Effects of kanamycin ototoxicity and hair cell regeneration on the DC endocochlear potential in adult chickens.


:High doses of aminoglycoside antibiotics cause massive damage to the avian basilar papilla. The resulting functional loss could conceivably arise from the reduction in the DC endocochlear potential (EP) due to impairment of the tegmentum vasculosum (TV) or to shunting of current through the damaged sensory epithelium. To test this hypothesis, the EP was measured in adult chickens after destroying hair cells in the basal half of the cochlea with a high dose (400 mg/kg per day for 10 days) of kanamycin (KM). KM treatment caused an increase in the steady-state EP from +18.1 to +23.3 mV and a decrease in the magnitude of the negative EP from -42.0 to -19.2 mV. The EP showed almost no change between 1 and 2 days and 1 week post-KM treatment. After 4 weeks of recovery, most hair cells had regenerated; however, the steady-state EP was still elevated by 13% and the negative EP was depressed by 37%. These results suggest that functional loss as shown by the large reduction in cochlear microphonic (CM) and the elevated thresholds of compound action potential (CAP) following KM treatment is not due to a reduction in the EP but may arise from functional deficits in the hair cells and/or the auditory nerve.


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Chen L,Trautwein PG,Miller K,Salvi RJ




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  • CM tuning can be compatible with sharply tuned receptor potentials.

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  • Death pathways in noise-damaged outer hair cells.

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    abstract::Mammalian aquaporins constitute a family of so far 10 related water channel proteins which mediate osmotically driven water fluxes across the plasma membrane. Because regulation of the ionic composition and osmolality of inner ear fluids is of great functional significance, we investigated the expression patterns of a...

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  • Association of TagSNP in lncRNA HOTAIR with susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss in a Chinese population.

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  • Na,K-ATPase activity decreases in the cochlear lateral wall of quiet-aged gerbils.

    abstract::Alterations in the distribution and activity of Na,K-ATPase have been implicated in declining cell function with age. However, the location, size and anatomical complexity of the cochlea have limited study of this essential enzyme. Here we describe a micro-colorimetric assay which measures Na,K-ATPase activity in subr...

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  • A model for perilymphatic fistula induced hearing loss in the guinea pig cochlea.

    abstract::In cases of sudden, reversible hearing loss where perilymphatic fistulas are thought to be the cause, a multitude of causes have been postulated. These include perilymphatic pressure changes, Simmons' double-break theory, perilymphatic hemorrhage, pneumolabyrinth, and others. This study was proposed to explore the rol...

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  • Auditory nerve of the normal and jaundiced rat. II. Frequency selectivity and two-tone rate suppression.

    abstract::This study is the continuation of the functional probing of the auditory periphery in the normal and jaundiced rat. Threshold tuning curves from normal rat auditory nerve fibers were comparable to those reported in other mammals. Life-long unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia does not appear to have a widespread, demonstra...

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  • Simultaneous suppression of tone burst-evoked otoacoustic emissions: Two and three-tone burst combinations.

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