Influence of exhaled air on inhalation exposure delivered through a directed-flow nose-only exposure system.


:In order to conserve material that is available in limited quantities, "directed-flow" nose-only exposure systems have at times been run at flow rates close to the minute ventilation of the animal. Such low-flow-rate conditions can contribute to a decrease of test substance concentration in inhaled air; near the animal nose, exhaled air and the directed flow of exposure air move in opposite directions. With a Cannon "directed-flow" nose-only exposure system (Lab Products, Maywood, NJ), we investigated the extent to which exposure air plus exhaled air can be inhaled by an animal. A mathematical model and a mechanical simulation of respiration were adopted to predict for a male Fischer 344 rat the concentration of test substance in inhaled air. The mathematical model was based on the assumption of instantaneous mixing. The mechanical simulation of respiration used a Harvard respirator. When the system was operated at an exposure air flow rate greater than 2.5 times the minute ventilation of the animal, the concentration of test substance in the inhaled air was reduced by less than 10%. Under these conditions, the circular jet of air exiting the exposure air delivery tube tended to reach the animal's nose with little dispersion. For exposure air flow rates less than 2 times the minute ventilation, we predict that the interaction of exhaled air and exposure air can be minimized by proportionally reducing the delivery tube diameter. These findings should be applicable to similar "directed-flow" nose-only exposure systems.


Inhal Toxicol


Inhalation toxicology


Moss OR,James RA,Asgharian B




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  • Tumorigenicity of cellulose fibers injected into the rat peritoneal cavity.

    abstract::Cellulose fibers, along with many other organic fibers, are durable. Therefore, if inhaled, they have the potential to persist within the lung, and may then cause disease. Here we report the effects of injecting high-purity cellulose fibers into the abdominal cavity of rats. A respirable fraction of cellulose fiber wa...

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  • Prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust impairs mouse spermatogenesis.

    abstract::The effect of prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust (DE) was investigated. Twenty pregnant ICR mice were exposed to DE at the particle concentration of 1.0 mg/m3, from d 2 until d 16 postcoitum. Male offspring were kept alive until 12 wk of age, and then male reproductive organ weight, daily sperm production (DSP), seru...

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  • Low-level ozone exposure induces airways inflammation and modifies cell surface phenotypes in healthy humans.

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  • Workplace exposure to engineered nanoparticles.

    abstract::Measurement strategies as well as results from measurements at workplaces are presented. Measurements were performed in research laboratories as well as by companies producing small amounts of nanostructured materials. The work was done in the frame of a BAuA (Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin) resear...

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  • Comparison of sarin and cyclosarin toxicity by subcutaneous, intravenous and inhalation exposure in Gottingen minipigs.

    abstract::Sexually mature male and female Gottingen minipigs were exposed to various concentrations of GB and GF vapor via whole-body inhalation exposures or to liquid GB or GF via intravenous or subcutaneous injections. Vapor inhalation exposures were for 10, 60 or 180 min. Maximum likelihood estimation was used to calculate t...

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