Objective scratch monitor evaluation of the effect of an antihistamine on nocturnal scratching in atopic dermatitis.


:We previously reported a simple and easy-to-use device, Scratch Monitor for evaluation of nocturnal scratching. In the present study, the effect of an antihistamine (azelastine hydrochloride) on atopic dermatitis was investigated using this device. In 40 patients with atopic dermatitis, nocturnal scratching was measured by the monitor, when taking the drug and while off medication. Neither the 'sleeping time' nor the 'pre-asleep time' differed significantly, but there was a significant difference in 'scratch rate', 'minute scratch records', 'hourly awake number' and 'awake rate', which indicated that this drug alleviated nocturnal scratching and sleep disturbance. The difference was most prominent especially in patients with a serum IgE > or = 1000 IU/ml as well as in patients with mild symptoms and normal serum lactate dehydrogenase levels. The drug was more effective for nocturnal scratching in the early period, when the 'sleeping time' was divided into three equal parts (early, mid and late periods) and each period was compared.


J Dermatol Sci


Endo K,Sano H,Fukuzumi T,Adachi J,Aoki T




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1999-12-01 00:00:00














  • Cannabinoids inhibit human keratinocyte proliferation through a non-CB1/CB2 mechanism and have a potential therapeutic value in the treatment of psoriasis.

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  • Neutrophil elastase contributes to extracellular matrix damage induced by chronic low-dose UV irradiation in a hairless mouse photoaging model.

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  • Treatment with TNF-α inhibitor rectifies M1 macrophage polarization from blood CD14+ monocytes in patients with psoriasis independent of STAT1 and IRF-1 activation.

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  • Harlequin ichthyosis and other autosomal recessive congenital ichthyoses: the underlying genetic defects and pathomechanisms.

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Kanzaki disease (OMIM#104170) is attributable to a deficiency in alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (alpha-NAGA; E.C., which hydrolyzes GalNAcalpha1-O-Ser/Thr. Missense mutations, R329W or R329Q were identified in two Japanese Kanzaki patients. Although they are on the same codon, the clinical manifest...

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  • Histamine stimulates normal human melanocytes in vitro: one of the possible inducers of hyperpigmentation in urticaria pigmentosa.

    abstract::Isolated normal human melanocytes became enlarged and more dendritic in association with an increase in the activity of tyrosinase and the amount of b-locus protein when they were cultured with 0.1-10 microM histamine in vitro. However, histamine did not exert a proliferative effect on them. The stimulatory effect of ...

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  • Cytokine modulation of retinoic acid-inducible gene-I (RIG-I) expression in human epidermal keratinocytes.

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  • Non-disulfided pro alpha 1(IV) chain in B16 melanoma cell culture.

    abstract::We have previously reported that two species of pro alpha 1(IV) collagen chains, disulfided (500 kDa) and non-disulfided (180 kDa), were produced by B16 melanoma cells (J Biochem (1994) 116; 1039-1043). The mechanism by which the non-disulfided pro alpha 1(IV) chain is produced was studied. No significant difference i...

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  • Increased SS bonds in chronic solar elastosis: a study with N-(7-dimethylamino-4-methyl-3-coumarinyl) maleimide (DACM) stain.

    abstract::We have studied the distribution of SH groups and SS linkages in solar elastosis, in comparison with that in aged and juvenile sun-unexposed skin, using N-(7-dimethylamino-4-methyl-3-coumarinyl) maleimide (DACM) stain. In heavy solar elastosis we found increased fluorescence for SS bonds in the upper and middle reticu...

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  • Kindler surprise: mutations in a novel actin-associated protein cause Kindler syndrome.

    abstract::Kindler syndrome is an autosomal recessive genodermatosis characterized by acral blistering in neonates and diffuse, progressive poikiloderma in later life. Other clinical features include photosensitivity, premature skin ageing and severe periodontal disease. Two groups have recently shown that the molecular basis of...

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  • Activation of fibroblast proliferation by Werner's syndrome fibroblast-conditioned medium.

    abstract::The effects of Werner's syndrome (WS) fibroblast-conditioned medium on cell proliferation and collagen production of normal fibroblasts were studied using four WS fibroblast strains. The conditioned medium from the WS fibroblasts brought about activation of normal fibroblast proliferation, whereas, that from late pass...

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  • Cicatricial pemphigoid sera specifically react with the most C-terminal portion of BP180.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:cicatricial pemphigoid and bullous pemphigoid are characterized by circulating autoantibodies to the hemidesmosomal protein, BP180. Different clinical features between cicatricial pemphigoid and bullous pemphigoid appear to correlate with distinct target epitopes on BP180. Previous studies demonstrated that ...

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