Identification of Agrobacterium tumefaciens genes that direct the complete catabolism of octopine.


:Agrobacterium tumefaciens R10 was mutagenized by using the promoter probe transposon Tn5-gusA7, and a library of approximately 5,000 transcriptional fusions was screened for octopine-inducible patterns of gene expression. Twenty-one mutants carrying strongly inducible gusA fusions, 20 of which showed defects in the catabolism of octopine or its metabolites, were obtained. One group of mutants could not use octopine as a carbon source, while a second group of mutants could not utilize arginine or ornithine and a third group could not utilize octopine, arginine, ornithine, or proline as a carbon source. Utilization of these compounds as nitrogen sources showed similar but not identical patterns. Fifteen fusions were subcloned together with adjacent DNA. Sequence analysis and further genetic analysis indicated that insertions of the first group are localized in the occ region of the Ti plasmid. Insertions of the second group were localized to a gene encoding ornithine cyclodeaminase. This gene is very similar to, but distinct from, a homolog located on the Ti plasmid. This gene is located immediately downstream from a gene encoding an arginase. Genetic experiments indicated that this arginase gene is essential for octopine and arginine catabolism. Insertions of the third group was localized to a gene whose product is required for degradation of proline. We therefore have identified all steps required for the catabolism of octopine to glutamate.


J Bacteriol


Journal of bacteriology


Cho K,Fuqua C,Martin BS,Winans SC




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  • Proteolytic adaptor for transfer-messenger RNA-tagged proteins from alpha-proteobacteria.

    abstract::We have identified an analog of SspB, the proteolytic adaptor for transfer-messenger RNA (tmRNA)-tagged proteins, in Caulobacter crescentus. C. crescentus SspB shares limited sequence similarity with Escherichia coli SspB but binds the tmRNA tag in vitro and is required for optimal proteolysis of tagged proteins in vi...

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  • Sequence of b cytochromes relative to ubiquinone in the electron transport chain of Escherichia coli.

    abstract::A ubiquinone-deficient mutant, carrying mutations in two genes affecting ubiquinone biosynthesis, has been used, in comparison with a normal strain, to determine the sequence of some of the components of the electron transport chain of Escherichia coli. The amounts of cytochromes reduced during aerobic steady-state co...

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