Nerve growth factor rescues pigment cells from ultraviolet-induced apoptosis by upregulating BCL-2 levels.


:Apoptosis plays an important role in eliminating dysfunctional damaged cells. For skin, the best characterized injurious environmental agent is ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. Most of the damaging UV irradiation is absorbed in the epidermis and leads to apoptosis of keratinocytes. However, epidermal melanocytes appear to be protected from UV-induced apoptosis. We now report that in pure cultures melanocytic cells undergo characteristic apoptosis after physiologic UV exposures. However, nerve growth factor (NGF) supplementation protects them from this programmed cell death. Furthermore, we show that NGF protects melanocytic cells from UV-induced apoptosis by upregulating BCL-2 protein in these cells and that prior downregulation of BCL-2 abrogates the NGF protective effect on melanocytes. Our data suggest that NGF, known to be constitutively produced by epidermal keratinocytes and induced in these cells after UV irradiation, may preserve the population of cutaneous melanocytes that would otherwise be depleted by casual sun exposure.


Exp Cell Res


Zhai S,Yaar M,Doyle SM,Gilchrest BA




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1996-05-01 00:00:00














  • Induction of beta 1 integrin synthesis by recombinant platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF-AB) correlates with an enhanced migratory response of human dermal fibroblasts to various extracellular matrix proteins.

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  • Analysis of the inductive effect of the genomic equivalent of HALF1 sequence in the reversion of rat dedifferentiated hepatoma cells.

    abstract::HALF1 (human activator of liver function 1) is a closed DNA duplex implicated in reversion of rat dedifferentiated C2 hepatoma cells to a well-differentiated state. A copy of HALF1 is found in high-molecular-weight DNA in the human genome. The genomic equivalent of HALF1 and its flanking sequences [gH(5'-3') fragment]...

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  • Differential activation of cyclin and cyclin-dependent kinase genes by adenovirus E1A12S cDNA product.

    abstract::The differential activation of cyclin and cyclin-dependent kinase genes by the adenovirus E1A gene product (E1A) or serum factors was studied with a rat 3Y1 derivative cell line, g12-21, in which the E1A12S cDNA can be expressed in response to dexamethasone (dex). The induction of DNA synthesis in quiescent g12-21 cel...

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  • Signaling and subcellular localization of the TNF receptor Edar.

    abstract::Tabby and downless mutant mice have identical phenotypes characterized by deficient development of several ectodermally derived organs such as teeth, hair, and sweat glands. Edar, encoded by the mouse downless gene and defective in human dominant and recessive forms of autosomal hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (EDA)...

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  • Colocalization of tissue transglutaminase and stress fibers in human vascular smooth muscle cells and human umbilical vein endothelial cells.

    abstract::The subcellular distribution of tissue transglutaminase in human umbilical vein endothelial cells and human arterial and venous smooth muscle cells was examined. Double-immunofluorescence staining of smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells with anti-transglutaminase antisera and rhodamine-tagged phalloidin revealed ...

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  • Insulin binds to type V collagen with retention of mitogenic activity.

    abstract::The abilities of eight extracellular matrix proteins, fibronectin, vitronectin, laminin, and collagen types I, II, III, IV, and V to bind insulin were examined by binding studies with insulin conjugated with peroxidase. At a physiological pH and ionic strength, type V collagen bound to insulin most strongly. The other...

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  • Organization of early and late replicating DNA in human chromosome territories.

    abstract::It has been suggested that DNA organized into replication foci during S-phase remains stably aggregated in non-S-phase cells and that these stable aggregates provide fundamental units of nuclear or chromosome architecture [C. Meng and R. Berezney (1991) J. Cell Biol. 115, 95a; E. Sparvoli et al. (1994) J. Cell Sci. 10...

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  • Actinomycin D in low concentrations binds uniformly to human chromosomes.

    abstract::The binding of actinomycin D (actD) to fixed human metaphase chromosomes was studied by using autoradiography with [3H]actD and indirect immunofluorescence with a specific anti-actD antibody. At concentrations of 0.01 and 0.1 micrograms/ml there was a uniform distribution of drug along the chromosomes as observed by b...

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  • Colocalization of nestin and vimentin/desmin in skeletal muscle cells demonstrated by three-dimensional fluorescence digital imaging microscopy.

    abstract::During skeletal muscle development three intermediate filament proteins are expressed: nestin, vimentin, and desmin. Vimentin and desmin belong to the class III intermediate filaments and are closely related to each other, whereas nestin is a more distantly related, class VI, intermediate filament. It was previously o...

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  • Rab11b resides in a vesicular compartment distinct from Rab11a in parietal cells and other epithelial cells.

    abstract::The Rab11 family of small GTPases is composed of three members, Rab11a, Rab11b, and Rab25. While recent work on Rab11a and Rab25 has yielded some insights into their function, Rab11b has received little attention. Therefore, we sought to examine the distribution of endogenous Rab11b in epithelial cells. In rabbit gast...

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  • The effects of superoxide and the peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ligands on the mitochondrial processing of manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase.

    abstract::The mitochondrion imports and processes the vast majority of the proteins that constitute its structural elements and metabolic pathways. To study mitochondrial precursor processing in the context of the cellular environment, we employed the baculovirus expression system to overexpress the prototypical precursor prote...

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  • Fas/Fas ligand interaction contributes to UV-induced apoptosis in human keratinocytes.

    abstract::Keratinocytes in human skin undergo apoptosis during various inflammatory processes and after ultraviolet (UV) irradiation. To determine if keratinocyte apoptosis may be mediated by the Fas/APO-1 receptor (CD95), a signal transduction pathway known to initiate programmed cell death of lymphocytes, we investigated Fas ...

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    authors: Leverkus M,Yaar M,Gilchrest BA

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  • FR901228, a potent antitumor antibiotic, is a novel histone deacetylase inhibitor.

    abstract::Screening for microbial metabolites that induce transcriptional activation of the SV40 promoter resulted in the identification of two known compounds, FR901228 and trichostatin A (TSA). FR901228 is a potent antitumor drug that is currently under clinical investigation. TSA is a specific inhibitor of histone deacetylas...

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  • The role of B-cell-specific activator protein in the response of malignant B-1 cells to LPS.

    abstract::Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) results from the uncontrolled proliferation and accumulation of B-1 cells, many of which demonstrate self-reactivity. The response of B-1 cells to mitogen after undergoing malignant transformation is still unclear. Using our established malignant B-1 cell lines derived from the NZB m...

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  • An altered repertoire of fos/jun (AP-1) at the onset of replicative senescence.

    abstract::With multiple divisions in culture, normal diploid cells suffer a loss of growth potential that leads to replicative senescence and a finite replicative capacity. Using quantitative RT-PCR, we have monitored mRNA expression levels of c-fos, c-jun, JunB, c-myc, p53, H-ras, and histone H4 during the replicative senescen...

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  • Epigenetic silencing in embryogenesis.

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  • Peroxiredoxin V is essential for protection against apoptosis in human lung carcinoma cells.

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  • Altered structure of ribosomal RNA transcription units in hamster cells after DRB treatment.

    abstract::The adenosine analog 5,6 dichloro-1-beta-ribofuranosyl benzimidazole (DRB) inhibits specifically mRNA production in eukaryotic cells, with concomitant alterations in pre-rRNA processing and nucleolar ultrastructure. We have focused our analysis on the effects of drug treatment on rRNA transcription through observation...

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  • Loss of Drp1 function alters OPA1 processing and changes mitochondrial membrane organization.

    abstract::RNAi mediated loss of Drp1 function changes mitochondrial morphology in cultured HeLa and HUVEC cells by shifting the balance of mitochondrial fission and fusion towards unopposed fusion. Over time, inhibition of Drp1 expression results in the formation of a highly branched mitochondrial network along with "bulge"-lik...

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  • The role of phosphorylation in modulating beta 1 integrin localization.

    abstract::The beta 1-integrin subunit localizes to focal contacts during F9 teratocarcinoma stem cell differentiation to parietal endoderm. Concomitantly, this integrin subunit becomes dephosphorylated at serine 790, the only serine in the well-conserved cytoplasmic domain of beta 1. We hypothesized that this dephosphorylation ...

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  • The Drosophila orthologue of xPlkk1 is not essential for Polo activation and is necessary for proper contractile ring formation.

    abstract::Polo-like kinases (Plks) are essential for progression through mitosis. The activity of these kinases peak during M phase and this activation has been attributed to phosphorylation. Kinases capable of activating Plks in vitro have been previously identified both in mammalian cells and in Xenopus laevis oocytes (SLK an...

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  • Serum and serotonin induce retraction of calf aortic smooth muscle (CASM) cells in vitro: inhibition by ketanserin, a 5-HT2 receptor antagonist.

    abstract::Calf aortic smooth muscle (CASM) cells cultured in vitro at high cell density (4 x 10(4) cells/cm2) on bacteriological petri dishes in the presence of serum pile up in clusters and create open spaces in the monolayer. This phenomenon is clearly visible 6 days after plating and is markedly enhanced by the addition of f...

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  • Inhibition of miRNA-21 promotes retinal ganglion cell survival and visual function by modulating Müller cell gliosis after optic nerve crush.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Müller cell gliosis not only plays an important physiological role by maintaining retinal neuronal homeostasis but is also associated with multiple pathological events in the retina, including optic nerve crush (ONC) injury. Modulating Müller cell gliosis contributes to the creation of a permissive environme...

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  • A study of the effect of ultraviolet light on the division potential of human diploid fibroblasts.

    abstract::Culture and UV (254 nm) irradiation conditions that are suggested as appropriate for a study of the effect of UV on the limited in vitro lifespan of a normal human diploid fibroblast (HDF) strain are first described. An inoculation density at each subcultivation of 1.8 x 10(4) viable cells/cm-2 permits the decline in ...

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  • Differing calcification processes in cultured vascular smooth muscle cells and osteoblasts.

    abstract::Arterial medial calcification (AMC) is the deposition of calcium phosphate mineral, often as hydroxyapatite, in the medial layer of the arteries. AMC shares some similarities to skeletal mineralisation and has been associated with the transdifferentiation of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) towards an osteoblast-l...

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  • Intranuclear distribution of SV40 large T-antigen and transformation-related protein p53 in abortively infected cells.

    abstract::The intranuclear localization of SV40 T-antigen (T-Ag) and the cellular protein p53 was studied in SV40 abortively infected baby mouse kidney cells using two complementary methods of ultrastructural immunocytochemistry in combination with preferential staining of nuclear RNP components and electron microscope autoradi...

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  • MIST1 regulates the pancreatic acinar cell expression of Atp2c2, the gene encoding secretory pathway calcium ATPase 2.

    abstract::MIST1 is a transcription factor expressed in pancreatic acinar cells and other serous exocrine cells. Mice harboring a targeted deletion of the Mist1 gene (Mist1(-/-)) exhibit alterations in acinar regulated exocytosis and aberrant Ca(2+) signaling that are normally controlled by acinar cell Ca(2+)-ATPases. Previous s...

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  • Tenascin-C in the extracellular matrix promotes the selection of highly proliferative and tubulogenesis-defective endothelial cells.

    abstract::The extracellular matrix (ECM) contains important cues for tissue homeostasis and morphogenesis. The matricellular protein tenascin-C (TN-C) is overexpressed in remodeling tissues and cancer. In the present work, we studied the effect of different ECM-which exhibited a significant diversity in their TN-C content-in en...

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    authors: Alves TR,da Fonseca AC,Nunes SS,da Silva AO,Dubois LG,Faria J,Kahn SA,Viana NB,Marcondes J,Legrand C,Moura-Neto V,Morandi V

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  • Effects of anti-PM-Scl 100 (Rrp6p exonuclease) antibodies on prenucleolar body dynamics at the end of mitosis.

    abstract::Prenucleolar bodies (PNBs) are transitory structures which serve as building blocks for nucleoli at the transition mitosis/interphase. The assembly of PNBs and their pathway are not clearly understood. To better understand these events, the behavior of the PNB-containing PM-Scl 100 protein was compared with that of ot...

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    authors: Fomproix N,Hernandez-Verdun D

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  • Disruption of cytoplasmic microtubules by ultraviolet radiation.

    abstract::Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation of cultured human skin fibroblasts causes the disassembly of their microtubules. Using indirect immunofluorescence microscopy, we have now investigated whether damage to the microtubule precursor pool may contribute to the disruption of microtubules. Exposure to polychromatic UV radiation ...

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