Deficient transformation of murine trisomy 16 fetal liver cells by the Abelson and J2 viruses.


:Mouse trisomy 16 (Ts16), an animal model for human Down syndrome (trisomy 21), exhibits severe abnormalities in the development of lymphoid and myeloid cells. Whereas fetal liver cells from diploid mice can be easily immortalized by retroviral transformation with Ab1-MuLV or J2 virus, fetal livers from Ts16 mice contain significantly fewer transformable cells. Infection of Ts16 fetal liver cells by Ab1-MuLV results in a 52- and 12-fold reduction in the frequency of transformation at days 17 and 18 of gestation, respectively. By contrast, the efficiency of transformation with J2 virus, another retrovirus known to transform fetal liver cells, is only mildly (factor 2-3) affected. The Ig gene rearrangements of Ts16 and diploid retrovirally transformed fetal liver cell lines do not differ from one another. This suggests that there is a deficiency in the early stem cell compartment, rather than in the development of pre-B cells.


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  • Coenzyme Q10 suppresses Th17 cells and osteoclast differentiation and ameliorates experimental autoimmune arthritis mice.

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  • Bisphenol A suppresses Th1-type immune response in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells in vitro.

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  • Techniques used to define human MHC antigens: monoclonals, class I and class II biochemistry.

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  • Antibodies against growth factor receptors can inhibit the proliferation of transformed cells via a cis-interaction with inhibitory FcR.

    abstract::When dimerized by Stem Cell Factor (SCF), the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Kit triggers the proliferation of hematopoietic progenitors, including pro-B cells, and of some differentiated cells, including mast cells. We found previously that anti-Kit antibodies can mimic SCF and that anti-Kit-induced mast cell proliferation...

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  • Characterization of factor H-related cell membrane molecules expressed by human B lymphocytes and neutrophil granulocytes.

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  • Dynamics of positive and negative selection in the thymus: review and hypothesis.

    abstract::T cells recognize with a single receptor both a product of antigens processed by antigen presenting cells (APC1) and a self-marker molecule, encoded by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC, a property termed MHC-restricted recognition of antigen). During their differentiation in the thymus, T cells "learn" what t...

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  • Effects of interleukin-2 on bioelectric activity of rat atrial myocardium under normal conditions and during gradual stretching.

    abstract::Using micro-electrode technique we studied the effects of interleukin-2 (50 ng/ml) on bio-electric activity of rat atrial myocardium under normal conditions and after gradual stretching of the tissue. It was shown that interleukin-2 caused increasing in the duration of action potential at the levels of 25, 50, and 90%...

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  • Neurotransmitters regulate the migration and cytotoxicity in natural killer cells.

    abstract::Natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL), the functional coordination of which are governed by various signal substances, are crucial in the body's defense of tumor and virus-infected cells. We investigated the role of various neurotransmitters and hormones on the regulation of functional parameters...

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  • FoxO1 controls the expansion of pre-B cells by regulating the expression of interleukin 7 receptor α chain and its signal pathway.

    abstract::Forkhead box O1 (FoxO1) has a crucial role in the early B cell development. To understand the functional importance of FoxO1 gene in the early B cell expansion, we established a FoxO1 knockdown model using 70Z/3 pre-B cell line. The FoxO1 knockdown 70Z/3 cells (70Z/3-KD cells) showed the down-regulated expression of i...

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  • Inhibition by cyclosporin A of IgE production and cyclophosphamide-induced eosinophilia in rats immunized with non-parasite antigens.

    abstract::Administration of cyclosporin A (CS-A; 25 mg/kg daily) to rats from the time of immunization with ovalbumin (OVA) in complete Freund's adjuvant abolished the production of anti-OVA antibodies, including IgE. Cyclophosphamide (Cy; 150 mg/kg) given 2 days before immunization also inhibited specific antibody production b...

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  • Chemical induced inflammation of the liver breaks tolerance and results in autoimmune hepatitis in Balb/c mice.

    abstract::Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a chronic liver disease mediated by immunity, and could lead to liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. However, the mechanisms for breaking hepatic tolerance and driving AIH still remain elusive. We herein reported that the non-specific liver inflammation triggered by carbon tetrach...

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  • Novel heterogeneity of the leucocyte common antigen (CD45): disulfide-bound heterodimers between CD45 and an 80 kDa polypeptide.

    abstract::The leukocyte common antigen, CD45, is one of the major glycoproteins on cells of hemopoietic origin showing considerable heterogeneity in both structure and expression. Biochemical heterogeneity has been attributed to differences in the primary sequence and glycosylation. In this paper we report an additional basis f...

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  • Increased Th17 cells and interleukin-17 contribute to immune activation and disease aggravation in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection.

    abstract::T helper17 (Th17) cells have been demonstrated to participate in the pathogenesis of hepatitis B virus (HBV) associated liver damage. However, the contribution of Th17 cells to immune activation and disease aggravation in patients with HBV infection is not fully clear. In this study, we investigated the Th17 cells fre...

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  • Monoclonal antibodies recognize 2300 years aged alkaline phosphatase.

    abstract::It was attempted to monitor the immunological response of monoclonal antibodies directed to human alkaline phosphatase in ancient Egyptian bones from the ptolemeic period. The intactness of the respective epitopes of the bone enzyme was successfully demonstrated in an ELISA. Fortunately, the mummified bone was not con...

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  • Hyporeactivity to mitogens of retroplacental blood lymphocytes in human pregnancy.

    abstract::Retroplacental blood lymphocytes (RPL) obtained from women without complications at the term delivery were studied for proliferative response to mitogens and surface phenotype and were compared with autologous peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL). Proliferation of RPL induced by phytohemagglutinin (PHA) was significantl...

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  • In vivo detection of lamellocytes in Drosophila melanogaster.

    abstract::Drosophila has recently become a powerful model organism for studies of innate immunity. The cellular elements of innate immunity in Drosophila, the hemocytes, have been characterized by morphological criteria, molecular markers, and cell-type-specific immunological markers. Here we suggest that an MiET1 GFP-reporter ...

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  • Metal-dependent hydrolysis of myelin basic protein by IgGs from the sera of patients with multiple sclerosis.

    abstract::Homogeneous IgG fractions were obtained by chromatography of the sera of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) on Protein G-Sepharose under conditions that remove non-specifically bound proteins. These IgGs contained several chelated metals, the relative amount of which decreases in the order: Fe>or=Ca>Cu>or=Zn>or=Mg>...

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  • A novel antigen-toxin chimeric protein: myelin basic protein-pseudomonas exotoxin (MBP-PE 40) for treatment of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

    abstract::Myelin basic protein (MBP), is a major component of the central nervous system (CNS) myelin. MBP can stimulate T cells that migrate into the CNS, initiating a cascade of events that result in perivascular infiltration and demyelination. EAE is an inflammatory and demyelinating autoimmune disease of the CNS that serves...

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  • Altered lipid packing identifies apoptotic thymocytes.

    abstract::To test whether apoptotic thymocytes can be identified by altered packing of lipids in their plasma membranes, thymocytes were isolated from mice injected with hydrocortisone and stained with merocyanine 540 (MC540), a fluorescent probe sensitive to lipid packing. At 9-10 h after injection, a subpopulation of H2-Klo c...

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  • Decreased antibody-dependent and spontaneous cell-mediated cytotoxicity in patients with chronic renal failure.

    abstract::Antibody-dependent and spontaneous lymphocytotoxicity of blood mononuclear cells from 15 patients with chronic renal failure was studied in allogeneic K-562 and xenogeneic chicken erythrocyte test systems. Both antibody-dependent and spontaneous cytotoxic activities were significantly decreased in uremic patients as c...

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  • The use of flow calorimetry in antigen-antibody reactions.

    abstract::The binding of anti-IgM IgG to human monoclonal IgM has been studied calorimetrically and results have been compared with parallel turbidity measurements of the same reaction. In the first series of experiments using the flow calorimeter equipped with a mixing cell, varied flow rates gave identical values for the ther...

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  • Regulation of IL-18 expression by CRH in mouse microglial cells.

    abstract::Corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) is a major regulator of the stress response. This study examined whether CRH regulates interleukin-18 expression on microglia, BV2. Our data show that CRH enhanced IL-18 expression and significantly induced the secretion of functional IL-18 protein. Furthermore, CRH induced IL-18 ...

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  • Carbon monoxide ameliorates Staphylococcus aureus-elicited COX-2/IL-6/MMP-9-dependent human aortic endothelial cell migration and inflammatory responses.

    abstract::Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) can often lead to many life-threatening diseases. It has the ability to invade normal endovascular tissue. Acute inflammation and its resolution are important to ensure bacterial clearance and limit tissue injury. Carbon monoxide (CO) has been shown to exert anti-inflammatory effects ...

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  • Ficolin-3 in rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease.

    abstract::Rheumatic fever (RF) and chronic rheumatic heart disease (RHD) are complications of oropharyngeal infection caused by Streptococcus pyogenes. Despite the importance of the complement system against infections and autoimmunity diseases, studies on the role of the lectin pathway in RF and RHD are scarce. Thus, our aim w...

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  • Angiopoietin-2 is increased in septic shock: evidence for the existence of a circulating factor stimulating its release from human monocytes.

    abstract::We aimed to investigate if angiopoietin-2 (Ang-2) participates in the septic process and what may be the role of monocytes as a site of release of Ang-2 in sepsis. Concentrations of Ang-2 were estimated in sera and in supernatants of monocytes derived form one already described cohort of 90 patients with septic syndro...

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  • Antigen processing in earthworms.

    abstract::The administration of protein antigens into earthworms Lumbricus terrestris and Eisenia foetida induces the formation of antigen-binding protein (ABP) with the maximum response occurring between days 4 and 8. High proteolytic activities observed both in coelomocytes and in coelomic fluids cause rapid antigen degradati...

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  • TLR5 ligation by flagellin converts tolerogenic dendritic cells into activating antigen-presenting cells that preferentially induce T-helper 1 responses.

    abstract::Dendritic cells (DCs) differentiated in the presence of IL-10 preferentially induce regulatory T-cells and tolerance. Whether the tolerogenic properties displayed by these DCs (Tol-DCs) can be overcome has not been fully explored. Here we show for the first time that Tol-DCs express higher levels of TLR5 mRNA, but not...

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    authors: Vicente-Suarez I,Brayer J,Villagra A,Cheng F,Sotomayor EM

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  • Regulation of GRB2 and FLICE2 expression by TNF-alpha in rheumatoid synovium.

    abstract::Chronic rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is characterized by the hyperplasia of synovial tissue, which results from dysregulation of proliferative and antiapoptotic signals transduced in the synovial cells by unknown mechanisms. To identify candidate factors involved in the regulation of synovial hyperplasia, the expression ...

    journal_title:Immunology letters

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    authors: Huh SJ,Paik DJ,Chung HS,Youn J

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  • Characterization of a cytotoxic factor produced by rat bladder cancer cell line: its identity to TNF alpha.

    abstract::Clone C19 derived from a rat bladder cancer cell line BC31ad constitutively released cytotoxic factor RCF. The serum-free C19-conditioned medium was partially purified by DEAE-Sephacel, Sephacryl S-200 and MonoQ-FPLC chromatographies to the specific activity of 6.4 x 10(6) U/mg protein (LM assay). RCF was a 17-kDa pro...

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    authors: Hojo H,Kaneko A,Nanya K,Kayagaki N,Hashimoto Y

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  • The matrix metalloproteinase RASI-1 is expressed in synovial blood vessels of a rheumatoid arthritis patient.

    abstract::RASI-1 is a novel matrix metalloproteinase which we isolated from an expression cDNA library representing the mRNA of an inflamed synovium obtained from a patient with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). To investigate the involvement of RASI-1 in the pathology of RA, we examined synovial specimens from RA patients with antibo...

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