Steroid-induced psychosis complicating orthognathic surgery: a case report.


:Psychosis is an uncommon but well-recognised complication of short-term corticosteroid administration. We report a case of steroid-induced psychosis subsequent to a bimaxillary osteotomy.


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British dental journal


Fleming PS,Flood TR




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  • Conceptualising a framework for improving quality in primary dental care.

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  • A comparison of the sedation provision of NHS dental services 2014-2016 for local authorities throughout England.

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  • The position of the inferior dental canal and its relation to the mandibular second molar.

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  • Control and precision in complete arch restoration.

    abstract::There are certain advantages to restoring a complete arch simultaneously, however, attempting to do this requires that the dentist maintains control during all stages of treatment. Maintaining control alleviates the preassure of time, which in turn allows for precision to be obtained at all clinical and laboratory sta...

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  • Recording communication in primary dental practice: an exploratory study of interactions between dental health professionals, children and parents.

    abstract::Aim To explore the time taken and the types of communication strategies used by dental health professionals (DHPs) when interacting with and providing fluoride varnish and oral health advice to children with their parents.Methods A video observational study was conducted to explore the types of communication strategie...

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  • Oral medicine in practice: oral ulceration.

    abstract::There are many causes of oral ulceration, but diagnosis should be relatively straightforward following an adequate history, examination and investigation. If the ulceration fails to respond to treatment, or has an unusual appearance, then an underlying systemic problem such as myeloproliferative disease or HIV infecti...

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  • Good occlusal practice in children's dentistry.

    abstract::The difference between paediatric dentistry and most other branches of dentistry is that in the child the occlusion is changing. Consequently 'Good Occlusal Practice' in children is a matter of making the right clinical decisions for the future occlusion. The clinician needs to be able to predict the influence that di...

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  • The ultimate guide to restoration longevity in England and Wales. Part 10: key findings from a ten million restoration dataset.

    abstract:Introduction:This paper defines key points from a ten million restoration dataset in order to compare and contrast the data from the previous nine papers, identifying common themes and/or differences in the factors affecting the survival of restored teeth to next intervention or extraction. Aim:It is the aim of this p...

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  • Bleaching update and the future impact on prosthodontics.

    abstract::Bleaching has changed the way the world looks at teeth, with lighter teeth becoming the norm due to the ease and simplicity of tray bleaching. The resultant lighter teeth have changed prosthodontics in that there is less need for some types of restoration, less aggressive preparation design, as well as new techniques ...

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  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the GDP. Part II: implications for GDPs.

    abstract::The transmission modes of SARS-coronavirus appear to be through droplet spread, close contact and fomites although air borne transmission has not been ruled out. This clearly places dental personnel at risks as they work in close proximity to their patients employing droplet and aerosol generating procedures. Although...

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  • Facets of job satisfaction of dental practitioners working in different organisational settings in England.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Before April 2006, English dentists were either working as an NHS general dental service (GDS) practitioner (fee-per-item, no local contractual obligations); an NHS personal dental service (PDS) practitioner (block contract with the primary care trust (PCT)); a private practitioner (either fee-per-item or ...

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  • Modelling workforce skill-mix: how can dental professionals meet the needs and demands of older people in England?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:There is an urgent need to consider the skill-mix of the dental team to meet the oral health needs and demands of the population in general, and older people in particular. As people live longer and retain their teeth there will be a progressive change in both the volume and type of dental care required, and...

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  • Is intravenous conscious sedation for surgical orthodontics in children a viable alternative to general anaesthesia?--a case review.

    abstract:AIM:The aim of this case review was to describe the use of local anaesthesia (LA) and intravenous conscious sedation (IVCS) as a safe and effective means of managing patients requiring surgical orthodontic procedures as an alternative to general anaesthesia (GA) in children between the age of 11 and 15 years. MAIN OUT...

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  • Distal caries of the second molar in the presence of a mandibular third molar - a prevention protocol.

    abstract::Objectives The objectives of the prospective study were to establish the prevalence of distal caries (DC) in the mandibular second molar and to assess the outcomes of these diseased teeth in our population. Further aims were to identify associated risk factors and to design a protocol for prevention.Methods Clinical a...

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  • A survey of local anaesthetic use among general dental practitioners in the UK attending postgraduate courses on pain control.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The aim of this study was to identify which local anaesthetic solutions were used by general dental practitioners in the United Kingdom and to determine selection criteria. In addition, differences in anaesthetic choice between recent graduates (< or = 5 years) and more experienced practitioners were investig...

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  • Transient uniocular blindness after dental extraction under general anaesthetic.

    abstract::A 14-year-old boy suffered transient uniocular blindness after extraction of four permanent first molar teeth under general anaesthetic. We discuss the theoretical basis for ocular vasospasm secondary to the minor trauma of dental extraction being relayed to the orbit. ...

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  • Eye care habits of dentists registered in the United Kingdom.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To determine the current eyecare behaviour of dentists and compare this against published standards concerning frequency of sight test intervals and eye protection. SUBJECTS AND METHODS:Four hundred dentists were selected at random for inclusion in the study from the UK 2004 Dentists Register. They were invi...

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  • Bronchogenic carcinoma presenting as a periapical infection.

    abstract::This case report describes a metastatic bronchogenic deposit involving the lower lip and the adjacent bone in the lower incisor region. The presenting symptoms were very similar to those of a dentoalveolar infection and extraction of the lower incisor teeth failed to provide any relief. Comparison of radiographs taken...

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  • Changing patterns and the need for quality.

    abstract::This series of articles is aimed at anybody who places crowns and other extra-coronal restorations (ie veneers and shims) on individual teeth. We hope that everyone from experienced practitioners to undergraduate students may find something of value. Whoever reads them, we would ask to do so with an open mind. We have...

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