Synergistic inhibitory effects of interferon-alpha and 5-fluorouracil in meningioma cells in vitro.


:We have investigated the effects of interferon-alpha (IFN-alpha) and 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) on meningioma cells in two different culture systems, evaluated by the uptake of radiolabelled methionine. With both IFN-alpha and 5-FU an inhibitory effect on the uptake of radiolabelled methionine by the meningioma cells was demonstrated, and we found a synergistic inhibitory effect with a combination of IFN-alpha and 5-FU. To obtain a maximal inhibition of cell metabolism without causing cell toxicity, we were able to decrease the dose of 5-FU by simultaneously adding IFN-alpha. Our results suggest that a combined treatment of IFN-alpha and 5-FU may be a successful alternative for patients with inoperable meningiomas. A novel in vitro positron emission tomography technique was used for the study of metabolic changes in tumour cells caused by drug treatment, which is complementary to conventional cell culture techniques.


Cancer Lett


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Zhang ZJ,Wang JL,Muhr C,Smits A




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1996-02-27 00:00:00














  • The growth of primary subcutaneous fibrosarcoma and its pulmonary metastases in normal and athymic Swiss mice.

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  • The biology, function and clinical implications of exosomes in lung cancer.

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  • SOX7, down-regulated in colorectal cancer, induces apoptosis and inhibits proliferation of colorectal cancer cells.

    abstract::The sex-determining region Y-box 7 (Sox7) is a member of high mobility group (HMG) transcription factor family, essential for embryonic development and endoderm differentiation. Deregulation of Wnt signaling pathway is a hallmark of colorectal cancer. Our results showed that the expression level of SOX7 was frequently...

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  • The contribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon fractions with different boiling ranges to the carcinogenic impact of emission condensate from coal fired residential furnaces as evaluated by topical application to the skin of mice.

    abstract::Flue gas condensate from briquet-fired residential furnaces was separated into a polycyclic aromatic compound (PAC)-free and a PAC-containing part, followed by a subfractionation of the PAC-containing fraction into 3 parts: PAC consisting predominantly of (a) 2 and 3 rings, (b) 4 and 5 rings and (c) 6 and more rings. ...

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  • Different T-cell subsets in glioblastoma multiforme and targeted immunotherapy.

    abstract::Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a brain tumor with a high mortality rate. Surgical resection combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy is the standard treatment for GBM patients, but the 5-year survival rate of patients despite this treatment is low. Immunotherapy has attracted increasing attention in recent years....

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  • Associated nutritional risk of breast and colon cancers: a population-based case-control study in Montreal, Canada.

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  • The GPER1/SPOP axis mediates ubiquitination-dependent degradation of ERα to inhibit the growth of breast cancer induced by oestrogen.

    abstract::G protein-coupled oestrogen receptor 1 (GPER1), predicted to be a novel oestrogen receptor, has been linked to the development and progression of breast cancer. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying its functions remain elusive. Here, we show that the protein levels of GPER1 are negatively associated with those...

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  • Ultrasound nanotheranostics in fighting cancer: Advances and prospects.

    abstract::The intrinsic limits of conventional ultrasound microbubble contrast agent greatly promoted the development and application of various nanomaterials for more efficient cancer ultrasound theranostics. Considerable successes have been achieved in the field of ultrasound molecular imaging and targeted therapy for tumor b...

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  • Effect of human procathepsin D on proliferation of human cell lines.

    abstract::We have used human procathepsin D isolated from supernatant of human breast cancer cell line ZR-75-1 to test its mitogenic activity for a broad spectrum of human-derived cell lines. These cell lines included: breast cancer cell lines ZR-75-1, MDA-MB-436, MBA-MD-483 and MDA-MB-231, B lymphoblastoid cell line Raji, the ...

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  • Radiomics model of magnetic resonance imaging for predicting pathological grading and lymph node metastases of extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to evaluate diagnostic performance of radiomics models of MRI in the detection of differentiation degree (DD) and lymph node metastases (LNM) of extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ECC). We retrospectively enrolled 100 patients with ECC confirmed by pathology from January 2011 to December 2018. ...

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  • Utilization of blood analyses to evaluate metabolic changes in control and 1,2-dimethylhydrazine-treated adult male fischer rats.

    abstract::The synthetic compound 1,2-dimethylhydrazine is employed in carcinogenesis studies because of its reliable and specific ability to produce colon tumors in rodents. Male Fischer rats were treated at 7 weeks of age with a single oral dose of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine (35 mg/kg) and examined at autopsy 1.5 years later when t...

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  • NF-kappaB modulation and ionizing radiation: mechanisms and future directions for cancer treatment.

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  • Molecular cloning, expression and purification of truncated midkine and its growth stimulatory activity on Wilms' tumor (G401) cells.

    abstract::Midkine (MK) is a heparin binding growth factor identified as a product of a retinoic acid-responsive gene; it is frequently expressed at high levels in many human carcinomas. Although the expression of the mRNA encoding truncated MK (tMK) in unique human cancer cells has been reported, the tMK polypeptide itself has ...

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  • Mammary carcinogenicity of diol epoxide metabolites of benzo[j]fluoranthene in female CD rats.

    abstract::The mammary carcinogenicity of two diol epoxide metabolites of the commonly occurring environmental carcinogen benzo[j]fluoranthene (BjF) was investigated by direct application to the tissue beneath the mammary glands of female CD rats. The compounds tested were trans-4,5-dihydroxy-anti-6,6a.epoxy-4,5,6,6a-tetrahydroB...

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  • Cedrol suppresses glioblastoma progression by triggering DNA damage and blocking nuclear translocation of the androgen receptor.

    abstract::Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor with great invasiveness and resistance to chemotherapy, which presents a treatment challenge. In this study, we investigated the antitumor effect of Cedrol, a sesquiterpene alcohol isolated from Cedrus atlantica, against GBM cells in vitro and in...

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  • APAF-1 signaling in human melanoma.

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  • Enhancement of vinblastine-induced cytotoxicity by lysolecithin and phosphatidylinositol.

    abstract::Vinblastine inhibited the growth of cultured KB cells 3 days after drug treatment by 55% and 67% at 2.7 ng/ml and 3.5 ng/ml of the medium, respectively. Lysolecithin and phosphatidylinositol showed only a marginal inhibitory effect on the growth of KB cells at respective concentrations of 35-125 microgram/ml and 50-15...

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  • Cullin7 enhances resistance to trastuzumab therapy in Her2 positive breast cancer via degrading IRS-1 and downregulating IGFBP-3 to activate the PI3K/AKT pathway.

    abstract::Patients with Her2-positive breast cancer exhibit de novo resistance or develop acquired resistance in less than one year after Her2 targeting treatment, but the mechanism is not fully elucidated. Compensatory pathways such as the IGF-1R/IRS-1 pathway, are activated, leading to aberrant enhanced PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway ...

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    authors: Qiu N,He YF,Zhang SM,Zhan YT,Han GD,Jiang M,He WX,Zhou J,Liang HL,Ao X,Xia HM,Li J,Yang YY,He ZM,Zou ZZ,Li HS

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  • Effects of processing conditions on glucosinolates in cruciferous vegetables.

    abstract::Glucosinolates constitute a well-defined group of secondary plant metabolites in cruciferous plants. They occur especially in brassica vegetables, which represent a major part of the human diet. Glucosinolates undergo hydrolysis, catalysed by an endogenous plant enzyme, known as myrosinase, into a range of biological ...

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  • Characterization of the gene expression profile of neuroblastoma cell line IMR-5 using serial analysis of gene expression.

    abstract::The serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) technique was used to generate a database of the most abundant transcripts of the MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma cell line IMR-5. A total of 8568 tags were sequenced and shown to represent 4034 unique tags, each of which corresponds to an individual transcript. Expression le...

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  • Carcinogenic effect of di-isopropanolnitrosamine on the rat thyroid gland.

    abstract::Up to a 50% rate of thyroid gland tumours was induced in Sprague-Dawley rats after s.c. administration of di-isopropanolnitrosamine (DIPN). The neoplasms occurred both unilaterally and bilaterally, and were identified histologically as adenomas and adenocarcinomas of follicular epithelium origin. In a few instances, a...

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  • Isolation and characterization of [3H]fucose-labeled glycoproteins from the serum of normal rats and rats bearing Zajdela hepatoma.

    abstract::Specific [3H]fucose-labeled glycoproteins were found in the serum of rats bearing Zajdela hepatoma, which possess different isoelectric points in comparison with serum glycoproteins from normal rats. The electrophoretic profile of the serum glycoproteins is significantly altered. There is approximately a 2.5 times inc...

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  • Targetable long non-coding RNAs in cancer treatments.

    abstract::Aberrant expression of many long non-coding RNAs has been observed in various types of cancer, implicating their crucial roles in tumorigenesis and cancer progression. Emerging knowledge with regard to the critical physiological and pathological roles of long non-coding RNAs in cancers makes them potential targets in ...

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  • Cancer metabolism and mass spectrometry-based proteomics.

    abstract::Cancer metabolism has been extensively investigated by various tools, and the fact of diverse metabolic reprogramming in cancer cells has been gradually unveiled. In this review, we discuss some contributions in cancer metabolism by general proteomic analysis and post-translational modification analysis using mass spe...

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  • Pre-clinical evaluation of AZD-2014, a novel mTORC1/2 dual inhibitor, against renal cell carcinoma.

    abstract::Here we found that dual mTORC1/2 inhibitor AZD-2014 significantly inhibited RCC cell survival and growth, with higher efficiency than conventional mTORC1 inhibitors rapamycin and RAD001. RCC cell apoptosis was also induced by AZD-2014. AZD-2014 disrupted mTORC1/2 assembly and activation, while downregulating HIF-1α/2α...

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  • Staurosporine inhibits the proliferation, alters the cell cycle distribution and induces apoptosis in HT-29 human colon adenocarcinoma cells.

    abstract::Staurosporine (ST), a potent inhibitor of protein kinase C (PKC), was evaluated for its effect on the proliferation of HT-29 colon adenocarcinoma cells; PKC is associated with increased colon cell proliferation. ST inhibited cell proliferation in a time- and concentration-dependent manner by up to 90%. It also blocked...

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  • Prenylation of oncogenic human PTP(CAAX) protein tyrosine phosphatases.

    abstract::Many isoprenylated proteins are known to participate in signal transduction, but not all have been identified. Using an in vitro prenylation screen, two human cDNAs (PTP(CAAXI) and PTP(CAAX2)) homologous to the rat PRL-1 and human OV-1 protein tyrosine phosphatase genes were identified. PTP(CAAXI) and PTP(CAAX2) were ...

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    authors: Cates CA,Michael RL,Stayrook KR,Harvey KA,Burke YD,Randall SK,Crowell PL,Crowell DN

    更新日期:1996-12-20 00:00:00

  • Determination of intracellular reduced glutathione and glutathione related enzyme activities in cisplatin-sensitive and resistant experimental ovarian carcinoma cell lines.

    abstract::The level of GSH in ovarian carcinoma cells which were sensitive and resistant to cisplatin was serially determined following tumor removal from the animals, in addition, activities of GSH-reductase and GSH-S-transferase were assessed. The GSH level in the resistant line (O-342/DDP) was almost twice as high as that in...

    journal_title:Cancer letters

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    authors: Chen G,Frei E,Zeller WJ

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  • Transcriptional activation of H-ras, K-ras and N-ras proto-oncogenes in human bladder tumors.

    abstract::In this study we demonstrate the involvement of ras oncogenes in bladder cancer at the level of RNA overexpression. We examined 26 bladder specimens, consisting of paired tumor and adjacent normal tissue and found that H-ras transcripts were overexpressed in 39% of the specimens while K-ras and N-ras in 58% of total s...

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    authors: Vageli D,Kiaris H,Delakas D,Anezinis P,Cranidis A,Spandidos DA

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  • PKCε inhibits isolation and stemness of side population cells via the suppression of ABCB1 transporter and PI3K/Akt, MAPK/ERK signaling in renal cell carcinoma cell line 769P.

    abstract::Protein kinase C epsilon (PKCε), a member of the novel PKC family, is known to be a transforming oncogene and tumor biomarker for many human solid cancers including renal cell carcinoma (RCC). We isolated side population (SP) cells from the RCC 769P cell line, and proved that those cells possess cancer stem cell (CSC)...

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