Effects of kanamycin ototoxicity and hair cell regeneration on the DC endocochlear potential in adult chickens.


:High doses of aminoglycoside antibiotics cause massive damage to the avian basilar papilla. The resulting functional loss could conceivably arise from the reduction in the DC endocochlear potential (EP) due to impairment of the tegmentum vasculosum (TV) or to shunting of current through the damaged sensory epithelium. To test this hypothesis, the EP was measured in adult chickens after destroying hair cells in the basal half of the cochlea with a high dose (400 mg/kg per day for 10 days) of kanamycin (KM). KM treatment caused an increase in the steady-state EP from +18.1 to +23.3 mV and a decrease in the magnitude of the negative EP from -42.0 to -19.2 mV. The EP showed almost no change between 1 and 2 days and 1 week post-KM treatment. After 4 weeks of recovery, most hair cells had regenerated; however, the steady-state EP was still elevated by 13% and the negative EP was depressed by 37%. These results suggest that functional loss as shown by the large reduction in cochlear microphonic (CM) and the elevated thresholds of compound action potential (CAP) following KM treatment is not due to a reduction in the EP but may arise from functional deficits in the hair cells and/or the auditory nerve.


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Chen L,Trautwein PG,Miller K,Salvi RJ




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  • Piribedil affects dopamine turnover in cochleas stimulated by white noise.

    abstract::The presence of dopamine (DA) within the cochlea has been previously reported, indicating that its turnover increases under noise stimulation. In the present report, piribedil, a dopaminergic D2 agonist, was used in order to provide evidence of the activity of D2 receptors in the turnover of DA under noise stimulation...

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  • Measurements of the stiffness map challenge a basic tenet of cochlear theories.

    abstract::The cochlear frequency map is believed to depend on the progressive decrease in partition stiffness from base to apex. Measurements on cochleae from human cadavers by von Békésy (1960) suggested that the elasticity of the partition increases by a factor of 100 from the stapes to the helicotrema. However, conventional ...

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  • The sensitive period and optimum dosage for induction of audiogenic seizure susceptibility by kanamycin in the Wistar rat.

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