Microanalysis of antimicrobial properties of human fluids.


:Host defense responses of animals and plants to pathogenic microbes are mediated in part by the release of antimicrobial substances into tissue fluids. Exploration of the antimicrobial properties of tissue fluids is often limited by their small quantity. We have developed assays of antimicrobial activity that require only 1 microl of fluid. Using normal nasal secretions as a model mucosal fluid we demonstrated that the kinetics of the 1 microl colony-forming unit (CFU) assays were equivalent to the larger CFU assays. The handling of viscous mucin-containing fluids was facilitated by pretreatment with N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a treatment that did not alter the performance of the assay. This low-volume assay will facilitate studies of the antimicrobial properties of scarce biological fluids.


J Microbiol Methods


Cole AM,Wu M,Kim YH,Ganz T




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    abstract::We report the development and evaluation of a serotype-specific xTAG luminex assay (SSA) that allows detection of the 33 serotypes of Streptococcus suis (S. suis). This assay is based on wzy gene targets directly involved in the cps biosynthesis and can be completed 40 min post-PCR amplification. The assay correctly a...

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    abstract::We evaluated the performance of two enzyme-immunoassays (EIA) for the detection of naturally occurring, thermophilic Campylobacter spp. found in faecal samples from cattle (n = 21 and n = 26) and swine (n = 43) relative to the standard culture method, and also assuming that none of the tests was the definitive standar...

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  • Quantitative cell wall protein profiling of invasive and non-invasive Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains.

    abstract::A new, simple approach for the isolation and quantitative analysis of the cell wall (CW) proteins from invasively growing Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains is described in this contribution. The proposed method was proved compatible with agar-invasion assays and was demonstrated to be useful as a screening tool for rap...

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