Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the breast metastatic to the kidney. A clinically symptomatic lesion requiring surgical management.


:Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) of the breast is a rare histologic type of breast cancer associated with a good prognosis. A woman who earlier had a pulmonary metastasis surgically resected 6 years postmastectomy developed clinically symptomatic bleeding from a renal metastasis 12 years postmastectomy. An atypical angiographic picture (moderate vascularization) for secondary renal neoplasms was observed. The characteristic histologic features of ACC were present in all specimens; ultrastructural characteristics of ACC were identified in the renal lesion. Successful surgical management of these metachronous solitary metastases demonstrates the therapeutic utility of aggressive management in maintaining disease control of this histologic type of breast cancer.






Herzberg AJ,Bossen EH,Walther PJ




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1991-09-01 00:00:00














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  • Binding of soybean agglutinin lectin to prostatic hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma.

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  • Preoperative or postoperative irradiation as adjunctive treatment with radical mastectomy in breast cancer.

    abstract::Results from the standpoint of survival rates and locoregional failures are compared in three series of patients having had a radical mastectomy for breast cancer: (1) radical mastectomy alone for the patients who had essentially outer quadrant lesions and a negative axilla; (2) postoperative irradiation when the axil...


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  • Levamisole in primary breast cancer. A controlled study in conjunction with l-phenylalanine mustard.

    abstract::Between September 1976 and May 1980, 135 patients with operable breast cancer and positive axillary nodes received l-phenylalanine mustard, adjunct to surgery, 0.15 mg/kg for five days, six weekly, and were randomised prospectively to levamisole 150 mg for three days, two weekly, or a placebo. Treatment was continued ...


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