Anaesthetics and cardiac preconditioning. Part II. Clinical implications.


:There is compelling evidence that preconditioning occurs in humans. Experimental studies with potential clinical implications as well as clinical studies evaluating ischaemic, pharmacological and anaesthetic cardiac preconditioning in the perioperative setting are reviewed. These studies reveal promising results. However, there are conflicting reports on the efficacy of preconditioning in the diseased and aged myocardium. In addition, many anaesthetics and a significant number of perioperatively administered drugs affect the activity of cardiac sarcolemmal and mitochondrial K(ATP) channels, the end-effectors of cardiac preconditioning, and thereby markedly modulate preconditioning effects in myocardial tissue. Although these modulatory effects on K(ATP) channels have been investigated almost exclusively in laboratory investigations, they may have potential implications in clinical medicine. Important questions regarding the clinical utility and applicability of perioperative cardiac preconditioning remain unresolved and need more experimental work and randomized controlled clinical trials.


Br J Anaesth


Zaugg M,Lucchinetti E,Garcia C,Pasch T,Spahn DR,Schaub MC




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2003-10-01 00:00:00














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  • Perioperative tobacco use interventions in Japan: a survey of thoracic surgeons and anaesthesiologists.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Tobacco use interventions in surgical patients who smoke could benefit both their short-term outcome and long-term health. Anaesthesiologists and surgeons can play key roles in delivering these interventions. This study determined the practices, attitudes, and beliefs of these physicians regarding tobacco us...

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  • Impact of phenylephrine administration on cerebral tissue oxygen saturation and blood volume is modulated by carbon dioxide in anaesthetized patients.

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  • Virtual reality-based simulator for training in regional anaesthesia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The safe performance of regional anaesthesia (RA) requires theoretical knowledge and good manual skills. Virtual reality (VR)-based simulators may offer trainees a safe environment to learn and practice different techniques. However, currently available VR simulators do not consider individual anatomy, which...

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  • Haemodynamic effects of isoflurane during propofol anaesthesia.

    abstract::We have studied haemodynamic responses to 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1 MAC isoflurane administration in 10 patients during a zero-order propofol infusion and normocapnia. Isoflurane reduced mean arterial pressure (MAP), systemic vascular resistance and left ventricular stroke work in a dose-dependent manner (29%, 38% and ...

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  • Comparison of the incidence and nature of cardiac arrhythmias occurring during isoflurane or halothane anaesthesia. Studies during dental surgery.

    abstract::Seventy-six Chinese patients aged between 15 and 30 yr, undergoing 3rd molar extraction, were randomly allocated to two groups. One group received halothane and the other isoflurane. The incidence of arrhythmia during surgery under anaesthesia with isoflurane was significantly less than with halothane. Sinus tachycard...

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  • Effect of volatile anaesthetics on cell survival as measured by colony forming ability.

    abstract::Chinese hamster fibroblast cells in stirred suspension cultures were exposed to volatile anaesthetic agents for 3 hr or for 24 hr. Cell viability was measured as colony forming ability and was found to be reduced, in a dose related manner, by halothane, chloroform, methoxyflurane, trichloroetheylene and diethyl ether....

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