Insulin potentiates the transactivation potency of the glucocorticoid receptor.


:A single copy of a glucocorticoid-responsive element (GRE) is sufficient in mediating the combinatorial response of a promoter to both glucocorticoids and insulin in HepG2 cells. This requires the presence of active glucocorticoid receptor (GR) since the response is significantly inhibited by the anti-glucocorticoid RU30406. The N'- and C'-terminal parts of the GR protein are not involved in mediating the response. Insulin had no effect on GR binding to GRE but it affected both the level and the phosphorylation state of nuclear-bound GR. Thus, insulin alters the GR transactivation potency while, concomitantly, modifies the molecule at the posttranslational level.




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Georgakopoulos A,Tsawdaroglou N




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1996-03-04 00:00:00














  • Construction and characterization of the soybean leaf metalloproteinase cDNA.

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  • Modulation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase activation by cholesterol level suggests a novel positive role for lipid rafts in lysophosphatidic acid signalling.

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  • Isolation from the microsomal fraction of rat liver of a subfraction highly enriched in uncoated endocytic vesicles with high H+-ATPase activity and a 50 kDa phosphoprotein.

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  • Alteration of the specificity of ecotin, an E. coli serine proteinase inhibitor, by site directed mutagenesis.

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  • Cloning and characterization of a novel receptor to pancreatic polypeptide, a member of the neuropeptide Y receptor family.

    abstract::We report isolation of a murine gene, NPYR-D, which predicts an intronless novel G protein-coupled receptor of 375 amino acids. Percent identities of NPYR-D to the clone Y1, Y2, rat Y4/PP1 and human Y4/PP1 receptors are 45, 32, 92 and 76, respectively. Southern blots indicate that NPYR-D and human Y4/PP1 receptor gene...

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  • Dependence of rat liver CMP-N-acetylneuraminate:GM1 sialyltransferase (SAT IV) activity on the ceramide composition of GM1 ganglioside.

    abstract::The dependence of CMP-N-acetylneuraminate:GM1 sialyltransferase (SAT IV) activity of rat liver Golgi apparatus on GM1 ganglioside ceramide composition was evaluated. SAT IV activity was assayed on GM1 molecular species carrying homogeneous ceramide moieties containing long chain bases of different length (18 or 20 C a...

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  • PDT-induced HSP70 externalization up-regulates NO production via TLR2 signal pathway in macrophages.

    abstract::We studied the molecular mechanism underlying PDT-induced apoptosis-dependent macrophage activation, particularly through NO production. We demonstrate that NO production is initially induced by HSP70 on the apoptotic cell surface, and is further enhanced by macrophage phagocytosis. Additionally, we found that apoptot...

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  • TGF-β triggers HBV cccDNA degradation through AID-dependent deamination.

    abstract::The covalently closed circular DNA (cccDNA) of hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a viral center molecule for HBV infection and persistence. However, the cellular restriction factors of HBV cccDNA are not well understood. Here, we show that TGF-β can induce nuclear viral cccDNA degradation and hypermutation via activation-ind...

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  • The complete islet amyloid polypeptide precursor is encoded by two exons.

    abstract::Islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) is the 37-amino acid peptide subunit of amyloid found in pancreatic islets of type 2 diabetic patients and in insulinomas. Recently, we isolated the human gene encoding IAPP [(1988) FEBS Lett. 239, 227-232]. We now report the nucleotide sequences of a human insulinoma cDNA encoding a c...

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  • Differentiated analysis of the secondary structure of hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions in alpha- and beta-subunits of Na+,K+-ATPase by Raman spectroscopy.

    abstract::Raman spectra of active Na+,K+-ATPase from pig kidney and membrane-bound products of its two-stage trypsinolysis, including alpha-subunit hydrophobic regions as well as the intact beta-subunit and hydrophobic regions of alpha- and beta-subunits, were measured to calculate the secondary structure of hydrophilic and hyd...

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  • Identification of putative calcium channels in skeletal muscle microsomes.

    abstract::Saturable binding sites for the labelled calcium antagonist (+/-)[3H]nimodipine were found in guinea-pig hind limb skeletal muscle homogenates. Binding sites were enriched in a microsomal pellet by differential centrifugation of the homogenate. [3H]Nimodipine binding (Kd = 1.5 +/- 0.03 nM, Bmax = 2.1 +/- 0.25 pmol/pro...

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  • Analysis of RNase A refolding intermediates by electrospray/mass spectrometry.

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  • Characterization of new gangliosides of the lactotetraose series in murine xenografts of a human glioma cell line.

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  • HNF1 alpha activates the aminopeptidase N promoter in intestinal (Caco-2) cells.

    abstract::The importance of HNF1 binding proteins for intestinal aminopeptidase N expression was investigated using the Caco-2 cell-line. Aminopeptidase N promoter activity in Caco-2 cells depends on the HNF1 element (positions -85 to -58) and co-transfection with an HNF1 alpha expression vector demonstrates a direct activation...

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    abstract::The CO-binding reaction of cytochrome P-450cam bound with (1R)-camphor and (1S)-camphor are compared in the temperature region of 210-260 K using time-resolved Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy with the CO stretch vibration as spectroscopic probe. For (1S)-camphor as substrate the association of CO is slowed dow...

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  • Kin recognition. A model for the retention of Golgi enzymes.

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  • Probing the primary quinone environment in photosynthetic bacterial reaction centers by light-induced FTIR difference spectroscopy.

    abstract::The photoreduction of the primary electron acceptor, QA, has been characterized by light-induced Fourier transform infrared difference spectroscopy for Rb. sphaeroides reaction centers and for Rsp. rubrum and Rp. viridis chromatophores. The samples were treated both with redox compounds, which rapidly reduce the photo...

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    authors: Breton J,Thibodeau DL,Berthomieu C,Mäntele W,Verméglio A,Nabedryk E

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  • Conformational change in thrombospondin induced by removal of bound Ca2+. A spin label approach.

    abstract::The effect of removal of Ca2+ bound to thrombospondin (TSP) on the protein structure in solution has been investigated using ESR spin-label techniques. A maleimide spin label was selectively attached to the free thiol group presumably near the carboxyl-terminal domain in which Ca2+-binding sites are situated. The ESR ...

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  • A truncated human Ah receptor suppresses growth of human cervical tumor xenografts by interfering with hypoxia signaling.

    abstract::We used a xenograft model to investigate whether the aryl hydrocarbon receptor deletion construct CDelta553 suppresses tumor growth. HeLa cells that were infected with CDelta553 expressing adenovirus (Ad553) formed very small tumors whereas the control adenovirus-infected cells formed large tumors at day 15. CDelta553...

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  • Cloning of a glycine receptor subtype expressed in rat brain and spinal cord during a specific period of neuronal development.

    abstract::Complementary (c) DNAs encoding a glycine receptor (GlyR) isomer were cloned from libraries constructed in lambda ZAPII with poly (A)+ RNA of neonatal rat spinal cord. Northern blot analysis revealed that RNA hybridized to the cloned cDNA is detectable only for a period of late embryonic/early postnatal stage of the s...

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  • Photosynthesis modulates the sign of phototaxis of wild-type Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Effects of red background illumination and 3-(3',4'-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea.

    abstract::We have found that the sign of phototaxis, i.e. the direction of phototactic migration either towards or away from the light source, of wild-type Chlamydomonas reinhardtii depends on its photosynthetic activity. This accounts for the frequently reported transient positive phototaxis that precedes a negative phototaxis...

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  • Mutations in a semiconserved region of the Tetrahymena intron.

    abstract::The A-rich bulge in paired region P5a of the Tetrahymena intron is a structural feature that is conserved in the sub-group Ib self-splicing introns. We have constructed a series of substitution and deletion mutations in this region of the intron. Kinetic analysis has shown that some of the mutants have a reduced maxim...

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  • Activation of boar proacrosin is effected by processing at both N- and C-terminal portions of the zymogen molecule.

    abstract::A mixture of 55 and 53 kDa boar proacrosins was autoactivated at pH 8.5 to produce a 43 kDa intermediate form and a 35 kDa mature acrosin, and each of four forms of (pro)acrosins was isolated. Analysis of the N-terminal sequences of the two proacrosins indicated the existence of a segment corresponding to the acrosin ...

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  • The primary structure of rat ribosomal protein L26.

    abstract::The amino acid sequence of rat ribosomal protein L26 was deduced from the sequence of nucleotides in a recombinant cDNA and confirmed from the NH2-terminal amino acid sequence of the protein. Rat L26 contains 145 amino acids and has a molecular mass of 17,266 Da. Hybridization of the cDNA to digests of nuclear DNA sug...

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  • Permeation and gating of alpha1 glycine-gated channels expressed at low and high density in Xenopus oocyte.

    abstract::When a high density of alpha1-subunit glycine receptor (GlyR) is expressed in Xenopus oocytes, two populations of channels can be distinguished according to their apparent affinity for glycine which differs 5- to 6-fold. To compare the open pore diameter of these channels, the relative permeability of formate with res...

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    authors: Maammar M,Rodeau JL,Taleb O

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  • Electrogenic reduction of the primary electron donor P700 by plastocyanin in photosystem I complexes.

    abstract::An electrometric technique was used to investigate electron transfer between spinach plastocyanin (Pc) and photooxidized primary electron donor P700 in photosystem I (PS I) complexes from the cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803. In the presence of Pc, the fast unresolvable kinetic phase of membrane potential gen...

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    authors: Mamedov MD,Mamedova AA,Chamorovsky SK,Semenov AY

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  • Functional characterization of the promoter region of the mouse protein kinase C gamma gene.

    abstract::Promoter activity of protein kinase C (PKC) gamma gene was analysed by chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) assay using extracts from the cells transfected with various fusion constructs containing the 5'-flanking region of the mouse PKC gamma gene and CAT gene. Transient expression experiments in PC12 cells reveal...

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    authors: Takanaga H,Mukai H,Shimakawa M,Konishi H,Kikkawa U,Koizumi T,Ono Y

    更新日期:1995-07-17 00:00:00

  • Solution structure of an atypical WW domain in a novel beta-clam-like dimeric form.

    abstract::The WW domain is known as one of the smallest protein modules with a triple-stranded beta-sheet fold. Here, we present the solution structure of the second WW domain from the mouse salvador homolog 1 protein. This WW domain forms a homodimer with a beta-clam-like motif, as evidenced by size exclusion chromatography, a...

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    authors: Ohnishi S,Güntert P,Koshiba S,Tomizawa T,Akasaka R,Tochio N,Sato M,Inoue M,Harada T,Watanabe S,Tanaka A,Shirouzu M,Kigawa T,Yokoyama S

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