In vivo imaging using a copolymer phased array.


:Phased-array images have been obtained in vivo with a steered copolymer array operating at 2.5 MHz. The array was fabricated using 28 microns copolymer film, lambda/4 resonant at 21 MHz, which was bonded to a glass ceramic backing with a thin film bond. The 32 array elements were created by laser ablation of the continuous gold electrode on one side of the film. The transducer was driven by 200 V shock excitation, and the received signal was processed by 32 custom IC preamplifiers that were mounted to the array connector. The amplifiers had a high input impedance compared to that of the array elements and their output impedance matched that of the coaxial cable that connected to the scanner. Because the copolymer transducer had a broad bandwidth, the spectrum of the pulse echo image was modified by the frequency dependent attenuation of tissue and the bandpass of the ultrasound scanner, resulting in a center frequency of 2.5 MHz. The performance of the copolymer array was compared to that of a 3 MHz, PZT array with similar dimensions. On the Duke phased-array scanner, the copolymer sensitivity was 28 dB less than that of PZT. The copolymer elements had a 6 dB pulse-echo angular response of 30 degrees, and the interelement cross-coupling was -35 dB. Phased-array images were made of the heart of a 25 year-old normal male.


Ultrason Imaging


Ultrasonic imaging


Goldberg RL,Smith SW,Brown LF




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  • In vivo study of online liver tissue classification based on envelope power spectrum analysis.

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  • Mean scatterer spacing estimation in normal and thermally coagulated ex vivo bovine liver.

    abstract::The liver has been hypothesized to have a unique arrangement of microvasculature that presents as an arrangement of quasiperiodic scatterers to an interrogating ultrasound pulse. The mean scatterer spacing (MSS) of these quasiperiodic scatterers has been proposed as a useful quantitative ultrasound biomarker for chara...

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  • Classification of scattering objects by regular arrays of scatterers using Fourier analysis.

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  • Ultrasound attenuation measurements of the liver in vivo using a commercial sector scanner.

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  • Improved Fourier-transform-based parallel receive beam formation.

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  • Skeletal Muscle Fatigue State Evaluation with Ultrasound Image Entropy.

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  • Toward Noninvasive Mapping of Diffuse Scattering in the Presence of Motion.

    abstract::Ultrasonic coda wave analysis techniques localize defects in fields such as seismography and nondestructive testing. In medical ultrasound, these techniques might provide novel mapping of tissue properties in diseases characterized by local fibrosis. In this work, we present an approach for localizing variation in sca...

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  • Statistical relationship between ultrasound echo envelope and envelope peak.

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  • Autoregressive spectral estimation in ultrasonic scatterer size imaging.

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  • Phase-derivative imaging. II: Effects of beam diffraction and scatterer density.

    abstract::The potential of using the phase derivative (PD) of the radio-frequency echograms for producing 2-dimensional grey scale images was further investigated. The PD images were produced by five different algorithms, which according to the results described in the companion paper yield PD images dominated by the amplitude ...

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  • A Variance-reduction Approach to Detection of the Thyroid-nodule Boundary on Ultrasound Images.

    abstract::To perform computer-aided diagnosis of the thyroid nodules on ultrasound images, the location and boundary of nodules should be clearly defined. However, the identification of thyroid nodule boundary is a difficult issue due to the biological characteristics of the nodules, the physics and quality of ultrasound imagin...

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  • Breast tissue classification using diagnostic ultrasound and pattern recognition techniques: II. Experimental results.

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  • Mathematical simulation of pressure pulse propagation in biological tissues.

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  • Characterization of tongue shape.

    abstract::Mathematical techniques are described for analyzing tongue shapes obtained with ultrasound images. The surface of the mid-sagittal section of the tongue was approximated by discrete points. In turn, these points were used to approximate position, slope and curvature of the tongue surface at a fixed time during speech....

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  • Effective scatterer diameter estimates for broad scatterer size distributions.

    abstract::Acoustic form factors have been used to model the frequency dependence of acoustic scattering in phantoms and tissues. This work demonstrates that a broad range of scatterer sizes, individually well represented by Faran theory or a Gaussian form factor, is not accurately described by a single effective scatterer from ...

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  • A comparison method for mean frequency estimators for Doppler ultrasound.

    abstract::Mean frequency estimators as used in pulsed Doppler ultrasound equipment should provide an accurate (quality) and consistent (robustness) estimate over a wide range of signal conditions. In a simplified signal model, the main parameters to consider are the noise level, mean frequency, bandwidth and power of both the D...

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  • A quantitative approach to speckle reduction via frequency compounding.

    abstract::Coherent speckle is a source of image noise in ultrasonic B-mode imaging. The use of multiple imaging frequencies has been suggested as a technique for speckle contrast reduction. This technique involves the averaging of images whose speckle patterns have been modified by a change in the spectrum of the transmitted or...

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  • Feasibility exploration of blood flow estimation by contrast-assisted Nakagami imaging.

    abstract::The microbubble contrast agent destruction/replenishment technique has been widely applied to ultrasound-based blood flow estimation. The rate of increase of the time-intensity curve (TIC) due to microbubbles flowing into the region of interest as measured from B-mode images closely reflects the flow velocity. In this...

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  • Transducer characterization from pressure amplitude distribution measurements using a Kalman filter as parameter estimation algorithm.

    abstract::The amplitude and frequency contents of a received ultrasound pulse depends on the spatial pressure amplitude distribution of the sound field, as produced by the transducer in the medium, and on the position and orientation of the reflecting surface in this field. Often, the geometry of the reflecting surface and the ...

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  • Ultrasonic backscatter and attenuation (11-27 MHz) variation with collagen fiber distribution in ex vivo human dermis.

    abstract::This ex vivo study explores the relationship of ultrasonic attenuation and backscatter to dermal microarchitecture by comparing ultrasonic measurements of these parameters (11-27 MHz) to a microscopic analysis of three parameters describing the collagen distribution (mean thickness and spacing of collagen bundles alon...

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  • Adaptive texture feature extraction with application to ultrasonic image analysis.

    abstract::Computer texture analysis methods use texture features that are traditionally chosen from a large set of fixed features known in literature. These fixed features are often not specifically designed to the problem at hand, and as a result they may have low discriminative power, and/or may be correlated. Increasing the ...

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  • Phase-derivative imaging. I: Methods and stabilization analysis.

    abstract::The potential of using the phase derivative (PD) for echographic imaging was investigated. The PD data were calculated by four methods: zero crossing (ZCS) with squelch addition, analytic signal either with squelch addition (ASS) or with employment of a Wiener kernel (ASW), and unwrapped phase (UWP). The large peaks w...

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  • Frequency diversity speckle processing.

    abstract::Ultrasonic waveform data from a tissue-mimicking phantom containing low contrast targets was digitized, stored and processed prior to creating and displaying ultrasonic images. Speckle reduction was performed by digital filtering of the waveform data with appropriately spaced and weighted digital filters, prior to bot...

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  • Optimal transmit phasing for harmonic-background suppression with bipolar square-wave pulser.

    abstract::Optimal transmit phasing has been proposed to increase contrast-to-tissue ratio (CTR) by relatively phasing the tissue and leakage harmonic components to cancel each other out for tissue-background suppression in harmonic imaging. Since most clinical systems are only equipped with a bipolar square-wave pulser, effecti...

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