Purification and molecular cloning of the scaffold attachment factor B (SAF-B), a novel human nuclear protein that specifically binds to S/MAR-DNA.


:We have purified to near homogeneity a novel nuclear protein from HeLa cells, that specifically binds to scaffold or matrix attachment region DNA elements (S/MAR DNA). The protein, designated SAF-B for scaffold attachment factor B, is an abundant component of chromatin, but not of the nuclear matrix and is expressed in all human tissues investigated. Antibodies against the purified protein were raised in rabbit and used to isolate the complete cDNA encoding SAF-B by immunoscreening. As predicted from the cDNA sequence, SAF-B contains 849 amino acids (96 696 Da), without significant homology to any known protein. SAF-B is rich in charged residues, leading to an aberrant migration on SDS gels, and has two putative bipartite nuclear localisation signals.


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Renz A,Fackelmayer FO




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  • ASD: a comprehensive database of allosteric proteins and modulators.

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  • Method for multiplex cellular detection of mRNAs using quantum dot fluorescent in situ hybridization.

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  • Deciphering the modulation of gene expression by type I and II interferons combining 4sU-tagging, translational arrest and in silico promoter analysis.

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  • Specific binding of MobA, a plasmid-encoded protein involved in the initiation and termination of conjugal DNA transfer, to single-stranded oriT DNA.

    abstract::MobA protein, encoded by the broad host-range plasmid R1162, is required for conjugal mobilization of this plasmid. The protein is an essential part of the relaxosome, and is also necessary for the termination of strand transfer. In vitro, MobA is a nuclease specific for one of the two DNA strands of the origin of tra...

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  • Structure of recombinant rat UBF by electron image analysis and homology modelling.

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  • Effects of base substituents on the hydration of B- and Z-DNA: correlations to the B- to Z-DNA transition.

    abstract::We present a study of how substituent groups of naturally occurring and modified nucleotide bases affect the degree of hydration of right-handed B-DNA and left-handed Z-DNA. A comparison of poly(dG-dC) and poly(dG-dm5C) titrations with the lipotropic salts of the Hofmeister series infers that the methyl stabilization ...

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  • Efficient reamplification of differential display products by transient ligation and thermal asymmetric PCR.

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  • Stabilization of XIAP mRNA through the RNA binding protein HuR regulated by cellular polyamines.

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  • A self-initiating eukaryotic transient gene expression system based on contransfection of bacteriophage T7 RNA polymerase and DNA vectors containing a T7 autogene.

    abstract::A novel cytoplasmic gene expression system has been developed. This system differs from other expression systems in that it relies on the co-delivery of plasmid DNA and T7 RNA polymerase (RNAP) during transfection. The plasmid contains a T7 RNAP gene driven by the T7 promoter (T7 autogene) and a functional/reporter ge...

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  • ArrayXPath: mapping and visualizing microarray gene-expression data with integrated biological pathway resources using Scalable Vector Graphics.

    abstract::Biological pathways can provide key information on the organization of biological systems. ArrayXPath (http://www.snubi.org/software/ArrayXPath/) is a web-based service for mapping and visualizing microarray gene-expression data for integrated biological pathway resources using Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). By integ...

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  • Covalent attachment of synthetic DNA to self-assembled monolayer films.

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  • Altered expression and editing of miRNA-100 regulates iTreg differentiation.

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  • Purification and characterization of the MspI DNA methyltransferase cloned and overexpressed in E. coli.

    abstract::The MspI restriction-modification system, which recognizes the sequence 5'-CCGG-3', has been previously cloned and sequenced (1). We subcloned the methyltransferase gene (M.MspI) downstream of the ptac promoter in the multicopy vector pUC119 and overexpressed it in E. coli. Upon induction with IPTG, M.MspI constitutes...

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  • Genome-scale design of PCR primers and long oligomers for DNA microarrays.

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  • fusionDB: assessing microbial diversity and environmental preferences via functional similarity networks.

    abstract::Microbial functional diversification is driven by environmental factors, i.e. microorganisms inhabiting the same environmental niche tend to be more functionally similar than those from different environments. In some cases, even closely phylogenetically related microbes differ more across environments than across tax...

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  • Struct2Net: a web service to predict protein-protein interactions using a structure-based approach.

    abstract::Struct2Net is a web server for predicting interactions between arbitrary protein pairs using a structure-based approach. Prediction of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is a central area of interest and successful prediction would provide leads for experiments and drug design; however, the experimental coverage of t...

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  • Epigenetic features of human telomeres.

    abstract::Although subtelomeric regions in humans are heterochromatic, the epigenetic nature of human telomeres remains controversial. This controversy might have been influenced by the confounding effect of subtelomeric regions and interstitial telomeric sequences (ITSs) on telomeric chromatin structure analyses. In addition, ...

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  • Combined SSCP/duplex analysis by capillary electrophoresis for more efficient mutation detection.

    abstract::SSCP and heteroduplex analysis (HA) continue to be the most popular methods of mutation detection due to their simplicity, high sensitivity and low cost. The advantages of these methods are most clearly visible when large genes, such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, are scanned for scattered unknown mutations and/or when a large n...

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  • Transition-state destabilization reveals how human DNA polymerase β proceeds across the chemically unstable lesion N7-methylguanine.

    abstract::N7-Methyl-2'-deoxyguanosine (m7dG) is the predominant lesion formed by methylating agents. A systematic investigation on the effect of m7dG on DNA replication has been difficult due to the chemical instability of m7dG. To gain insights into the m7dG effect, we employed a 2'-fluorine-mediated transition-state destabilz...

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  • The initiator element of the Drosophila beta2 tubulin gene core promoter contributes to gene expression in vivo but is not required for male germ-cell specific expression.

    abstract::The tissue-specific expression of the Drosophila beta 2 tubulin gene ( B2t ) is accomplished by the action of a 14-bp activator element (beta2UE1) in combination with certain regulatory elements of the TATA-less, Inr-containing B2t core promoter. We performed an in vivo analysis of the Inr element function in the B2t ...

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  • rDNA in Locusta migratoria is very variable: two introns and extensive restriction site polymorphisms in the spacer.

    abstract::Cloned ribosomal DNA (rDNA) of Locusta migratoria was analyzed by restriction site mapping and SI nuclease experiments. The repeat unit is 18 kb long. The nontranscribed spacer region (NTS) is very large (11 kb) and homogeneous in length, but many of the restriction sites are heterogeneous among the repeat units. Two ...

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  • Selective isolation and detailed analysis of intra-RNA cross-links induced in the large ribosomal subunit of E. coli: a model for the tertiary structure of the tRNA binding domain in 23S RNA.

    abstract::Intramolecular RNA cross-links were induced within the large ribosomal subunit of E. coli by mild ultraviolet irradiation. Regions of the 23S RNA previously implicated in interactions with ribosomal-bound tRNA were then specifically excised by addressed cleavage using ribonuclease H, in conjunction with synthetic comp...

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  • Effects of double-strand break repair proteins on vertebrate telomere structure.

    abstract::Although telomeres are not recognized as double-strand breaks (DSBs), some DSB repair proteins are present at telomeres and are required for telomere maintenance. To learn more about the telomeric function of proteins from the homologous recombination (HR) and non-homologous end joining pathways (NHEJ), we have screen...

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  • Solid-phase synthesis of polynucleotides. IV. Usage of polystyrene resins for the synthesis of polydeoxyribonucleotides by the phosphostriester method.

    abstract::Contrary to the expectation, the Merrifield polystyrene resin, 2% cross-linked by divinylbenzene, is as efficient as the polyacrylmorpholide resin for the synthesis of polydeoxyribonucleotides using a phosphotriester method. On the Merrifield resin, the tetradecamer, dTpCpGpTpCpApApCpTpGpGpCpTpT, and the hexadecamer, ...

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  • Database on the structure of large ribosomal subunit RNA.

    abstract::Our database on large ribosomal subunit RNA contained 334 sequences in July, 1995. All sequences in the database are aligned, taking into account secondary structure. The aligned sequences are provided, together with incorporated secondary structure information, in several computer-readable formats. These data can eas...

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  • A fully-automated method discovers loss of mouse-lethal and human-monogenic disease genes in 58 mammals.

    abstract::Gene losses provide an insightful route for studying the morphological and physiological adaptations of species, but their discovery is challenging. Existing genome annotation tools focus on annotating intact genes and do not attempt to distinguish nonfunctional genes from genes missing annotation due to sequencing an...

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