Expression of heat-shock protein 47 in mouse liver.


:Expression of heat-shock protein 47 in intact and fibrotic liver and in hepatic constituent cells was investigated in mice. Immunohistochemical study of intact liver and Western blot analysis of the protein from isolated liver cells revealed that stellate cells and smooth muscle cells of interlobular vessels, but not hepatocytes, Kupffer cells, or endothelial cells, expressed heat-shock protein 47. The protein was found in both vitamin-A-storing stellate cells and myofibroblast-like cells. The amount of the protein in cultured stellate cells was reduced by dexamethasone but was not regulated by quercetin, transforming growth factor beta, interferon gamma, or retinoic acid. In CCl4-treated or bile-duct-ligated mouse liver, the number of cells positive for heat-shock protein 47 markedly increased in the centrilobular area or around the periportal area, respectively, and the level of heat-shock protein 47 also increased.


Cell Tissue Res


Cell and tissue research


Kawada N,Kuroki T,Kobayashi K,Inoue M,Nakatani K,Kaneda K,Nagata K




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1996-05-01 00:00:00












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    abstract::The effects of thyroidectomy, adrenalectomy, and castration on the pars distalis of male Japanese quail, and of injection of LH-RH on sexually inactive females, were investigated by light and electron microscopy. Correlation between light and electron microscopy was attained by use of alternate thin and thick sections...

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  • Distribution of peptidyl-glycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase immunoreactivity in the brain, pituitary and islet organ of the anglerfish (Lophius americanus).

    abstract::Peptidyl-glycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase (PAM; EC is an enzyme that catalyzes conversion of glycine-extended peptides to alpha-amidated bioactive peptides. Two peptides that are processed at their carboxyl-termini by this enzyme are neuropeptide Y and anglerfish peptide Y, both of which possess a C-te...

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  • Immunocytochemical localization of oviduct-specific glycoproteins in the oviductal epithelium from cows at follicular and luteal phases.

    abstract::The immunocytochemical localization of bovine oviduct-specific glycoproteins was investigated by light and electron microscopy. Using monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) specific for bovine oviductal glycoproteins, 3 regions (fimbriae, ampulla, and isthmus) of the epithelium in the bovine oviduct we studied during the follic...

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