Enhanced accumulation of tau in doubly transgenic mice expressing mutant betaAPP and presenilin-1.


:Abeta amyloidosis and tauopathy are characteristic changes in the brain of Alzheimer's disease. Although much evidence suggests that Abeta deposit is a critical initiation factor, the pathological pathway between Abeta amyloidosis and tau accumulation remains unclear. Tau accumulation was examined in the doubly transgenic mouse (APP-PS) expressing betaAPP(KM670/671NL) (Tg2576) and presenilin-1 L286V (PS-1 L286Vtg). Accelerated and enhanced Abeta amyloid deposits were detected from 8 weeks. Tau accumulation appeared at 4.5 months and markedly increased in dystrophic neurites around Abeta amyloid. Accumulated tau was phosphorylated, conformationally altered, and argyrophilic. Expression of tau and accumulation of sarkosyl-insoluble phosphorylated tau were increased in APP-PS brains compared with those of Tg2576 mice. Straight or twisted tubules mimicking paired helical filament were revealed at electron microscopic level in 16-month-old APP-PS. These findings suggest that mutant presenilin-1 accelerated Abeta-induced tauopathy and further promoted fibril formation of tau.


Brain Res


Brain research


Samura E,Shoji M,Kawarabayashi T,Sasaki A,Matsubara E,Murakami T,Wuhua X,Tamura S,Ikeda M,Ishiguro K,Saido TC,Westaway D,St George Hyslop P,Harigaya Y,Abe K




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  • Evaluation of blood vessel and neurite growth into a collagen matrix placed within a surgically created gap in rat spinal cord.

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  • Left and right 6-hydroxydopamine lesions of the medial prefrontal cortex differentially alter subcortical dopamine utilization and the behavioral response to stress.

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  • Inhibitory neuron produces heterosynaptic inhibition of the sensory-to-motor neuron synapse in Aplysia.

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  • The development of terminal Schwann cells associated with periodontal Ruffini endings in the rat incisor ligament.

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  • Three-dimensional morphology and distribution of pallidal axons projecting to both the lateral region of the thalamus and the central complex in primates.

    abstract::This study presents a three-dimensional analysis of pallido-thalamic axons and axonal endings in the monkey (Macaca mulatta and M. irus). Injections of the anterograde tracer biocytin were made in the dorsal, associative region of the medial pallidum. Numerous axonal endings were observed within the pallidal territory...

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  • Attenuation of amphetamine-induced enhancement of learning by adrenal demedullation.

    abstract::These experiments investigated the effect of immediate posttrial administration of peripherally acting DL-4-hydroxyamphetamine on retention of a one-trial inhibitory avoidance response in intact, adrenal medullectomized, sympathectomized, and medullectomized and sympathectomized rats. In intact rats, 0.82 mg/kg of DL-...

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  • Traumatic brain injury reduces striatal tyrosine hydroxylase activity and potassium-evoked dopamine release in rats.

    abstract::There is increasing evidence that traumatic brain injury (TBI) induces hypofunction of the striatal dopaminergic system, the mechanisms of which are unknown. In this study, we analyzed the activity of striatal tyrosine hydroxylase (TH) in rats at 1 day, 1 week, and 4 weeks after TBI using the controlled cortical impac...

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  • Experimental evidence that ornithine and homocitrulline disrupt energy metabolism in brain of young rats.

    abstract::Tissue accumulation of ornithine (Orn), homocitrulline (Hcit), ammonia and orotic acid (Oro) is the biochemical hallmark of patients affected by hyperornithinemia-hyperammonemia-homocitrullinuria (HHH) syndrome, a disorder clinically characterized by neurological symptoms, whose pathophysiology is practically unknown....

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  • Co-localization of sorting nexin 2 and androgen receptor in the song system of juvenile zebra finches.

    abstract::Mechanisms regulating sexual differentiation of the zebra finch song system appear to include both genetic and hormonal factors. Sorting Nexin 2 (SNX2), which is involved in trafficking proteins between cellular membranes, and androgen receptor (AR) mRNA are both increased in song control nuclei of juvenile males comp...

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  • Distribution of clusterin in Alzheimer brain tissue.

    abstract::The immunohistochemical distribution of clusterin (SP40,40, SGP-2) was determined in Alzheimer disease (AD) and normal human brain tissue and compared with the distributions of vitronectin, protectin and the complement membrane attack complex (MAC). Antibodies to all four proteins showed staining of dystrophic neurite...

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  • The peripheral nociceptive actions of intravenously administered 5-HT in the rat requires dual activation of both 5-HT2 and 5-HT3 receptor subtypes.

    abstract::In 16-week-old Sprague-Dawley rats lightly anesthetized with pentobarbital, 5-HT (3-96 micrograms/kg, i.v.; n = 6) produced distinct pseudaffective responses and a dose-dependent (slope = 17.2 +/- 6.8 s/log10 dose) inhibition of the tail-flick (TF) reflex (ED50 = 32.6 +/- 9.2 micrograms/kg). In the same rats, a 1:1 co...

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  • Ultrastructural organization of receptor cell axons in frog olfactory nerve.

    abstract::Repeated odorant or electrical stimulation of the frog olfactory nerve leads to long-lasting reduction of excitability of the receptor neurons. In the turtle olfactory nerve electrical stimulation causes an increase in extracellular potassium concentration due to the efflux of potassium from active axons. Elevated pot...

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  • Kainic acid responses and toxicity show pronounced Ca2+ dependence.

    abstract::Responses of pyramidal neurons to ionophoretic kainate, quisqualate and N-methyl aspartate were studied in a submerged rat piriform cortex slice as a function of Ca2+ and Mg2+ concentrations. The results suggest that the channel activated by kainate is unusually influenced by Ca2+, excitotoxicity is Ca2+-dependent and...

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  • Receptive fields of single cells from the face zone of the cat rostral dorsal accessory olive.

    abstract::Natural stimulation was used to map the receptive fields of single cells recorded from the rostral medial portion of the dorsal accessory olive (rDAO) and the subjacent principal olive (PO) of the barbiturate anesthetized cat. Previous reports indicated a somatotopic mapping of the entire contralateral body within the...

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  • Low concentrations of ethanol do not affect radioligand binding to the delta-subunit-containing GABAA receptors in the rat brain.

    abstract::In the present study, we investigated the co-localization pattern of the delta subunit with other subunits of GABA(A) receptors in the rat brain using immunoprecipitation and Western blotting techniques. Furthermore, we investigated whether low concentrations of ethanol affect the delta-subunit-containing GABA(A) rece...

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  • Alterations in brain hexokinase activity associated with streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus in the rat.

    abstract::The effects of streptozotocin-induced diabetes mellitus on the activity of discrete regions of the brain were studied with histochemical localization and photodensitometric quantification of the metabolic enzyme, hexokinase. Two weeks after a single injection of streptozotocin (65 mg/kg, i.p.), plasma glucose and osmo...

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  • Effects of leptin on fasting-induced inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase mRNA in the paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei of rats.

    abstract::Fasting induced a reduction in neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) mRNA in the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) and supraoptic nucleus (SON) of rats. The effect of intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) administration of leptin on the nNOS mRNA level in the PVN and SON of fasting rats was studied by in situ hybridization his...

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    authors: Isse T,Ueta Y,Serino R,Noguchi J,Yamamoto Y,Nomura M,Shibuya I,Lightman SL,Yamashita H

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  • Retinal and tectal responses to alternating gratings are unaffected by monocular deprivation in pigeons.

    abstract::Retinal and tectal potentials to alternating gratings were recorded in pigeons raised monocularly deprived. Deprived eyes showed consistent myopia and anterior-posterior axis elongation. In addition, vitreal opacities were observed in 70% of the deprived eyes. In pigeons with vitreal opacities, a reduction of retinal ...

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    authors: Bagnoli P,Porciatti V,Francesconi W

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  • Central amygdaloid nucleus lesion attenuates exaggerated hemodynamic responses to noise stress in the spontaneously hypertensive rat.

    abstract::The regional hemodynamic basis of the cardiovascular response to acute noise stress in spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) and Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rats and the role of the central amygdaloid nucleus in mediating this response was investigated. Using the pulsed Doppler flow probe technique it was determined that in respons...

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  • Distinct immunoreactivity to 110 kDa laminin-binding protein in adult and lesioned rat forebrain.

    abstract::A phosphorylated, approximately 110 kDa laminin-binding protein (110 kDa LBP) from mouse brain has been previously identified. This protein recognizes a neurite-outgrowth promoting 19-amino acid synthetic peptide (PA 22-2) derived from the laminin A chain. In the present study, an antibody against the 110 kDa LBP was ...

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  • Protein kinase C gamma-like immunoreactivity of trigeminothalamic neurons in the medullary dorsal horn of the rat.

    abstract::We examined protein kinase C gamma-like immunoreactivity (PKCgamma-LI) of trigeminothalamic neurons in the rat medullary dorsal horn (MDH) after injecting a retrograde tracer, Fluoro-Gold (FG), into the thalamus. Over 90% of FG-labeled neurons in the marginal layer (lamina I) and a few FG-labeled neurons in the superf...

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  • Spreading depression in isolated carp retina.

    abstract::(1) Spreading depression (SD) could be elicited in isolated carp retina by KCI application, the concomitants of which were similar to those described in other vertebrates. (2) The threshold for generating SD was greatly reduced by brief immersion of the retina in low ci-ringer's solutions. The properties of SD waves w...

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  • Regional differences in the regulation of dopamine and noradrenaline release in medial frontal cortex, nucleus accumbens and caudate-putamen: a microdialysis study in the rat.

    abstract::Dopamine (DA) and noradrenaline (NA) extracellular levels have been measured by microdialysis in the medial frontal cortex (MFC), nucleus accumbens (NAc) and caudate-putamen (CP) under baseline conditions in awake and halothane-anaesthetized rats, and after application of three types of stimuli which are likely to act...

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  • Interaction between descending paraventricular neurons and vagal motor neurons.

    abstract::The hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus is known to send projections to the dorsal medullary area where it appears to innervate the nucleus tractus solitarius and the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus. Experiments were carried out in urethane anesthetized rats to identify single vagal motor neurons identified by anti...

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  • Dissociable neural systems for moral judgment of anti- and pro-social lying.

    abstract::Pro-social lying, which serves to benefit listeners, is considered more socially and morally acceptable than anti-social lying, which serves to harm listeners. However, it is still unclear whether the neural mechanisms underlying the moral judgment of pro-social lying differ from those underlying the moral judgment of...

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    authors: Hayashi A,Abe N,Fujii T,Ito A,Ueno A,Koseki Y,Mugikura S,Takahashi S,Mori E

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  • Monosynaptic striatal inputs to the nigrotegmental neurons: an electron microscopic study in the cat.

    abstract::The cat substantia nigra (SN) pars reticulata (SNR) has been observed electron microscopically after ibotenic acid injections into the caudate nucleus (Cd) and horseradish peroxidase injections into the nucleus tegmenti pedunculopontinus pars compacta (TPC). As a result, degenerating striatal terminals were found to m...

    journal_title:Brain research

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    authors: Tokuno H,Moriizumi T,Kudo M,Kitao Y,Nakamura Y

    更新日期:1989-04-17 00:00:00

  • Differential effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and its 11-hydroxy metabolite on sodium current in neuroblastoma cells.

    abstract::Whole-cell voltage-clamp techniques were used to study the comparative effects of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its principal metabolite, 11-hydroxy-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (11-OH-THC), on the voltage-gated sodium current in neuroblastoma cells. The parent compound markedly depressed the inward sodium cu...

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    authors: Turkanis SA,Karler R,Partlow LM

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  • Excitatory inputs to layer V pyramidal cells of rat primary visual cortex revealed by acetylcholine activation.

    abstract::Cells in layers II-III or VI were activated by microdrop application of acetylcholine (ACh), while monitoring the intracellular response of layer V pyramidal cells. This enabled the tracing of functional connections between the cells of layers II-III or VI with those of layer V. ACh activation of layer II-III or VI ce...

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    authors: Kenan-Vaknin G,Malach R,Segal M

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