Transferrin receptors of Neisseria meningitidis: promising candidates for a broadly cross-protective vaccine.


:Production of a meningococcal vaccine capable of generating long-lasting immunity in all age groups is still a high priority worldwide. Iron-regulated outer-membrane proteins have attracted considerable attention in recent years and it has become increasingly evident that the meningococcal transferrin-binding proteins, TBP1 and TBP2, have characteristics compatible with a safe and broadly cross-reactive vaccine candidate. Both TBPs are surface-exposed and immunogenic in man and animals, and antibodies to their native structure are bactericidal to homologous and many heterologous strains. These include strains from various serogroups, serotypes and serosubtypes, with no obvious correlation between bactericidal activity and the identity of the strains or the molecular mass of the heterogeneous TBP2 molecule. A meningococcal vaccine based on, or enriched with, undenatured TBPs from one or more strains, in combination with conventional polysaccharide-based vaccines, might increase the spectrum of strains against which protection can be achieved to include serogroup B strains. In this review, the structure-function and immunological properties of TBP1 and TBP2 are discussed.


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  • Distribution and genetic location of Tn7 in trimethoprim-resistant Escherichia coli.

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  • The rectal mucosa-associated microflora in patients with ulcerative colitis.

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  • Co-elimination of mec and spa genes in Staphylococcus aureus and the effect of agr and protein A production on bacterial adherence to cell monolayers.

    abstract::Phenotypic loss of protein A production was tested in six methicillin-resistant (McR) Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolates and their isogenic methicillin-sensitive (McS) variants by a radiolabelled IgG-binding assay with washed cells and by Western blotting of supernates prepared from lysed washed cells. Genomic DNA ...

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  • Protection against experimental salmonellosis in mice and sheep by immunisation with aromatic-dependent Salmonella typhimurium.

    abstract::Mice immunised by the oral or intraperitoneal route with a live aromatic-dependent strain of Salmonella typhimurium exhibited significantly less protection against oral challenge with 50 LD50 of an ovine isolate of S. typhimurium (12313) than when a bovine isolate with the same O antigens and phage-type as strain 1231...

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  • Molecular analysis and species diversity of Nocardia in the hospital environment in a developing country, a potential health hazard.

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  • Occurrence of K1, K5 and O antigens in Escherichia coli isolates from patients with urinary tract infections or bacteraemia.

    abstract::The distribution of K1, K5 and O antigens was examined in 500 clinical strains of Escherichia coli. Of 400 strains from urine, 52% belonged to serogroups O1, O2, O4, O6, O7, O8, O9, O18, O25 and O75; 34% were non-typable (NT) and 14% were autoagglutinable (AA). Antigen K1 was carried by 17% of these strains, and K5 by...

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  • Effect of Bacteroides fragilis cellular components on chemotactic activity of polymorphonuclear leukocytes towards Escherichia coli.

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  • Hepatitis C virus genotyping in relation to neu-oncoprotein overexpression and the development of hepatocellular carcinoma.

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  • Identification of bacteria directly from positive blood culture samples by DNA pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNA gene.

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  • Auxotyping of Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated in the United Kingdom.

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  • Virulent Toxoplasma gondii strain RH promotes T-cell-independent overproduction of proinflammatory cytokines IL12 and gamma-interferon.

    abstract::The aim of this study was the analysis of the cytokine response in BALB/c mice infected with the highly virulent RH or the weakly virulent Beverley strains of Toxoplasma gondii. Analysis of cytokine messages showed increased expression of IL12, IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha, but not IL4 mRNAs in spleen cells after infection...

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  • Replication of Chlamydia trachomatis and C. pneumoniae in the human monocytic cell line U-937.

    abstract::To elucidate whether Chlamydia trachomatis and C. pneumoniae infections occur to a significant extent in monocytes-macrophages, the human monocytic cell line, U-937, was infected with C. trachomatis L2 or C. pneumoniae TW-183. Chlamydial DNA and genus-specific antigens of the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) in epitopes of t...

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  • Susceptibilities of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans biofilms to oral antiseptics.

    abstract::The susceptibilities of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans cultures, grown as 1- or 3-day-old biofilms or as planktonic suspensions, to concentrations of chlorhexidine digluconate, cetylpyridinium chloride or triclosan used in commercial mouthwashes were compared. Three-day biofilms were the most resistant form of t...

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    authors: Thrower Y,Pinney RJ,Wilson M

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  • Non-tuberculous mycobacterial infection of the parotid gland in an immunosuppressed adult.

    abstract::Infections of the parotid gland with non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) are rarely described. Here, we report on an infection of the parotid gland caused by Mycobacterium avium and give a literature-based overview about this entity. In the light of a global increase of mycobacterial infections, unusual manifestations ...

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  • Confirmation of botulism in birds and cattle by the mouse bioassay and Endopep-MS.

    abstract::There have been several outbreaks of botulism among poultry and wild birds in Sweden in recent years. The National Veterinary Institute of Sweden (SVA) has identified botulinum neurotoxin (BoNT)/C1 or the mosaic BoNT/C1D using the mouse bioassay. This is believed to be the first report on the application of the Endope...

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  • A simple statistical approach that represents the frequency distribution of plasmids in clinical isolates of the enterobacteria.

    abstract::The frequency distribution of plasmids in a representative collection of Escherichia coli and other enterobacteria was compared with the frequencies predicted by the Poisson distribution. The distribution of E. coli plasmids did not differ significantly (p greater than 0.2) whereas the difference between observed and ...

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