Population genetics with RAPD-PCR markers: the breeding structure of Aedes aegypti in Puerto Rico.


:RAPD-PCR polymorphisms at 57 presumptive loci were used to examine the breeding structure of the mosquito Aedes aegypti in Puerto Rico. Mosquitoes were sampled from 16 locations in six cities and samples were located in a nested spatial design to examine local patterns of gene flow. Allele frequencies were estimated assuming (1) that genomic regions amplified by RAPD-PCR segregate as dominant alleles, (2) that genotypes at RAPD loci are in Hardy-Weinberg proportions, (3) identity in state (iis) among dominant amplified alleles and (4) iis among null alleles. The average genic heterozygosity was 0.354, more than twice the level detected in earlier allozyme surveys. Nested analysis of variance indicated extensive genetic differentiation among locations within cities. Effective migration rates (Nm) among cities were estimated from FST assuming an island model of migration. Estimates of Nm ranged from 9.7 to 12.2 indicating a high dispersal rate. The large number of polymorphisms revealed by RAPD-PCR allowed the distribution of FST and linkage disequilibrium to be examined among loci and demonstrated that small samples inflate FST and linkage disequilibrium. No linkage disequilibrium maintained through epistasis was detected among alleles at the 57 loci.


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Apostol BL,Black WC 4th,Reiter P,Miller BR




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1996-04-01 00:00:00








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  • Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans rescue strains produce fit offspring, despite divergent centromere-specific histone alleles.

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  • Genetic heterogeneity underlying variation in a locally adaptive clinal trait in Pinus sylvestris revealed by a Bayesian multipopulation analysis.

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  • Bias correction for estimated QTL effects using the penalized maximum likelihood method.

    abstract::A penalized maximum likelihood method has been proposed as an important approach to the detection of epistatic quantitative trait loci (QTL). However, this approach is not optimal in two special situations: (1) closely linked QTL with effects in opposite directions and (2) small-effect QTL, because the method produces...


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  • Hybridization of banteng (Bos javanicus) and zebu (Bos indicus) revealed by mitochondrial DNA, satellite DNA, AFLP and microsatellites.

    abstract::Hybridization between wild and domestic bovine species occurs worldwide either spontaneously or by organized crossing. We have analysed hybridization of banteng (Bos javanicus) and zebu (Bos indicus) in south-east Asian cattle using mitochondrial DNA (PCR-RFLP and sequencing), AFLP, satellite fragment length polymorph...


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  • Evolution in heterogeneous environments: genetic variability within and across different grains in Tribolium castaneum.

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  • Sex ratio theory in geographically structured populations.

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  • Detecting adaptive evolution based on association with ecological gradients: orientation matters!

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  • The alcohol dehydrogenase polymorphism in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster: restriction map variation in the region of the Adh locus in populations from two hemispheres.

    abstract::Restriction endonuclease variation in the 12 kb region surrounding the Adh locus was measured in seven Australian and six Chinese populations of Drosophila melanogaster. There is a higher level of nucleotide-substitution variation in the Australian populations than in the Chinese, which is possibly a reflection of the...


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  • Investigating population stratification and admixture using eigenanalysis of dense genotypes.

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  • Colonization of Ireland: revisiting 'the pygmy shrew syndrome' using mitochondrial, Y chromosomal and microsatellite markers.

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  • Estimation of outcrossing rates at hierarchical levels of fruits, individuals, populations and species in Magnolia stellata.

    abstract::In plant species with mixed mating systems, differences in diverse factors-including their pollination system, flowering phenology, life form and susceptibility to inbreeding depression-cause variation in outcrossing rates among fruits within individuals, among individuals within populations and among populations with...


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  • Contemporary and historic factors influence differently genetic differentiation and diversity in a tropical palm.

    abstract::Population genetics theory predicts loss in genetic variability because of drift and inbreeding in isolated plant populations; however, it has been argued that long-distance pollination and seed dispersal may be able to maintain gene flow, even in highly fragmented landscapes. We tested how historical effective popula...


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  • Ethanol tolerance and variation at the alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) locus of Drosophila mauritiana.

    abstract::Drosophila mauritiana larvae are tolerant to ethanol as a supplementary nutritional resource at low concentrations. Higher levels of ethanol (5 per cent) in the food adversely affect larval behaviour causing reduced rates of locomotion and feeding which are associated with low larva-to-adult survival. Two codominant a...


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  • Colonization patterns of the invasive Brazilian peppertree, Schinus terebinthifolius, in Florida.

    abstract::Invasive species are believed to spread through a process of stratified dispersal consisting of short-distance diffusive spread around established foci and human mediated long-distance jumps. Brazilian peppertree (Schinus terebinthifolius), native to South America, was introduced twice as an ornamental plant into Flor...


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  • Disruption of doubly uniparental inheritance of mitochondrial DNA in hybrid mussels (Mytilus edulis x M. galloprovincialis).

    abstract::Blue mussels of the genus Mytilus have an unusual mode of mitochondrial DNA inheritance termed doubly uniparental inheritance (DUI). Females are homoplasmic for the F mitotype which is inherited maternally, whereas males are heteroplasmic for this and the paternally inherited M mitotype. In areas where species distrib...


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  • Evolution of sex-specific wing shape at the widerwing locus in four species of Nasonia.

    abstract::How do morphological differences between species evolve at the genetic level? This study investigates the genetic basis of recent divergence in male wing size between species of the model parasitoid wasp Nasonia. The forewings of flightless Nasonia vitripennis males are 2.3 times smaller than males of their flighted s...


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  • The effects of outbreeding on a parasitoid wasp fixed for infection with a parthenogenesis-inducing Wolbachia symbiont.

    abstract::Trichogramma wasps can be rendered asexual by infection with the maternally inherited symbiont Wolbachia. Previous studies indicate the Wolbachia strains infecting Trichogramma wasps are host-specific, inferred by failed horizontal transfer of Wolbachia to novel Trichogramma hosts. Additionally, Trichogramma can becom...


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  • Dosage effects on heritability and maternal effects in diploid and triploid Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha).

    abstract::Induced triploidy (3N) in salmon results from a blockage of maternal meiosis II, and hence provides a unique opportunity to study dosage effects on phenotypic variance. Chinook salmon families were bred using a paternal half-sib breeding design (62 females and 31 males) and half of each resulting family was treated to...


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  • Host-plant-associated genetic differentiation in Northern French populations of the European corn borer.

    abstract::The phytophagous insects that damage crops are often polyphagous, feeding on several types of crop and on weeds. The refuges constituted by noncrop host plants may be useful in managing the evolution in pest species of resistance to the Bacillus thuringiensis toxins produced by transgenic crops. However, the benefits ...


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  • Rickettsia associated with male-killing in a buprestid beetle.

    abstract::Many populations of the buprestid leaf-mining beetle, Brachys tessellatus, from central South Carolina, USA, show highly skewed sex ratios, ranging from 1.3 to 6.0 females per male. We have identified a Rickettsia bacterium that is associated with sex ratio distortion (SRD) and selective killing of male embryos in B. ...


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