Analysis of the D1S80 (pMCT118) VNTR locus polymorphism in a native Kuwaiti population by the polymerase chain reaction.


:We have determined the allele and genotype frequencies at the hypervariable locus D1S80 in a native Kuwaiti population using the polymerase chain reaction technique and subsequent high resolution gel electrophoresis. In a sample of 200 individuals, 21 alleles and 57 genotypes were detected. The alleles with 18 and 24 repeat units were most common with frequencies of 0.188 and 0.408 respectively. The distribution of the observed genotypes was in agreement with the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium prediction. The observed heterozygosity for the population sample was 0.80 with the allelic diversity of 0.781 +/- 0.029 and the power of discrimination was 0.94. The data obtained in this study are potentially useful for individual identification in forensic casework.


Forensic Sci Int


al-Nassar KE,Mathew J,Thomas N,Fatania HR




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1996-04-02 00:00:00














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  • Insect fauna visiting carrion in Southwest Virginia.

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  • Hair as a source of forensic evidence in murder investigations.

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  • Wischnewsky's spots in an ectopic stomach.

    abstract::Wischnewsky's spots in the mucosa of the stomach have been a well-known sign of death due to hypothermia for many years. Furthermore it is reported that those spots can rarely be found in the esophagus as well. We now report on a case concerning a 93-year-old woman who presented an ectopic stomach with erosions of the...

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  • Further evidence for GHB naturally occurring in common non-alcoholic beverages.

    abstract::GHB has been implicated in many cases of suspected surreptitious administration with the purpose of increasing victim vulnerability to sexual assault. Low amounts of endogenous (or naturally occurring) GHB, which do not reach pharmacologically active levels, have been detected in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages....

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  • Roadside drug testing: comparison of two legal approaches in Belgium.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Internationally, urine on-site testing has been used for detecting drivers under the influence of drugs (DUID) but more and more countries, such as Belgium, are switching to oral fluid screening. OBJECTIVE:To compare the previous (published in 1999) and current (published 2009) enforcement procedures of DUI...

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  • DNA recovery from unfired and fired cartridge cases: A comparison of swabbing, tape lifting, vacuum filtration, and direct PCR.

    abstract::The ability to recover trace DNA from fired cartridge cases can help establish important leads regarding the handler of the ammunition. Over recent years, several DNA recovery techniques for fired ammunition have been published. Three techniques of significant interest include tape lifting, direct PCR, and vacuum filt...

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