Antioxidant properties of omeprazole.


:Potential antioxidant properties of therapeutically achievable concentrations of the protonated, active form of omeprazole (OM) were investigated in vitro at specific acidic pH values to mimic intragastric conditions in the clinical setting. We found that OM is a powerful scavenger of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) even at a drug concentration of 10 microM at pH 5.3 or 3.5. This effect is also evident in the presence of the physiological HOCl scavenger ascorbate. Moreover, 10 and 50 microM OM inhibit significantly both iron- and copper-driven oxidant damage at pH 5.3 and 3.5, respectively. Since oxidative stress is involved the gastric injury of peptic ulcer and gastritis, it may be hypothesized that some therapeutical effects of OM could also be related to its antioxidant properties.




FEBS letters


Lapenna D,de Gioia S,Ciofani G,Festi D,Cuccurullo F




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1996-03-11 00:00:00












  • Interactions of the 26-39 fragment of the cro protein from lambda bacteriophage with nucleic acids.

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    abstract::Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylases from various organisms contain two conserved lysine residues. In the C4 dicot Flaveria trinervia, one of these residues is Lys600. Converting this Lys600 to Arg600 or Thr600 mainly increased the Km values and but had minimal effect on the Vmax. The Km for PEP, Mg2+ increased by up to 3...

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  • Specificity of novel allosterically trans- and cis-activated connected maxizymes that are designed to suppress BCR-ABL expression.

    abstract::Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is associated with the presence of the Philadelphia chromosome, which is generated by the reciprocal translocation of chromosomes 9 and 22. In the case of L6 (b2a2) mRNA, it is difficult to cleave the abnormal mRNA specifically because the mRNA includes no sequences that can be cleav...

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  • Differential activation by fMet-Leu-Phe and phorbol ester of a plasma membrane phosphatidylcholine-specific phospholipase D in human neutrophil.

    abstract::Signal transduction involving phosphatidylcholine hydrolysis has been investigated in human neutrophils (PMN) after in situ generation of [3H]alkylacyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine ([3H]alkylacyl-GPC) by cell incubation with [3H]alkylacetyl-GPC. When PMN were stimulated with the chemotactic peptide N-formyl-Met-Leu-Phe...

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  • Laminin alpha1 chain mediated reduction of laminin alpha2 chain deficient muscular dystrophy involves integrin alpha7beta1 and dystroglycan.

    abstract::Transgenically introduced laminin (LN) alpha1 chain prevents muscular dystrophy in LNalpha2 chain deficient mice. We now report increased integrin alpha7Bbeta1D synthesis in dystrophic LNalpha2 chain deficient muscle. Yet, immunofluorescence demonstrated a reduced expression of integrin alpha7B subunit at the sarcolem...

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  • Role of glycosylation in hyperphosphorylation of tau in Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::In Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain, microtubule-associated protein tau is abnormally modified by hyperphosphorylation and glycosylation, and is aggregated as neurofibrillary tangles of paired helical filaments. To investigate the role of tau glycosylation in neurofibrillary pathology, we isolated various pools of tau p...

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  • Differential regulation of the STARD1 subfamily of START lipid trafficking proteins in human macrophages.

    abstract::The STARD1 subfamily of 'START' lipid trafficking proteins can reduce macrophage lipid content and inflammatory status (STARD1; StAR), and traffic cholesterol from endosomes (STARD3/MLN64). During macrophage differentiation, STARD1 mRNA and protein increase with sterol content, while the reverse is true for STARD3. St...

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  • An Escherichia coli cyoE gene homologue in thermophilic Bacillus PS3 encodes a thermotolerant heme O synthase.

    abstract::The cyoE gene of the Escherichia coli bo-type quinol oxidase operon (cyoABCDE) has been previously shown to encode heme O synthase. To demonstrate a catalytic role of a cyoE homologue (the caaE gene) in the gene cluster for caa3-type cytochrome c oxidase of thermophilic Bacillus PS3, we have carried out genetic comple...

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  • New genotypes of TT virus (TTV) and a genotyping assay based on restriction fragment length polymorphism.

    abstract::A phylogenetic analysis, using the open reading frame I sequence of 93 TT viruses (TTV) obtained from various geographical areas, indicated that the virus could be classified into six different genotypes including three hitherto unreported genotypes. The high reliability of the six clusters was confirmed by bootstrap ...

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