Stopped-flow and steady-state study of the diphenolase activity of mushroom tyrosinase.


:The reaction of mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) tyrosinase with dioxygen in the presence of several o-diphenolic substrates has been studied by steady-state and transient-phase kinetics in order to elucidate the rate-limiting step and to provide new insights into the mechanism of oxidation of these substrates. A kinetic analysis has allowed for the first time the determination of individual rate constants for several of the partial reactions that comprise the catalytic cycle. Mushroom tyrosinase rapidly reacts with dioxygen with a second-order rate constant k(+8) = 2.3 x 10(7) M(-)(1) s(-)(1), which is similar to that reported for hemocyanins [(1.3 x 10(6))-(5.7 x 10(7)) M(-)(1) s(-)(1)]. Deoxytyrosinase binds dioxygen reversibly at the binuclear Cu(I) site with a dissociation constant K(D)(O)()2 = 46.6 microM, which is similar to the value (K(D)(O)()2 = 90 microM) reported for the binding of dioxygen to Octopus vulgaris deoxyhemocyanin [Salvato et al. (1998) Biochemistry 37, 14065-14077]. Transient and steady-state kinetics showed that o-diphenols such as 4-tert-butylcatechol react significantly faster with mettyrosinase (k(+2) = 9.02 x 10(6) M(-)(1) s(-)(1)) than with oxytyrosinase (k(+6) = 5.4 x 10(5) M(-)(1) s(-)(1)). This difference is interpreted in terms of differential steric and polar effects that modulate the access of o-diphenols to the active site for these two forms of the enzyme. The values of k(cat) for several o-diphenols are also consistent with steric and polar factors controlling the mobility, orientation, and thence the reactivity of substrates at the active site of tyrosinase.






Rodríguez-López JN,Fenoll LG,García-Ruiz PA,Varón R,Tudela J,Thorneley RN,García-Cánovas F




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