Teaching periodontal pocket charting to dental students: a comparison of computer assisted learning and traditional tutorials.


AIM:The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of a computer assisted learning (CAL) programme with that of traditional small group tutorials in teaching theoretical and practical aspects of periodontal pocket charting. METHOD:Sixty-one third year undergraduate dental students were randomized to either receive a tutorial or to work through the CAL programme. Students using the CAL programme completed questionnaires relating to previous computer experience and the ease of use of the programme. All students were assessed immediately after the intervention by means of a confidence log, a practical exercise and a further confidence log. They were assessed again three weeks later by means of a confidence log and a multiple-choice written test. RESULTS:There were very few significant differences between groups for any of the assessments used. However, subjective comments indicated that students occasionally felt disadvantaged if they had not received a tutorial. CONCLUSION:CAL and traditional teaching methods are equally effective in teaching periodontal pocket charting to undergraduate dental students.


Br Dent J


British dental journal


Bissell V,McKerlie RA,Kinane DF,McHugh S




Has Abstract


2003-09-27 00:00:00


333-6; discussion 329












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