Characterization and inhibition of a cholecystokinin-inactivating serine peptidase.


:A cholecystokinin (CCK)-inactivating peptidase was purified and identified as a membrane-bound isoform of tripeptidyl peptidase II (EC, a cytosolic subtilisin-like peptidase of previously unknown functions. The peptidase was found in neurons responding to cholecystokinin, as well as in non-neuronal cells. Butabindide, a potent and specific inhibitor, was designed and shown to protect endogenous cholecystokinin from inactivation and to display pro-satiating effects mediated by the CCKA receptor.






Rose C,Vargas F,Facchinetti P,Bourgeat P,Bambal RB,Bishop PB,Chan SM,Moore AN,Ganellin CR,Schwartz JC




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  • Dynamic cortical activity in the human brain reveals motor equivalence.

    abstract::That animals and humans can accomplish the same goal using different effectors and different goals using the same effectors attests to the remarkable flexibility of the central nervous system. This phenomenon has been termed 'motor equivalence', an example being the writing of a name with a pencil held between the toe...


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  • Inhibition of BET recruitment to chromatin as an effective treatment for MLL-fusion leukaemia.

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  • Reduction of disulphide bonds unmasks potent antimicrobial activity of human β-defensin 1.

    abstract::Human epithelia are permanently challenged by bacteria and fungi, including commensal and pathogenic microbiota. In the gut, the fraction of strict anaerobes increases from proximal to distal, reaching 99% of bacterial species in the colon. At colonic mucosa, oxygen partial pressure is below 25% of airborne oxygen con...


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  • Measurement of the intracellular free calcium concentration in salamander rods.

    abstract::Measurement of the free calcium concentration within a photo-receptor outer segment has been considered an important aim since the proposal by Hagins and Yoshikami that the primary event in phototransduction is a release of Ca (2+) inside the cell. More recent evidence has cast doubt on the calcium hypothesis, and the...


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  • In vivo CRISPR editing with no detectable genome-wide off-target mutations.

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  • Receptor-rich intracellular membrane vesicles transporting asialotransferrin and insulin in liver.

    abstract::A wide range of receptors are located at the blood sinusoidal aspect of the hepatocyte plasma membrane. Many circulating ligands that bind to receptors on the cell surfaces are interiorized along two pathways. Asialoglycoproteins are transferred from the plasma membrane to lysosomes and degraded, whereas immunoglobuli...


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  • Evidence against linkage of schizophrenia to markers on chromosome 5 in a northern Swedish pedigree.

    abstract::Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness with a typically chronic course affecting nearly 1% of the human population. It is generally accepted that genetic factors have an important pathogenic role in a substantial portion of schizophrenia cases; however, despite decades of family studies, there is no agreed-upon mode...


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  • Trace element signature of subduction-zone fluids, melts and supercritical liquids at 120-180 km depth.

    abstract::Fluids and melts liberated from subducting oceanic crust recycle lithophile elements back into the mantle wedge, facilitate melting and ultimately lead to prolific subduction-zone arc volcanism. The nature and composition of the mobile phases generated in the subducting slab at high pressures have, however, remained l...


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    authors: Kessel R,Schmidt MW,Ulmer P,Pettke T

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  • Atomic structure of the eukaryotic intramembrane RAS methyltransferase ICMT.

    abstract::The maturation of RAS GTPases and approximately 200 other cellular CAAX proteins involves three enzymatic steps: addition of a farnesyl or geranylgeranyl prenyl lipid to the cysteine (C) in the C-terminal CAAX motif, proteolytic cleavage of the AAX residues and methylation of the exposed prenylcysteine residue at its ...


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  • Lower receptor avidity required for thymic clonal deletion than for effector T-cell function.

    abstract::Clonal deletion in the thymus plays a major part in T-cell tolerance to self antigens. But the mechanism of negative selection, its fine specificity and the threshold of affinity and avidity remains unknown. We have now examined these aspects of negative selection with mice expressing a transgenic T-cell receptor with...


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  • Presynaptic A-current based on heteromultimeric K+ channels detected in vivo.

    abstract::A wide variety of voltage-gated K+ channels are involved in the regulation of neuronal excitability and synaptic transmission. Their heterogeneity arises in part from the large number of genes encoding different K+ channel subunits (reviewed in ref. 1). In addition, heterologous expression studies indicate that assemb...


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  • Computational design of transmembrane pores.

    abstract::Transmembrane channels and pores have key roles in fundamental biological processes1 and in biotechnological applications such as DNA nanopore sequencing2-4, resulting in considerable interest in the design of pore-containing proteins. Synthetic amphiphilic peptides have been found to form ion channels5,6, and there h...


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    authors: Xu C,Lu P,Gamal El-Din TM,Pei XY,Johnson MC,Uyeda A,Bick MJ,Xu Q,Jiang D,Bai H,Reggiano G,Hsia Y,Brunette TJ,Dou J,Ma D,Lynch EM,Boyken SE,Huang PS,Stewart L,DiMaio F,Kollman JM,Luisi BF,Matsuura T,Catterall

    更新日期:2020-09-01 00:00:00

  • The catalytic mechanism for aerobic formation of methane by bacteria.

    abstract::Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that is produced in significant quantities by aerobic marine organisms. These bacteria apparently catalyse the formation of methane through the cleavage of the highly unreactive carbon-phosphorus bond in methyl phosphonate (MPn), but the biological or terrestrial source of this compo...


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  • RNA interference in adult mice.

    abstract::RNA interference is an evolutionarily conserved surveillance mechanism that responds to double-stranded RNA by sequence-specific silencing of homologous genes. Here we show that transgene expression can be suppressed in adult mice by synthetic small interfering RNAs and by small-hairpin RNAs transcribed in vivo from D...


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  • Imaging cortical correlates of illusion in early visual cortex.

    abstract::Exploring visual illusions reveals fundamental principles of cortical processing. Illusory motion perception of non-moving stimuli was described almost a century ago by Gestalt psychologists. However, the underlying neuronal mechanisms remain unknown. To explore cortical mechanisms underlying the 'line-motion' illusio...


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  • Erythrocyte receptors for Mycoplasma pneumoniae are sialylated oligosaccharides of Ii antigen type.

    abstract::Among the pathological effects in man following infection with Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a transient autoimmune disorder characterized by the presence of high-titre erythrocyte autoantibodies (cold agglutinins). These autoantibodies are usually directed against the carbohydrate antigen termed I (ref. 3) which consists ...


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  • Methane oxidation by an extremely acidophilic bacterium of the phylum Verrucomicrobia.

    abstract::Aerobic methanotrophic bacteria consume methane as it diffuses away from methanogenic zones of soil and sediment. They act as a biofilter to reduce methane emissions to the atmosphere, and they are therefore targets in strategies to combat global climate change. No cultured methanotroph grows optimally below pH 5, but...


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  • A steady-state superradiant laser with less than one intracavity photon.

    abstract::The spectral purity of an oscillator is central to many applications, such as detecting gravity waves, defining the second, ground-state cooling and quantum manipulation of nanomechanical objects, and quantum computation. Recent proposals suggest that laser oscillators which use very narrow optical transitions in atom...


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    authors: Bohnet JG,Chen Z,Weiner JM,Meiser D,Holland MJ,Thompson JK

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  • Ebola virus antibody decay-stimulation in a high proportion of survivors.

    abstract::Neutralizing antibody function provides a foundation for the efficacy of vaccines and therapies1-3. Here, using a robust in vitro Ebola virus (EBOV) pseudo-particle infection assay and a well-defined set of solid-phase assays, we describe a wide spectrum of antibody responses in a cohort of healthy survivors of the Si...


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    authors: Adaken C,Scott JT,Sharma R,Gopal R,Dicks S,Niazi S,Ijaz S,Edwards T,Smith CC,Cole CP,Kamara P,Kargbo O,Doughty HA,van Griensven J,Horby PW,Gevao SM,Sahr F,Ebola-CP Consortium.,Dimelow RJ,Tedder RS,Semple MG,Paxt

    更新日期:2021-01-27 00:00:00

  • A giant stream of metal-rich stars in the halo of the galaxy M31.

    abstract::Recent observations have revealed streams of gas and stars in the halo of the Milky Way that are the debris from interactions between our Galaxy and some of its dwarf companion galaxies; the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy and the Magellanic clouds. Analysis of the material has shown that much of the halo is made up of canni...


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  • Competition for antigen presentation in living cells involves exchange of peptides bound by class II MHC molecules.

    abstract::T cells recognize foreign proteins as peptides bound to self molecules encoded by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC). The kinetics of interaction between purified class II MHC molecules and peptides is unusual, in that the rate of association is very slow, but once formed, the complexes are extremely stable. T...


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  • Ion sieving in graphene oxide membranes via cationic control of interlayer spacing.

    abstract::Graphene oxide membranes-partially oxidized, stacked sheets of graphene-can provide ultrathin, high-flux and energy-efficient membranes for precise ionic and molecular sieving in aqueous solution. These materials have shown potential in a variety of applications, including water desalination and purification, gas and ...


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    authors: Chen L,Shi G,Shen J,Peng B,Zhang B,Wang Y,Bian F,Wang J,Li D,Qian Z,Xu G,Liu G,Zeng J,Zhang L,Yang Y,Zhou G,Wu M,Jin W,Li J,Fang H

    更新日期:2017-10-19 00:00:00

  • Structural basis of highly conserved ribosome recycling in eukaryotes and archaea.

    abstract::Ribosome-driven protein biosynthesis is comprised of four phases: initiation, elongation, termination and recycling. In bacteria, ribosome recycling requires ribosome recycling factor and elongation factor G, and several structures of bacterial recycling complexes have been determined. In the eukaryotic and archaeal k...


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  • IKK-gamma is an essential regulatory subunit of the IkappaB kinase complex.

    abstract::Pro-inflammatory cytokines activate the transcription factor NF-kappaB by stimulating the activity of a protein kinase that phosphorylates IkappaB, an inhibitor of NF-kappaB, at sites that trigger its ubiquitination and degradation. This results in the nuclear translocation of freed NF-kappaB dimers and the activation...


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  • Prophylactic TNF blockade uncouples efficacy and toxicity in dual CTLA-4 and PD-1 immunotherapy.

    abstract::Combined PD-1 and CTLA-4-targeted immunotherapy with nivolumab and ipilimumab is effective against melanoma, renal cell carcinoma and non-small-cell lung cancer1-3. However, this comes at the cost of frequent, serious immune-related adverse events, necessitating a reduction in the recommended dose of ipilimumab that i...


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    authors: Perez-Ruiz E,Minute L,Otano I,Alvarez M,Ochoa MC,Belsue V,de Andrea C,Rodriguez-Ruiz ME,Perez-Gracia JL,Marquez-Rodas I,Llacer C,Alvarez M,de Luque V,Molina C,Teijeira A,Berraondo P,Melero I

    更新日期:2019-05-01 00:00:00

  • Defensin-like polypeptide LUREs are pollen tube attractants secreted from synergid cells.

    abstract::For more than 140 years, pollen tube guidance in flowering plants has been thought to be mediated by chemoattractants derived from target ovules. However, there has been no convincing evidence of any particular molecule being the true attractant that actually controls the navigation of pollen tubes towards ovules. Eme...


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    authors: Okuda S,Tsutsui H,Shiina K,Sprunck S,Takeuchi H,Yui R,Kasahara RD,Hamamura Y,Mizukami A,Susaki D,Kawano N,Sakakibara T,Namiki S,Itoh K,Otsuka K,Matsuzaki M,Nozaki H,Kuroiwa T,Nakano A,Kanaoka MM,Dresselhaus T,Sa

    更新日期:2009-03-19 00:00:00

  • True paternal care in a multi-male primate society.

    abstract::Although male parental care is rare among mammals, adult males of many cercopithecine primate species provide care for infants and juveniles. This care is often in the form of grooming, carrying, support in agonistic interactions, and protection against infanticide. For these behaviours to be interpreted as true paren...


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    authors: Buchan JC,Alberts SC,Silk JB,Altmann J

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  • Chimpanzees and AIDS research.

    abstract::Pressure is mounting to relax the regulations on importation of chimpanzees for research. Such a policy is unnecessary and would deepen the plight of an already endangered species. ...


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    authors: Prince AM,Moor-Jankowski J,Eichberg JW,Schellekens H,Mauler RF,Girard M,Goodall J

    更新日期:1988-06-09 00:00:00

  • The Norway spruce genome sequence and conifer genome evolution.

    abstract::Conifers have dominated forests for more than 200 million years and are of huge ecological and economic importance. Here we present the draft assembly of the 20-gigabase genome of Norway spruce (Picea abies), the first available for any gymnosperm. The number of well-supported genes (28,354) is similar to the >100 tim...


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    authors: Nystedt B,Street NR,Wetterbom A,Zuccolo A,Lin YC,Scofield DG,Vezzi F,Delhomme N,Giacomello S,Alexeyenko A,Vicedomini R,Sahlin K,Sherwood E,Elfstrand M,Gramzow L,Holmberg K,Hällman J,Keech O,Klasson L,Koriabine M,K

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