Removal of protein-bound and unbound unconjugated bilirubin by perfusion of plasma through an anion-exchange resin in a case of Crigler-Najjar syndrome type I.


BACKGROUND:Patients with Crigler-Najjar syndrome, type I (CNS-I) have an inherited absence of hepatocellular bilirubin uridine diphosphate-glucuronosyltransferase activity, which results in severe unconjugated hyperbilirubinaemia, often causing kernicterus and death in infancy or childhood. METHODS:Our patient is a 19-year-old Japanese man with CNS-I diagnosed by the complete absence of the hepatocellular enzyme in a liver biopsy and genotyping. The efficacies of the removal of protein-bound (PBB) and unbound (UB) unconjugated bilirubin by phototherapy, plasma perfusion and liver transplantation were compared in the patient. RESULTS:At the age of 5 years, phototherapy treatment reduced the patient's PBB by 21% and UB by 34%, and 98% of the bilirubin produced daily was removed. At the age of 16 years, plasma perfusion combined with nightly phototherapy completely removed the daily production of bilirubin; however, by 24 h post-treatment, the PBB and UB were again increased. Apparently, these treatments were effective in reducing PBB and UB, but the effect was only temporary. Following liver transplantation, PBB and UB decreased to normal concentrations. CONCLUSIONS:Liver transplantation as a potential cure should be performed at a younger age, particularly in confirmed CNS-I cases for which reliable effects of phototherapy cannot be guaranteed.


Ann Clin Biochem


Ihara H,Shino Y,Hashizume N,Shimizu N,Aoki T,Yoshida M




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2003-09-01 00:00:00




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  • Measurement of copper, zinc and magnesium in serum and urine by DC plasma emission spectrometry.

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  • EXPRESS: Calculated globulin as a screening tool for hypogammaglobulinaemia or paraproteins in hospitalised patients.

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  • Direct assay for progesterone in saliva: comparison with a direct serum assay.

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  • Effect of storage of plasma and serum on enzymatic determination of non-esterified fatty acids.

    abstract::Many contradictory results have been published on the stability of total non-esterified fatty acids in blood, plasma and serum under different storage conditions. The present study was undertaken to investigate the stability of non-esterified fatty acids, measured with an enzymatic method, in samples of EDTA-treated p...

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  • A method for measuring glycerol-blanked triglyceride concentrations by using gas chromatography-isotope dilution mass spectrometry.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Serum triglyceride concentrations are measured as total glycerides content in many Western countries. In Japan, glycerol-blanked triglycerides (TG-GB) are measured to identify postprandial hypertriglyceridaemia and to minimize the influence of glycerol formulation on serum triglyceride values. However, TG-GB...

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  • Application and validation of a urinary methadone metabolite (EDDP) immunoassay to monitor methadone compliance.

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  • Troponin T for the differential diagnosis of ischaemic myocardial damage.

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  • Fractionation of urine to allow desmosine analysis by radioimmunoassay.

    abstract::The present study was designed to re-evaluate the radioimmunoassay for desmosine in urine, which is currently used as a measure of elastin metabolism. Using ion exchange chromatography, gel filtration and affinity chromatography it was shown that at least five other compounds in hydrolysates of human urine competed fo...

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  • Thyroid guidelines - are thyroid-stimulating hormone assays fit for purpose?

    abstract::Most thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) assays now have the sensitivity required by thyroid guidelines and allow the reliable identification of patients with both overt and subclinical hyperthyroidism. Clinical guidelines usually quote decision limits for TSH, but often ignore the issue of whether variability in bias b...

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  • Measurement of erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase and plasma cholinesterase activity by a differential pH technique.

    abstract::We describe a new electrochemical method for the determination of erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase activity (EC and plasma cholinesterase (EC activity, based on the measurements of pH variation due to release of acetic acid from acetylcholine. The major advantages of the differential pH procedure are...

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  • Impact of blood collection method on first-trimester dried blood free Beta hCG and PAPP-A.

    abstract::Background Analysis of dried blood specimens has been an integral part of laboratory medicine dating back to the early 1960s when they were introduced as part of neonatal screening programs. More recently, they have been used in Down syndrome screening programmes. Dried blood spot specimens can be collected either by ...

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    authors: Krantz DA,Carmichael JB

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  • Quality assessment of urinary organic acid analysis.

    abstract::The number of known inherited metabolic disorders resulting in an organic aciduria has increased steadily over the past two decades. Prompt and reliable detection is both clinically and technically demanding but is essential if appropriate treatment is to be undertaken. This is the first study of laboratory performanc...

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