Aminoglycoside antibiotics restore CFTR function by overcoming premature stop mutations.


:Cystic fibrosis (CF) is caused by mutations in the gene encoding the CF transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR). A single recessive mutation, the deletion of phenylalanine 508 (deltaF508), causes severe CF and resides on 70% of mutant chromosomes. Severe CF is also caused by premature stop mutations, which are found on 5% of CF chromosomes. Here we report that two common, disease-associated stop mutations can be suppressed by treating cells with low doses of the aminoglycoside antibiotic G-418. Aminoglycoside treatment resulted in the expression of full-length CFTR and restored its cyclic AMP-activated chloride channel activity. Another aminoglycoside, gentamicin, also promoted the expression of full-length CFTR. These results suggest that treatment with aminoglycosides may provide a means of restoring CFTR function in patients with this class of mutation.


Nat Med


Nature medicine


Howard M,Frizzell RA,Bedwell DM




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  • Blood-based tumor mutational burden as a predictor of clinical benefit in non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with atezolizumab.

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  • Elimination of Ehrlich tumours by ATP-induced growth inhibition, glutathione depletion and X-rays.

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  • Beta-catenin stabilization extends regulatory T cell survival and induces anergy in nonregulatory T cells.

    abstract::Beta-catenin is a central molecule in the Wnt pathway. Expression of a stable form of beta-catenin on CD4+CD25+ regulatory T (T(reg)) cells resulted in a marked enhancement of survival of these cells in vitro. Furthermore, stable beta-catenin-expressing CD4+CD25+ T(reg) cells outcompeted control T(reg) cells in vivo, ...

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  • Tumor-specific imaging through progression elevated gene-3 promoter-driven gene expression.

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  • Pericyte contraction induced by oxidative-nitrative stress impairs capillary reflow despite successful opening of an occluded cerebral artery.

    abstract::Here we show that ischemia induces sustained contraction of pericytes on microvessels in the intact mouse brain. Pericytes remain contracted despite successful reopening of the middle cerebral artery after 2 h of ischemia. Pericyte contraction causes capillary constriction and obstructs erythrocyte flow. Suppression o...

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  • A clinical microchip for evaluation of single immune cells reveals high functional heterogeneity in phenotypically similar T cells.

    abstract::Cellular immunity has an inherent high level of functional heterogeneity. Capturing the full spectrum of these functions requires analysis of large numbers of effector molecules from single cells. We report a microfluidic platform designed for highly multiplexed (more than ten proteins), reliable, sample-efficient (∼1...

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  • Identification of the prion protein allotypes which accumulate in the brain of sporadic and familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease patients.

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  • The natural killer T-cell ligand alpha-galactosylceramide prevents autoimmune diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice.

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