Efficacy, cardiac safety and tolerability of sertindole: a drug surveillance.


:Sertindole is a novel atypical antipsychotic, which has shown efficacy in the treatment of positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia in phase II and III studies. Furthermore, these studies have demonstrated tolerability and a favourable side-effect profile. In contrast to classical antipsychotics, sertindole was not associated with extrapyramidal symptoms (EPS). We report drug surveillance data in 34 comorbid and comedicated sertindole treated patients suffering from different psychotic disorders. The drug surveillance consisted of two distinct phases: inpatient treatment and outpatient follow-up. Clinical global impression (severity and improvement of illness), psychotic symptoms, side-effects, and blood parameters have been carefully documented. With special respect to cardiac safety electrocardiograms (ECGs) have been recorded twice (during sertindole treatment and during treatment with an antipsychotic different from sertindole). Recommended ECG-parameters for assessment of the proarrhythmic risk of a drug have been calculated (QTc-, QTc2-interval; QT-, QTc-dispersion). The majority of patients (n = 29) have been treated previously with several typical and/or atypical antipsychotics. We observed a clinical response to sertindole treatment in 29 patients (85%). Both positive and negative symptoms improved with sertindole and no severe side-effects have been documented. EPS occurred at placebo level. A mean QTc-interval prolongation of 19.7 ms (4.7%) has been detected. None of the patients developed clinical or electrocardiographic evidence of cardiac dysrhythmia during sertindole treatment, or other clinical evidence of cardiac abnormalities. In summary, sertindole did show efficacy for positive and negative symptoms together with a favourable side-effect profile. No evidence for an increased proarrhythmic risk has been found.


Pezawas L,Quiner S,Moertl D,Tauscher J,Barnas C,Küfferle B,Wolf R,Kasper S




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