The pharmacokinetics of zileuton in healthy young and elderly volunteers.


:The effects of age and gender on the single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of zileuton have been examined in a phase I nonblinded study. A total of 27 healthy volunteers were evaluable, 9 in the young group (age range 20 to 40 years; 5 males and 4 females) and 18 in the elderly group (range 65 to 81 years; 9 males and 9 females). A single oral dose of zileuton 600mg was given to all volunteers on day 1 of the study and at 6-hour intervals from days 3 to 7. Analysis of variance showed slight but significant decreases in the mean apparent clearance of total and free drug in the healthy elderly population after a single zileuton dose, but no significant age-related differences after multiple 6-hourly doses. Similarly, zileuton peak and trough plasma concentrations, and values for half-life, volume of distribution and protein binding were not significantly affected by age after either a single dose or multiple administration. Moreover, gender effects on the pharmacokinetics were also absent after correction for bodyweight differences. From the results of the present study, it is concluded that there is no pharmacokinetic basis for alteration of zileuton dosage schedules in elderly patients.


Clin Pharmacokinet


Braeckman RA,Granneman GR,Locke CS,Machinist JM,Cavannaugh JH,Awni WM




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1995-01-01 00:00:00








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