Wallaby serum amyloid A protein: cDNA cloning, sequence and evolutionary analysis.


:A serum amyloid A (SAA) clone was isolated from a Tammar wallaby cDNA library, the most distantly related mammalian species for which an SAA has been described to date. The clone predicts a premolecule of 127 amino acids with good homology to other mammalian SAAs, and consists of an 18 residue leader peptide and a mature protein of 109 amino acids. Evolutionary analysis at both the protein and nucleotide level indicate that the wallaby SAA clone clusters with the acute phase SAAs. However, as the SAA superfamily has undergone concerted evolution it is not possible to determine at this point which acute phase SAA it is most like. The grouping of wallaby SAA inside the acute phase SAA cluster demonstrates that at least some of the duplication events giving rise to multiple acute phase genes occurred prior to the divergence of the eutherian and metatherian mammals.


Scand J Immunol


Uhlar CM,Black IL,Shields DC,Brack CM,Schreiber G,Whitehead AS




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1996-03-01 00:00:00












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  • Specific deposition of serum amyloid A protein 2 in the mouse.

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  • Prozone effects in indirect immunofluorescence.

    abstract::A marked prozone effect was observed in indirect immunofluorescence (IFL) with rabbit antisera against rat renal proximal tubular epithelial brush border (BB) antigens: anti-BB antibodies were not detectable if used in high concentrations but were readily demonstrated if sufficiently diluted. The prozone effect occurr...

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  • Abnormal kappa:lambda light chain ratio in circulating immune complexes as a marker for B cell activity in juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

    abstract::Patients with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) have been shown to have elevated levels of circulating immune complexes (CICs) which correlated with disease activity. Our aim was to assess B cell activity by measuring the amount of and the kappa:lambda chain immunoglobulin light (L) chain ratio in CICs from JIA pati...

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  • A high frequency of cytotoxic precursor cells for a syngeneic tumour.

    abstract::The average frequency of cytotoxic precursor cells in DBA/2 lymph node cell preparations reactive to the syngeneic tumour P815 has been determined as 1 in 2000. This frequency is similar to the precursor frequency for an allogeneic tumour EL-4. The normal lack of response of DBA/2 lymph node cells to the syngeneic tum...

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  • Isolation and partial characterization of a murine cell surface glycoprotein with affinity for exogenously added beta 2-microglubulin.

    abstract::Exogenously added beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2m) binds to a variety of murine cell types. The 'receptor' for beta 2m has been isolated. The purified 'receptor' comprised a 48,000-dalton chain and occasionally a 25,000-dalton component. Direct crosslinking of beta 2m to the receptor on intact cells gave rise to a singl...

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  • Presynaptic membrane receptor-reactive T lymphocytes in myasthenia gravis.

    abstract::The majority of patients with myasthenia gravis were shown to have T and B cells specific for a beta-bungarotoxin binding protein, presynaptic membrane receptor (PsmR). Such autoreactive T cells may be subdivided into different subsets according to the pattern of cytokine production. In this study the authors examined...

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  • Association of mouse major histocompatibility and Rauscher murine leukaemia virus envelope glycoprotein antigens on leukaemia cells and their recognition by syngeneic virus-immune-cytotoxic T-lymphocytes.

    abstract::Physical association was measured between MLV gp70, the envelope glycoprotein of Rauscher murine leukaemia virus (R-MLV), and serologically defined H-2 antigens on the surface of R-MLV transformed C57BL/6 (H-2DbKb) mouse leukaemia cells (RBL-5A). Capping and patching with antisera against H-2Db caused specific co-capp...

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