Determinants of failure in superficial femoral artery angioplasty.


:Although results of iliac artery balloon angioplasty have been shown to be good, there are much less data regarding initial success and durability of superficial femoral artery (SFA) dilation. The authors retrospectively reviewed the results of 22 patients treated for 27 SFA lesions between 1981 and 1986. Mean age was 64.5 years (fifty-five to seventy-six). Results were analyzed with respect to initial, early (< twelve months), and late (> twelve months) angiographic and clinical success. Indications were claudication (22), nonhealing ulcer (3), and rest pain (2). Mean follow-up was 30.9 months; 100% at one year and 92% at two years. Initial failure occurred in 9 (33%) lesions. There were 2 early and 2 late failures for a cumulative patency rate of 90.3% and 78% at one and two years, respectively. Predictors of clinical failure were: (1) initial--age, SFA occlusion, and angioplasty rating; (2) early--age, SFA occlusion, degree of atherosclerosis, and angioplasty rating; (3) late--angioplasty rating. There were 3 complications (11%). The authors conclude that: (1) 33% of attempted SFA angioplasties were initially unsuccessful and that the cumulative patency rate was 78% at two years. (2) Age is predictive of initial and early failure; SFA occlusion, of initial and early failure; degree of atherosclerosis, of early failure; and angioplasty appearance, of initial, early, and late failures. (3) Complications did not result in limb loss or require surgery.






el-Bayar H,Roberts A,Hye R,Davis G,Freischlag J




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