Radial leaves of the maize mutant ragged seedling2 retain dorsiventral anatomy.


:ragged seedling2 (rgd2) is a novel, recessive mutation affecting lateral organ development in maize. The mutant phenotype of homozygous rgd2-R leaves is variable. Mild leaf phenotypes have a reduced midrib and may be moderately narrow and furcated; severe Rgd2-R(-) leaves are filamentous or even radial. Despite their radial morphology, severe Rgd2-R(-) mutant leaves develop distinct adaxial and abaxial anatomical features. Although Rgd2-R(-) mutants exhibit no reduction in adaxial or abaxial cell types, areas of epidermal cell swapping may occur that are associated with misaligned vascular bundles and outgrowths of ectopic margins. Scanning electron microscopy of young primordia and analyses of leaf developmental-marker gene expression in mutant apices reveal that RGD2 functions during recruitment of leaf founder cells and during expansive growth of leaf primordia. Overall, these phenotypes suggest that development is uncoordinated in Rgd2-R(-) mutant leaves, so that leaf components and tissues may develop quasi-independently. Models whereby RGD2 is required for developmental signaling during the initiation, anatomical patterning, and lateral expansion of maize leaves are discussed.


Dev Biol


Developmental biology


Henderson DC,Muehlbauer GJ,Scanlon MJ




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2005-06-15 00:00:00














  • Immunolocalization of basement membrane components and beta 1 integrin in the chick wing bud identifies specialized properties of the apical ectodermal ridge.

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  • Regulation of nodal and BMP signaling by tomoregulin-1 (X7365) through novel mechanisms.

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  • Wnt-4 signaling is involved in the control of smooth muscle cell fate via Bmp-4 in the medullary stroma of the developing kidney.

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  • WNT5A-Ca2+-CaN-NFAT signalling plays a permissive role during cartilage differentiation in embryonic chick digit development.

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  • Development of the central nervous system of the larva of the ascidian, Ciona intestinalis L. II. Neural plate morphogenesis and cell lineages during neurulation.

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  • Confocal and video imaging of cytoskeleton dynamics in the leech zygote.

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  • Concerted cell divisions in embryonic visceral endoderm guide anterior visceral endoderm migration.

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  • Signal transduction pathways leading to spore differentiation in Dictyostelium discoideum.

    abstract::Cells that overexpress PKA as a consequence of carrying multiple copies of the gene encoding the catalytic subunit can be induced to sporulate when developing as single cells. A peptide phosphorylated by PKA, termed SDF-1, has recently been shown to stimulate this process (Anjard et al., 1997). Several genes have been...

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  • Maturation of Xenopus oocytes is not accompanied by electrode-detectable calcium changes.

    abstract::Ca2+-sensitive microelectrodes were used to study changes in cytoplasmic free calcium during progesterone-induced meiotic maturation in Xenopus laevis oocytes. In contrast to previous reports, no changes were detected during the maturation process, although a large activation pulse of Ca2+ was seen when in vitro matur...

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  • Perturbation of cranial neural crest migration by the HNK-1 antibody.

    abstract::The HNK-1 antibody recognizes a carbohydrate moiety that is shared by a family of cell adhesion molecules and is also present on the surface of migrating neural crest cells. Here, the effects of the HNK-1 antibody on neural crest cells were examined in vitro and in vivo. When the HNK-1 antibody was added to neural tub...

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  • Redundancy and evolution of GATA factor requirements in development of the myocardium.

    abstract::The transcription factors, GATA4, 5 and 6, recognize the same DNA sequence and are all expressed in the developing myocardium. However, knockout studies in the mouse have indicated that none of them are absolutely required for the specification of the myocardium. Here we present evidence for redundancy in this family ...

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  • Distinct transcriptional regulation of Nanos2 in the germ line and soma by the Wnt and delta/notch pathways.

    abstract::Specification of the primordial germ cells (PGCs) is essential for sexually reproducing animals. Although the mechanisms of PGC specification are diverse between organisms, the RNA binding protein Nanos is consistently required in the germ line in all species tested. How Nanos is selectively expressed in the germ line...

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  • Correct cell-type-specific expression of a fusion gene injected into sea urchin eggs.

    abstract::A fusion gene construct containing the bacterial chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) gene under the control of CyIIIa actin gene regulatory sequences was injected into unfertilized eggs of the urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus, and early pluteus stage embryos that developed from these eggs were fixed and sectio...

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  • Analysis of transcriptional codes for zebrafish dopaminergic neurons reveals essential functions of Arx and Isl1 in prethalamic dopaminergic neuron development.

    abstract::Distinct groups of dopaminergic neurons develop at defined anatomical sites in the brain to modulate function of a large diversity of local and far-ranging circuits. However, the molecular identity as judged from transcription factor expression has not been determined for all dopaminergic groups. Here, we analyze regi...

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  • Regulation of Src kinase activity during Xenopus oocyte maturation.

    abstract::Expression of constitutively active Src protein tyrosine kinase in Xenopus oocytes has been shown to accelerate oocyte maturation suggesting that Src may be involved in meiotic progression. However, meiotic regulation of endogenous Src kinase in oocytes has not been investigated in detail. To address this problem, we ...

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  • The delayed entry of thoracic neural crest cells into the dorsolateral path is a consequence of the late emigration of melanogenic neural crest cells from the neural tube.

    abstract::Neural crest cells migrate along two pathways in the trunk: the ventral path, between the neural tube and somite, and the dorsolateral path, between the somite and overlying ectoderm. In avian embryos, ventral migration precedes dorsolateral migration by nearly 24 h, and the onset of dorsolateral migration coincides w...

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  • Epithelial control of periotic mesenchyme chondrogenesis.

    abstract::Morphogenesis of the cartilaginous otic capsule is directed by interactions between the epithelial anlage of the membranous labyrinth (otocyst) and its associated periotic mesenchyme. Utilizing a developmental series of high-density (micromass) cultures of periotic mesenchyme to model capsule chondrogenesis, we have s...

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  • Neural crest induction by the canonical Wnt pathway can be dissociated from anterior-posterior neural patterning in Xenopus.

    abstract::While Wnt signaling is known to be involved in early steps of neural crest development, the mechanism remains unclear. Because Wnt signaling is able to posteriorize anterior neural tissues, neural crest induction by Wnts has been proposed to be an indirect consequence of posteriorization of neural tissues rather than ...

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    authors: Wu J,Yang J,Klein PS

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