Expression of active alpha-N-acetylglucosaminidase/TAT Chimerae in cultured Spodoptera frugiperda cells.


:We examined the production and secretion of fusion constructs containing alpha-N-acetylglucosaminidase, the enzyme deficient in Sanfilippo B, and either wildtype TAT or modified TAT in cultured Spodoptera frugiperda cells. All constructs exhibited successful expression of active enzyme, suggesting the future possibility of utilizing TAT/alpha-N-acetylglucosaminidase chimerae in enzyme replacement therapy.


Protein Pept Lett


Bandsmer JC,Campbell TN,Cheyne I,Choy FY




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2006-01-01 00:00:00












  • Self-Assembly of Cyclic Dipeptides: Platforms for Functional Materials.

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  • Presence of distinct virtual backbone torsion angles in dipeptide conformers.

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  • Anosmin 1 Interacts with the Prokineticin Receptor 2 In Vitro Indicating a Molecular Link Between Both Proteins in the Pathogenesis of Kallmann Syndrome.

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  • A small tripeptide AFA undergoes two state cooperative conformational transitions: implications for conformational biases in unfolded states.

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  • Polysaccharide-synthesizing glycosyltransferases and carbohydrate binding modules: the case of starch synthase III.

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  • Identification of heterotrimeric G protein α and β subunits in rice.

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  • In silico modulation of HMGN-1 binding to histones and gene expression by interplay of phosphorylation and O-GlcNAc modification.

    abstract::Utilizing different computational methods; phosphorylation, O-GlcNAc modification and Yin Yang sites are predicted in HMGN-1. Prediction results suggest that interplay of phosphorylation and O-GlcNAc modification regulates binding and removal of HMGN-1 with the nucleosome and its translocation from nucleus to cytoplas...

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  • Mapping and annotating obesity-related genes in pig and human genomes.

    abstract::Background. Obesity is a major health problem in both developed and emerging countries. Obesity is a complex disease whose etiology involves genetic factors in strong interplay with environmental determinants and lifestyle. The discovery of genetic factors and biological pathways underlying human obesity is hampered b...

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  • Solid-state NMR as a probe of amyloid structure.

    abstract::Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) has developed into one of the most informative and direct experimental approaches to the characterization of the molecular structures of amyloid fibrils, including those associated with Alzheimer's disease. In this article, essential aspects of solid state NMR methods are d...

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  • Terminal sequence importance of de novo proteins from binary-patterned library: stable artificial proteins with 11- or 12-amino acid alphabet.

    abstract::Successful approaches of de novo protein design suggest a great potential to create novel structural folds and to understand natural rules of protein folding. For these purposes, smaller and simpler de novo proteins have been developed. Here, we constructed smaller proteins by removing the terminal sequences from stab...

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  • Saturation transfer difference NMR studies of the interaction of the proteinkinase CK2 with peptides.

    abstract::Saturation Transfer Difference NMR (STD NMR) is used for the detection of the binding constant of the decapeptide RRRDDDSDDD with CK2α, the catalytic subunit of the proteinkinase CK2. For this work a valid irradiation frequency of the CK2α had to be found ensuring that no peptide resonance is affected by the irradiati...

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  • Effect of Osmolytes and Guanidinium Chloride on the Enzymatic Properties of Bovine α-Chymotrypsin.

    abstract::We have studied the effect of guanidinium chloride (Gdn.Cl) and different osmolytes such as betaine, trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) and urea on the rate of chymotrypsin catalyzed reaction. The rates were measured using three synthetic chromogenic substrates, succinyl-ala-ala-pro-arg-pNA (AAPR), succinyl-ala-ala-pro-leu...

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  • Modification of the N-Terminus of a Calcium Carbonate Precipitating Peptide Affects Calcium Carbonate Mineralization.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A core sequence (the 9 C-terminal residues) of calcification-associated peptide (CAP- 1) isolated from the exoskeleton of the red swamp crayfish was previously shown to control calcium carbonate precipitation with chitin. In addition, a modified core sequence in which the phosphorylated serine at the N termi...

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  • Histatins in non-human primates: gene variations and functional effects.

    abstract::Human histatins are histidine-rich, low molecular weight salivary proteins that contribute to the immune system of the oral cavity. In this work, nucleotide sequences of the HIS1 (coding for histatin 1) and HIS2 (coding for histatin 3) genes, homologous to the human ones, have been sequenced and analysed in five prima...

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  • Acyl-gelatins for cell-hybrid biomaterials: preparation of gelatins with high melting point and affinity for hydrophobic surfaces.

    abstract::In the development of cell-hybrid biomaterials, the functional activity of cells depends on the selective binding of cells to artificial ligands on the biomaterials. The extracellular matrix (ECM) is the most important ligand for cell activity. ECM is known to contain collagen, one of whose constituents is gelatin. Al...

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  • Evidences of monomer, dimer and trimer of recombinant human cyclophilin A.

    abstract::Cyclophilin A (CyPA) is a cytosolic receptor of immunosuppressive drug cyclosporin A (CsA) which possesses peptidyl-prodyl cis/trans isomerase (PPIase) activity. The recombinant human CyPA (rhCyPA) gene has been expressed in E. coli M15. Purification was performed using salting-out, as well as Sephacryl S-100 and DEAE...

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  • Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of human eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A (eIF-5A).

    abstract::Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A (eIF-5A) is universally found in all eukaryotic cells. It is the only protein in nature known to contain the unusual amino acid hypusine, a post-translationally modified lysine. Recombinant human eIF-5A was crystallized by the hanging-drop vapor diffusion method. Crystals we...

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  • Novel inhibitory activity for serine protease inhibitor Kazal type-3 (Spink3) on human recombinant kallikreins.

    abstract::Kallikrein-related peptidases (KLKs) are trypsin-like and chymotrypsin-like serine proteases which are expressed in several tissues. Their activity is tightly controlled by inhibitors including members of the serine protease Kazal-type (SPINK) family. These enzymes are promising targets for the treatment of skin desqu...

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  • Are proteins translocated through pores? An historical overview.

    abstract::Most proteinaceous pores are characterized as ionic channels. However, some are also involved in protein translocation through phospholipidic membranes. This concept has evolved slowly in cell biology and in biophysics, requiring the development of adapted electrical and biochemical methods. Protein translocation in m...

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    authors: Henry JP

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  • Kinetic and structural studies on the interactions of heparin and proteins of human seminal plasma using surface plasmon resonance.

    abstract::Heparin is naturally occurring polysaccharides which interacts with seminal plasma proteins and regulate multiple steps in fertilization process. Qualitative and quantitative information regarding the affinity for heparin-seminal plasma proteins interactions is not generally well documented and there are no reports of...

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  • Comparison of the Structure and Biological Activities of Wild-type and Mutant Liver-targeting Peptide Modified Recombinant Human Endostatin (rES-CSP) in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma HepG2 Cells.

    abstract::A missense mutation of Aspartic to Asparagine acid in 113 position of liver-targeting peptide CSP I-plus modified rEndostatin (rES-CSP) happened unexpectedly results in the changes of protein secondary structure and a reduced bioactivity. With the aim to clarify the structure-function relationships featuring the fuse ...

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  • Peptides, proteins and peptide/protein-polymer conjugates as drug delivery system.

    abstract::In the last few decades, novel drug delivery strategies have been a big priority to the formulation scientists. Peptides and proteins have drawn a special attention for their wide scope in the area. Serum albumin, transferrin, recom- binant proteins, virus capsids etc. are used as carrier for drug and biomolecules. Co...

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  • Target peptide recognition by S100P protein and role of central linker region and dimer interface.

    abstract::Interaction between S100P and its target protein is an essential step in several cellular functions. The amphipathic mellitin peptide binds tightly to S100P protein in the presence of calcium cation. Since little is known about the recognition sequence, mellitin interaction form a model for S100P. Interaction between ...

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  • An Insight into Oligopeptide Transporter 3 (OPT3) family proteins.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:OPT3s are involved in the transport of Fe from xylem to phloem, in loading Fe into phloem, and in the transmission of shoot-to-root iron signaling. Yet, apart from Arabidopsis, little is known about these transporters'functions in other plant species. OBJECTIVE:OPT3 proteins of several plant species were ch...

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  • Biochemical characterization of a new maize (Zea mays L.) peptide growth factor.

    abstract::Coordination of cell growth and cell division is very important for living organisms in order for these to develop harmonically. The present research is concerned with the purification and characterization of a new peptide hormone, namely ZmIGF (Zea mays insulin-like growth factor), which regulates growth and cell div...

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  • Expressed protein ligation: a new tool for the biosynthesis of cyclic polypeptides.

    abstract::The present paper reviews the use of expressed protein ligation for the biosynthesis of backbone cyclized polypeptides. This general method allows the in vivo and in vitro biosynthesis of cyclic polypeptides using recombinant DNA expression techniques. Biosynthetic access to backbone cyclic peptides opens the possibil...

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  • A Statistical Approach to Detect Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Associated with Uterine Leiomyoma.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Uterine Leiomyoma is mainly widespread non-malignant tumor. Around more than 80% woman have these particular tumor among them only 30% of them are detected. Integrin-ᵦ1 is one of the up regulated biomarkers during tumorigenesis which is also associated with structural disordered. Intrinsically disordered pro...

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    authors: Maulik U,Uversky VN,Sen S

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  • Characterization of pearl millet prolamins.

    abstract::We report the physical-chemical characterization of the major alcohol-soluble proteins present in seeds of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) by SDS-PAGE, bidimensional gel electrophoresis, MALDI-TOF/MS and RP-HPLC. We demonstrate the presence of three major prolamins, called A-, B- and C-pennisetin with mass values ar...

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    authors: Marcellino LH,Bloch Junior C,Gander ES

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  • Cloning and expression of a new rat procarboxypeptidase B gene in Escherichia coli and purification of recombination carboxypeptidase B.

    abstract::A new coding sequence of the procarboxypeptidase B gene was obtained from SD rat fresh pancreas by RT-PCR and highly expressed in Escherichia coli in inclusion bodies. The folded procarboxypeptidase B was subjected to trypsin enzymatic cleavage to produce active carboxypeptidase B, subsequently, carboxypeptidase B was...

    journal_title:Protein and peptide letters

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    authors: Su-Xia L,Yu-Jian Z,Li-Ping T,Qin-Sheng Y,Yi G

    更新日期:2003-12-01 00:00:00

  • Proteomic Analysis and Immunoregulation Mechanism of Wheat Germ Globulin.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Wheat germ, one of the byproducts of flour milling, contains abundant physiologically active components. Globulins in wheat germ are a class of high-quality functional proteins and have received widespread attention. However, the composition of wheat germ globulin( WGG)and the structure of the typical protei...

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    authors: Ji XG,Huang JH,Hui M,Zhang YQ,Zhao Y

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