Bioencapsulation within synthetic polymers (Part 1): sol-gel encapsulated biologicals.


:Since its inception a decade ago, sol-gel encapsulation has opened up an intriguing new way to immobilize biological materials. An array of substances, including catalytic antibodies, DNA, RNA, antigens, live bacterial, fungal, plant and animal cells and whole protozoa, have been encapsulated in silica, metal-oxide, organosiloxane and hybrid sol-gel polymers. The advantages of these 'living ceramics' might give them applications as optical and electrochemical sensors, diagnostic devices, catalysts, and even bioartificial organs. With rapid advances in sol-gel precursors, nanoengineered polymers, encapsulation protocols and fabrication methods, this technology promises to revolutionize bioimmobilization.


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Trends in biotechnology


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  • Quality assurance mechanisms for the unregulated research environment.

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    journal_title:Trends in biotechnology

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  • Optical Windows for Imaging the Metastatic Tumour Microenvironment in vivo.

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  • Process Analytical Technologies and Data Analytics for the Manufacture of Monoclonal Antibodies.

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  • Cloning of endangered mammalian species: any progress?

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  • Advances in Dental Materials through Nanotechnology: Facts, Perspectives and Toxicological Aspects.

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  • Antibody cocktails: next-generation biopharmaceuticals with improved potency.

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  • Towards a 'universal' nucleant for protein crystallization.

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  • High performance capillary electrophoresis.

    abstract::The application of recombinant-DNA methods for the production of therapeutic proteins has, over the past decade, driven the development of new technology for the analysis and characterization of biological molecules. High performance capillary electrophoresis (HPCE) has generated enormous interest among biochemists, a...

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  • Alginate as immobilization matrix for cells.

    abstract::In recent years, entrapment of cells within spheres of Ca2+ alginate has become the most widely used technique for immobilizing living cells. This versatile method includes applications ranging from immobilization of living or dead cells in bioreactors, immobilization of plant protoplasts for micropropagation and immo...

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  • The synthesis of chiral cyanohydrins by oxynitrilases.

    abstract::Enantiomerically pure cyanohydrins are important synthetic intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. They are produced by enzyme-catalysed synthesis using oxynitrilases. Sufficient quantities of enzyme are available via cheap natural sources and there have been recent advances in overexpression production o...

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  • Synthetic Biology Tools to Engineer Microbial Communities for Biotechnology.

    abstract::Microbial consortia have been used in biotechnology processes, including fermentation, waste treatment, and agriculture, for millennia. Today, synthetic biologists are increasingly engineering microbial consortia for diverse applications, including the bioproduction of medicines, biofuels, and biomaterials from inexpe...

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    authors: McCarty NS,Ledesma-Amaro R

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  • Rethinking production of Taxol® (paclitaxel) using endophyte biotechnology.

    abstract::Taxol® (generic name paclitaxel) represents one of the most clinically valuable natural products known to mankind in the recent past. More than two decades have elapsed since the notable discovery of the first Taxol®-producing endophytic fungus, which was followed by a plethora of reports on other endophytes possessin...

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  • The Vascularised Chamber as an In Vivo Bioreactor.

    abstract::Vascularisation is key to developing large transplantable tissue constructs capable of providing therapeutic benefits. The vascularised tissue engineering chamber originates from surgical concepts in tissue prefabrication and microsurgery. It serves as an in vivo bioreactor in the form of a closed, protected space sur...

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    authors: Yap KK,Yeoh GC,Morrison WA,Mitchell GM

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  • Coral aquaculture to support drug discovery.

    abstract::Marine natural products (NP) are unanimously acknowledged as the 'blue gold' in the urgent quest for new pharmaceuticals. Although corals are among the marine organisms with the greatest diversity of secondary metabolites, growing evidence suggest that their symbiotic bacteria produce most of these bioactive metabolit...

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    authors: Leal MC,Calado R,Sheridan C,Alimonti A,Osinga R

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  • The potential of lyases for the industrial production of optically active compounds.

    abstract::Lyases catalyse the cleavage of C-C, C-N, C-O and other bonds by elimination to produce double bonds or, conversely, catalyse the addition of groups to double bonds. These enzymes do not require cofactor recycling, show an absolute stereospecificity and can give a theoretical yield of 100%, compared with only 50% for ...

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  • Enzyme reactions in the presence of cyclodextrins: biosensors and enzyme assays.

    abstract::Cyclodextrins, macrocyclic carbohydrates with apolar internal cavities, can form complexes with, and solubilize many normally water-insoluble compounds. Ferrocene and its derivatives, tetrathiafulvalene and tetramethylbenzidine, can function as redox mediators, but are insoluble in water; when they are complexed with ...

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  • Isolating ligands specific for human vasculature using in vivo phage selection.

    abstract::The endothelium lining blood vessels expresses molecules that are restricted in their expression to a particular tissue or organ. These molecules are attractive targets for therapy and diagnosis because they allow agents to be delivered specifically to the blood vessels supplying the desired tissue. However, it is dif...

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    authors: George AJ,Lee L,Pitzalis C

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  • Challenge of psychrophilic anaerobic wastewater treatment.

    abstract::Psychrophilic anaerobic treatment is an attractive option for wastewaters that are discharged at moderate to low temperature. The expanded granular sludge bed (EGSB) reactor has been shown to be a feasible system for anaerobic treatment of mainly soluble and pre-acidified wastewater at temperatures of 5--10 degrees C....

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    authors: Lettinga G,Rebac S,Zeeman G

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  • EU Failing FAO Challenge to Improve Global Food Security.

    abstract::The announcement that the European Union (EU) had reached an agreement allowing Member States (MS) to ban genetically modified (GM) crops confirms that the EU has chosen to ignore the food security challenge issued to the world by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 2009. The FAO sugge...

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  • Foreign protein degradation and instability in plants and plant tissue cultures.

    abstract::Low production cost is a key factor driving the development of plants and plant tissue cultures for the synthesis of therapeutic and other foreign proteins. Because product yield and concentration exert a major influence on process economics, improving foreign protein accumulation is crucial for enhancing the commerci...

    journal_title:Trends in biotechnology

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    authors: Doran PM

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  • Harnessing QbD, Programming Languages, and Automation for Reproducible Biology.

    abstract::Building robust manufacturing processes from biological components is a task that is highly complex and requires sophisticated tools to describe processes, inputs, and measurements and administrate management of knowledge, data, and materials. We argue that for bioengineering to fully access biological potential, it w...

    journal_title:Trends in biotechnology

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    authors: Sadowski MI,Grant C,Fell TS

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  • Allergenicity Assessment of Novel Food Proteins: What Should Be Improved?

    abstract::Allergenicity prediction is one of the most challenging aspects in the safety assessment of foods derived from either biotechnology or novel food proteins. Here we present a bottom-up strategy that defines a priori the specific risk assessment (RA) needs based on a database appropriately built for such purposes. ...

    journal_title:Trends in biotechnology

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    authors: Fernandez A,Mills ENC,Koning F,Moreno FJ

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  • Microparticle, nanoparticle, and stem cell-based oxygen carriers as advanced blood substitutes.

    abstract::Here, we discuss recent advances in the development of artificial red blood cell (RBC) substitutes, illustrating lessons learned from initial attempts using perfluorocarbon (PFC) emulsions and acellular hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers (HBOCs). We also highlight novel oxygen-containing microparticles, nanoparticles, a...

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    authors: Tao Z,Ghoroghchian PP

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  • Scientific Citizenship and good governance: implications for biotechnology.

    abstract::In the wake of public distrust regarding biotechnology, it has been suggested that the debate should be moved "upstream", whereby the public help to set research priorities. Although many scientists see this as an illogical reaction to a loss of faith in science, we argue that the boundaries between science and its te...

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    authors: Davies KG,Wolf-Phillips J

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  • Antibody separation by hydrophobic charge induction chromatography.

    abstract::Hydrophobic charge induction chromatography using 4-mercapto-ethyl-pyridine as the ligand is an effective method for the separation of antibodies from a variety of feedstocks. Antibodies are adsorbed in physiological conditions without preliminary concentration. Desorption occurs when the pH is lowered, thus inducing ...

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  • Engineering Synthetic Gene Circuits in Living Cells with CRISPR Technology.

    abstract::One of the goals of synthetic biology is to build regulatory circuits that control cell behavior, for both basic research purposes and biomedical applications. The ability to build transcriptional regulatory devices depends on the availability of programmable, sequence-specific, and effective synthetic transcription f...

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    authors: Jusiak B,Cleto S,Perez-Piñera P,Lu TK

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  • Advancing vascular tissue engineering: the role of stem cell technology.

    abstract::Atherosclerosis and heart disease are still the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. The lack of suitable autologous grafts has produced a need for artificial grafts but the patency of such grafts is limited compared to natural materials. Tissue engineering, whereby living tissue replacements can be co...

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  • Protein Engineering for Improving and Diversifying Natural Product Biosynthesis.

    abstract::Proteins found in nature have traditionally been the most frequently used biocatalysts to produce numerous natural products ranging from commodity chemicals to pharmaceuticals. Protein engineering has emerged as a powerful biotechnological toolbox in the development of metabolic engineering, particularly for the biosy...

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    authors: Li C,Zhang R,Wang J,Wilson LM,Yan Y

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  • Inducible systems see the light.

    abstract::Advances in our capacity to design and use novel strategies for achieving inducible gene expression will improve our ability to define gene function. An extremely efficient system designed by nature -- that of the regulatable phytochrome system in plants -- has provided the basis for developing a novel inducible gene ...

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    authors: Keyes WM,Mills AA

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  • Porous Substrate Bioreactors: A Paradigm Shift in Microalgal Biotechnology?

    abstract::Many of the demands in the production of microalgae at a technical scale cannot presently be met by state-of-the-art cultivation technologies based on suspensions. Immobilized cultivation using porous substrate bioreactors (PSBRs) is characterized by a reduction of liquid reaction volumes by several orders of magnitud...

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    authors: Podola B,Li T,Melkonian M

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