Elk-1 can recruit SRF to form a ternary complex upon the serum response element.


:The initial genomic response to serum growth factors is the transcriptional activation of a set of immediate-early genes. Serum-induced transcriptional activation of several of these genes involves the formation of a ternary complex that includes the serum response factor (SRF), a 62 kDa ternary complex factor (TCF) and a serum response element (SRE). TCF alone does not bind the SRE of the protooncogene c-fos, but requires the prior assembly of the SRF-SRE binary complex for it to be recruited into a ternary complex. Here we show that this SRF-SRE binary complex is not an obligatory prerequisite for the formation of a serum responsive ternary complex. We demonstrate that Elk-1, which has properties of TCF can recruit SRF into a ternary complex on elements that do not support formation of the SRF-DNA binary complex. We also show that for two immediate-early genes, pip92 and nur77, formation of the ternary complex may occur without the prior assembly of SRF-DNA binary complex. Finally, we show that the ability of different sequences to support formation of Elk-l-SRF-DNA ternary complex in vitro correlates with their ability to respond to serum growth factors in vivo. Our results suggest that a much broader range of DNA sequences than the consensus SRF and TCF binding sites can support ternary complex formation, and by inference, serum induction. Possible implications of these results are discussed.


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Latinkić BV,Zeremski M,Lau LF




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1996-04-01 00:00:00














  • Multiplexed tandem PCR: gene profiling from small amounts of RNA using SYBR Green detection.

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  • Regulation of adenovirus alternative RNA splicing at the level of commitment complex formation.

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  • A WW-like module in the RAG1 N-terminal domain contributes to previously unidentified protein-protein interactions.

    abstract::More than one-third of the RAG1 protein can be truncated from the N-terminus with only subtle effects on the products of V(D)J recombination in vitro or in a mouse. What, then, is the function of the N-terminal domain? We believe it to be regulatory. We determined, several years ago, that an included RING motif could ...

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  • The new NHGRI-EBI Catalog of published genome-wide association studies (GWAS Catalog).

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  • The DNA dioxygenase ALKBH2 protects Arabidopsis thaliana against methylation damage.

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    abstract::The somatic V(D)J recombination for the assembly of the Ig and TCR genes is mediated by the recombination signal sequences (Rss) and the V(D)J recombinase. A cDNA clone was isolated from a lambda gt11 expression library made from mouse thymocyte poly(A)+ RNA, using the Rss as a ligand. The deduced amino acid sequence ...

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  • PeroxisomeDB: a database for the peroxisomal proteome, functional genomics and disease.

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  • PubChem's BioAssay Database.

    abstract::PubChem (http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) is a public repository for biological activity data of small molecules and RNAi reagents. The mission of PubChem is to deliver free and easy access to all deposited data, and to provide intuitive data analysis tools. The PubChem BioAssay database currently contains 500,000 des...

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  • Role of modified nucleosides in tRNA: effect of modification of the 2-thiouridine derivative located at the 5'-end of the anticodon of yeast transfer RNA Lys2.

    abstract::Yeast tRNA Lys2 codes preferentially for AAA and contains a 2-thiouridine derivative (U) at the 5'-position of the anticodon. Removal of the 2-thio group from U by treatment with CNBr did not affect the amino acid accepting activity of the modified tRNA Lys2. CNBr treated tRNA Lys2 was active in protein synthesis but ...

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