Inference on a collapsed margin in disease mapping.


:This paper describes a method for estimating the risk from a disease over a set of contiguous geographical regions, when data on a potentially important covariate, such as race, are not available. Conditions under which the extra margin can be recovered are suggested. An application to prostate cancer mortality among the non-white population in the counties of the U.S.A. is discussed.


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Byers S,Besag J




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  • Rank-based principal stratum sensitivity analyses.

    abstract::We describe rank-based approaches to assess principal stratification treatment effects in studies where the outcome of interest is only well-defined in a subgroup selected after randomization. Our methods are sensitivity analyses, in that estimands are identified by fixing a parameter and then we investigate the sensi...

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  • Analysis of antiretroviral immunotherapy trials with potentially non-normal and incomplete longitudinal data.

    abstract::For many HIV-infected patients, use of antiretroviral therapy (ART) results in a sustained suppression of plasma viral load to undetectable levels. However, due to lack of antigenic stimulation, this may also result in a gradual loss of cell-mediated immune (CMI) responses that help control HIV infection. In concept, ...

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  • Extending the c-statistic to nominal polytomous outcomes: the Polytomous Discrimination Index.

    abstract::Diagnostic problems in medicine are sometimes polytomous, meaning that the outcome has more than two distinct categories. For example, ovarian tumors can be benign, borderline, primary invasive, or metastatic. Extending the main measure of binary discrimination, the c-statistic or area under the ROC curve, to nominal ...

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  • Considerations for analysis of time-to-event outcomes measured with error: Bias and correction with SIMEX.

    abstract::For time-to-event outcomes, a rich literature exists on the bias introduced by covariate measurement error in regression models, such as the Cox model, and methods of analysis to address this bias. By comparison, less attention has been given to understanding the impact or addressing errors in the failure time outcome...

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  • Statistical interim monitoring of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial.

    abstract::The Cardiac Arrythmia Suppression Trial was stopped much earlier than planned. Statistical considerations played a very important role in the decision. Flexible group sequential testing was developed for the trial by implementing a Lan and DeMets procedure with use of the permutation test. We compute P-values from the...

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    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,多中心研究,随机对照试验


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  • Predictive value of statistical models.

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  • Sample size to test for interaction between a specific exposure and a second risk factor in a pair-matched case-control study.

    abstract::We discuss a sample size calculation for a pair-matched case-control study to test for interaction between a specific exposure and a second risk factor. The second risk factor could be either binary or continuous. An algorithm for the calculation of sample size is suggested which is based on a logistic regression mode...

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  • Two-stage residual inclusion for survival data and competing risks-An instrumental variable approach with application to SEER-Medicare linked data.

    abstract::Instrumental variable is an essential tool for addressing unmeasured confounding in observational studies. Two-stage predictor substitution (2SPS) estimator and two-stage residual inclusion (2SRI) are two commonly used approaches in applying instrumental variables. Recently, 2SPS was studied under the additive hazards...

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  • Hierarchical multiple informants models: examining food environment contributions to the childhood obesity epidemic.

    abstract::Methods for multiple informants help to estimate the marginal effect of each multiple source predictor and formally compare the strength of their association with an outcome. We extend multiple informant methods to the case of hierarchical data structures to account for within cluster correlation. We apply the propose...

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  • Estimating net transition probabilities from cross-sectional data with application to risk factors in chronic disease modeling.

    abstract::A problem occurring in chronic disease modeling is the estimation of transition probabilities of moving from one state of a categorical risk factor to another. Transitions could be obtained from a cohort study, but often such data may not be available. However, under the assumption that transitions remain stable over ...

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  • Statistical comparison of two handwashing protocols.

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  • Bounds on natural direct effects in the presence of confounded intermediate variables.

    abstract::In epidemiological studies we often want to learn about the direct effect of an exposure on an outcome, i.e. the effect that is not relayed by a specific intermediate variable. In the literature, there are two common definitions of direct effects; controlled and natural. When the intermediate variable and the outcome ...

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  • Robustness of the two independent samples t-test when applied to ordinal scaled data.

    abstract::One may encounter the application of the two independent samples t-test to ordinal scaled data (for example, data that assume only the values 0, 1, 2, 3) from small samples. This situation clearly violates the underlying normality assumption for the t-test and one cannot appeal to large sample theory for validity. In ...

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    authors: Heeren T,D'Agostino R

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  • Statistical methods for active extension trials.

    abstract::This paper develops methods of analysis for active extension clinical trials. Under this design, patients are randomized to treatment or placebo for a period of time (period 1), and then all patients receive treatment for an additional period of time (period 2). We assume a continuous outcome is measured at baseline a...

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  • Comparing onset of antidepressant action using a repeated measures approach and a traditional assessment schedule.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:It has been recommended that onset of antidepressant action be assessed using survival analyses with assessments taken at least twice per week. However, such an assessment schedule is problematic to implement. The present study assessed the feasibility of comparing onset of action between treatments using a ...

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  • Analyzing longitudinal data with patients in different disease states during follow-up and death as final state.

    abstract::This paper considers the analysis of longitudinal data complicated by the fact that during follow-up patients can be in different disease states, such as remission, relapse or death. If both the response of interest (for example, quality of life (QOL)) and the amount of missing data depend on this disease state, ignor...

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  • Conditional power and predictive power based on right censored data with supplementary auxiliary information.

    abstract::Conditional power and predictive power provide estimates of the probability of success at the end of the trial based on the information from the interim analysis. The observed value of the time to event endpoint at the interim analysis could be biased for the true treatment effect due to early censoring, leading to a ...

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  • Binary regression with continuous outcomes.

    abstract::Clinical research often involves continuous outcome measures, such as blood cholesterol, that are amenable to statistical techniques of analysis based on the mean, such as the t-test or multiple linear regression. Clinical interest, however, frequently focuses on the proportion of subjects who fall below or above a cl...

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  • An adapted F-test for homogeneity of variability in follow-on biological products.

    abstract::In recent years, follow-on biological products (biosimilars) have received much attention from both the biotechnology industry and the regulatory agencies, especially after the passage of the 2010 healthcare reform bill. Unlike the traditional small-molecule drug products, the development of biological products is not...

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    authors: Yang J,Zhang N,Chow SC,Chi E

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  • Cancer immunotherapy trial design with cure rate and delayed treatment effect.

    abstract::Cancer immunotherapy trials have two special features: a delayed treatment effect and a cure rate. Both features violate the proportional hazard model assumption and ignoring either one of the two features in an immunotherapy trial design will result in substantial loss of statistical power. To properly design immunot...

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    authors: Wei J,Wu J

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  • Variable selection in covariate dependent random partition models: an application to urinary tract infection.

    abstract::Lower urinary tract symptoms can indicate the presence of urinary tract infection (UTI), a condition that if it becomes chronic requires expensive and time consuming care as well as leading to reduced quality of life. Detecting the presence and gravity of an infection from the earliest symptoms is then highly valuable...

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    authors: Barcella W,Iorio MD,Baio G,Malone-Lee J

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  • Nonparametric sequential evaluation of diagnostic biomarkers.

    abstract::We consider evaluation and comparison of the diagnostic accuracy of biomarkers with continuous test outcomes, possibly correlated due to repeated measurements. We develop nonparametric group sequential testing procedures to evaluate and compare the area of biomarkers under their receiver operating characteristic curve...

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  • Regression analysis applied to PVC histories: a statistical procedure for evaluating antiarrhythmic drug efficacy.

    abstract::Suppression of premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) is one of the goals of antiarrhythmic therapy. In a clinical trial, however, it may be difficult to distinguish antiarrhythmic drug effect from spontaneous variation in PVCs. We propose the application of linear regression to PVC histories to ascertain drug effe...

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  • Estimating the cumulative mean function for history process with time-dependent covariates and censoring mechanism.

    abstract::In this paper, an approach to estimating the cumulative mean function for history process with time dependent covariates and right censored time-to-event variable is developed using the combined technique of joint modeling and inverse probability weighting method. The consistency of proposed estimator is derived. Theo...

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  • Posterior predictive model checks for disease mapping models.

    abstract::Disease incidence or disease mortality rates for small areas are often displayed on maps. Maps of raw rates, disease counts divided by the total population at risk, have been criticized as unreliable due to non-constant variance associated with heterogeneity in base population size. This has led to the use of model-ba...

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  • A robust goodness-of-fit test statistic with application to ordinal regression models.

    abstract::We propose a goodness-of-fit test statistic for linear regression with heterogeneous variance, which is asymptotically chi-square if the given model is correct. The test statistic is computed as a quadratic form of observed minus predicted responses. We apply the method to a linear regression for an ordinal categorica...

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  • An empirical Bayes method for studying variation in knee replacement rates.

    abstract::Knee replacement is the most commonly used surgical treatment for knee arthritis. It has been reported that knee replacement rates vary across both regions and counties. This paper used data from Medicare patients to develop explanations for the variation. One problem with our data is that we do not have patient level...

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  • Human disease cost network analysis.

    abstract::Diseases can be interconnected. In the recent years, there has been a surge of multidisease studies. Among them, HDN (human disease network) analysis takes a system perspective, examines the interconnections among diseases along with their individual properties, and has demonstrated great potential. Most of the existi...

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