initially revealed circumscribed neurological signs, no functional or cognitive deficits. BVR became significantly impaired only after two other strokes, 3 years before death. On brain MRI, the lesions involved large portions of the right occipital and temporal cortices, the right thalamus, and the left cerebellum, as well as thinning of the corpus callosum. Postmortem investigations revealed additional recent vascular lesions in the occipital region. This case study underscores the importance of comprehensive assessment methods combining neurological, neuroimaging and cognitive tools.






Piguet O,Bennett HP,Waite LM,Kril JJ,Creasey H,Anthony Broe G,Halliday GM




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2006-04-01 00:00:00














  • Sensory function in severe semilobar holoprosencephaly.

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  • Neuropsychological functioning of an Asperger child with exceptional skill in arranging picture stories.

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  • Cognitive neuropsychological analysis of differential reading and spelling disorder mechanisms in a patient with aphasia.

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  • Effect of propranolol on verbal problem solving in autism spectrum disorder.

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  • Degenerative dementia with proximal radial and lower vertical spatial neglect.

    abstract::A 75 year-old man had a two-year history of progressive memory loss, trouble with finances and getting lost. On examination, he scored 16/30 in MoCA test, noticeably impaired on the attentional tasks. His screening bloodtests werenormal. Brain imaging revealed hippocampal atrophy and bilaterallarge areas of leukoaraio...


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  • Complete, bilateral hippocampal ischemia: a case series.

    abstract::Acute and complete ischemia of the hippocampi represents a rare cause of amnesia. This paper describes the features of four such cases presenting to a single tertiary care center over a 3-year period. Interestingly, in three instances, toxicology screening was positive for opioids at the time of presentation, while in...


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  • Callosal disconnection and limb-kinetic apraxia.

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  • Effects of mental rotation on acalculia: differences in the direction of mental rotation account for the differing characteristics of acalculia induced by right and left hemispheric brain injury.

    abstract::We observed a 59-year-old right-handed man with an infarction in his right-middle cerebral artery that included the parietal lobe, who abnormally manipulated mental images in the horizontal direction, resulting in calculation disturbances. Three years later, the patient suffered an infarction in the left parietal lobe...


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  • Verbal emotional memory in a case with left amygdala damage.

    abstract::The amygdala nuclei appear to be critically implicated in emotional memory. However, in most studies, encoding and consolidation processes cannot be analyzed separately. We thus studied the verbal emotional memory in a young woman with a ganglioglioma of the left amygdala and analyzed its impact (1) on each step of th...


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  • Amnesiacs might get the gist: reduced false recognition in amnesia may be the result of impaired item-specific memory.

    abstract::It is a common finding in tests of false recognition that amnesic patients recognize fewer related lures than healthy controls, and this has led to assumptions that gist memory is damaged in these patients (Schacter, Verfaellie, & Anes, 1997, Neuropsychology, 11; Schacter, Verfaellie, Anes, & Racine, 1998, Journal of ...


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  • Differential diagnosis between schizophrenia and autism in adulthood: a case report.

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  • El Sistema-inspired ensemble music training is associated with changes in children's neurocognitive functional integration: preliminary ERP evidence.

    abstract::Children (aged 9-12) training in an El Sistema-inspired program (OrKidstra) and a matched comparison group participated in an auditory Go/No-Go task while event-related potentials (ERPs) were recorded. Entire-sweep waveform patterns correlated with known ERP peaks associated with executive and other cognitive function...


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  • White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia.

    abstract::A deficit of declarative memory is a common sequela after a hypoxic episode. While the role of gray matter changes (i.e., atrophy of hippocampal formation) as mainly responsible for memory loss has been emphasized, the role of the white matter damage has so far been neglected. The present study was aimed at evaluating...


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  • Historical review of academic concepts of dementia in the world and Japan: with a short history of representative diseases.

    abstract::Expanding our knowledge of the history of dementia may be beneficial for its holistic understanding. This article aims to review the trajectory of the concepts of dementia in the world and Japan. Historical backgrounds of major dementia diseases are also addressed. The first reference to "imbecility" appeared in Greec...


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  • Left hemispatial neglect with a splenial lesion.

    abstract::With injury of the anterior two-thirds of the corpus callosum, each hemisphere's attentional bias to contralateral hemispace becomes manifest with each hand deviating ipsilaterally during line bisection tasks. Patients with infarctions in the right posterior cerebral artery distribution with occipital and splenial dam...


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  • Acute and long-term VNS effects on pain perception in a case of treatment-resistant depression.

    abstract::Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) is approved by the FDA for treatment of both epilepsy and depression. Recent work has shown that VNS acutely affects pain perception in humans, actually increasing pain sensitivity momentarily while the device is firing. It is unclear how this acutely increased sensitivity might change ov...


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  • Progression of neuropsychiatric and cognitive features due to exons 2 to 5 deletion in the epsilon-sarcoglycan gene: a case report.

    abstract::Physical symptoms of myoclonus dystonia due to epsilon-sarcoglycan mutations are well documented; however, the progression of neuropsychiatric and cognitive symptoms remains unclear. We present a case of a 34-year-old woman with early childhood onset of myoclonic jerks, dystonic posture and developmental delay due to ...


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  • On the interaction between perceptual and response selection: neuropsychological evidence.

    abstract::We examined the relations between selection for perception and selection for action in a patient FK, with bilateral damage to his temporal and medial frontal cortices. The task required a simple grasp response to a common object (a cup) in the presence of a distractor (another cup). The target was cued by colour or lo...


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  • Different brain areas activated during imagery of painful and non-painful 'finger movements' in a subject with an amputated arm.

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  • Stroke of bad luck?

    abstract::We hypothesized that distinct acute right hemisphere lesions disrupt separate components of valuation and emotional response to winning and losing money and of emotional empathy in observing a partner win or lose money. We measured skin conductance response (SCR) and ratings of emotions when acute right hemisphere str...


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  • Isolated prospective confabulation in Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome: a case for reality filtering.

    abstract::A 57-year-old man suffered severe amnesia and disorientation, accompanied by content-specific confabulation, due to an alcoholic Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. For months, he was deeply concerned about a single obligation that he thought he had to respond to, but which he had already assumed 20 years previously. This mo...


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  • Visual and tactile size distortion in a patient with right neglect.

    abstract::One typical feature of the neglect syndrome in patients with right hemisphere damage is that they bisect horizontal lines to the right of centre. It has been argued that to a large extent these bisection errors can be attributed to a perceptual change whereby the patient experiences the left half of a line as shorter ...


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  • Investigating cognitive neuroplasticity in single cases: lessons learned from applying functional neuroimaging techniques to the traditional neuropsychological case study framework.

    abstract::We summarize two case studies as a context for discussing the use of neuroimaging as a convergent methodology in the study of neuroplasticity in single subjects. Throughout this paper we argue for a different approach for including neuroimaging in these types of study. Previous case studies of neuroplasticity in patie...


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  • Dopaminergic modulation of the planning phase of skill acquisition in Parkinson's disease.

    abstract::Patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) are often impaired when performing motor acts and in the acquisition of new motor skills. However, the role of dopamine in developing plans for skill acquisition is unclear. To assess the role of dopamine on the planning of actions, we tested 12 PD and 12 matched normal participa...


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