Quality of life and functional health of primary care patients.


:Quality of life and functional health were measured cross-sectionally for 314 adult ambulatory primary care patients in a rural clinic and found to be much better for patients with low severity of illness who required no confinement to home because of health problems, than for patients with high severity of illness who required confinement. Severity of illness was the strongest predictor for patient-reported physical health function and for patient quality of life when assessed by the health provider. Confinement was the strongest predictor for patient quality of life when assessed by the patient. There was very little agreement between patient-assessed and provider-assessed quality of life. Family stress was the strongest predictor of function in terms of mental health, social health, general health, self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. These data suggest that clinicians should direct increased attention to patient-assessed quality of life, patient-reported functional health status, and psychosocial factors such as family stress in an effort to improve medical outcomes.


J Clin Epidemiol


Parkerson GR Jr,Broadhead WE,Tse CK




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1992-11-01 00:00:00














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  • Larger effect sizes in nonrandomized studies are associated with higher rates of EMA licensing approval.

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  • A minimal clinically important difference was derived for the Roland-Morris Disability Questionnaire for low back pain.

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  • An observational study showed that explaining randomization using gambling-related metaphors and computer-agency descriptions impeded randomized clinical trial recruitment.

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  • In network meta-analysis, most of the information comes from indirect evidence: empirical study.

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  • Time-dependent variability in repeated measurements of cholesterol levels: clinical implications for risk misclassification and intervention monitoring.

    abstract::Intraindividual variability (IIV) in total cholesterol levels based on measurements taken 1 week apart is compared with an estimate based on measurements taken 2 years apart. Single-subject 95% confidence intervals around the mean of two repeated measurements were Xi +/- 21 and +/- 28 mg/dl, respectively, and Xi +/- 3...

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