Cross-sectional configuration of endodontic files compared with manufacturers' design.


:The cross-sectional configuration of seven files at coronal and apical levels were compared with diagrams presented by manufacturers. The presence of cutting edges was also examined. Ground-twisted (K-file, K-Reamer, and K-flex) and machined files (Flex-R, Unifile, S-file, and Hedstrom) were included in #10, #25, and #40. Twelve files of each size and brand comprised the samples. Files were embedded in acrylic, which was then cut in cross-section in the apical and coronal parts of the flutes. These were photographed under a microscope. Six clinicians viewed the slides projected onto a screen for comparison with manufacturers' design and evaluation of visible cutting edges. The inconsistencies were primarily in machined files, smaller sizes, and apical sections of the instruments. Data showed that overall the cross-sections and presence of cutting edges compared well with the designs intended by the manufacturers.


J Endod


Journal of endodontics


D'Souza JE,Walton RE,Maixner D




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1995-12-01 00:00:00














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    abstract::The finite element method was used to compare stresses along the inner canal wall in four two-dimensional models of an average maxillary central incisor. The four models evaluated were an intact incisor, an endodontically treated incisor, an endodontically treated crown-restored incisor, and a cylindrical post and cro...

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    abstract::The aim of this study was to investigate the response of human pulp tissue to a dentin bonding agent, Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Plus (SMPP), in exposed class V cavities. Sixteen human premolar teeth were mechanically exposed. Ten pulps were capped with SMPP and six teeth were capped with Dycal. The cavities were filled...

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  • Cytotoxic evaluation of root canal filling materials on primary human oral fibroblast cultures and a permanent hamster cell line.

    abstract::To date there has been very little data on the cytotoxic response of different cell lines to root canal sealers. The objective of this study was to determine the cytocompatibility of three different extracts of root canal sealers and to compare the cytotoxic response of these materials on two different primary human o...

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  • Redemption of a perforated furcation with a multidisciplinary treatment approach.

    abstract::A long-standing lesion associated with an undetected perforation of the furca in a mandibular molar was successfully managed using a multidisciplinary treatment approach. The sequence of therapeutic procedures involved conventional endodontic retreatment, an initial orthograde sealing of the perforation, guided tissue...

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  • Investigation on the shaping ability of nickel-titanium files when used with a reciprocating motion.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:The introduction of nickel-titanium (NiTi) files into clinical practice has improved the quality of canal shaping, but increasing the curvature of the root canal (or the diameter of the master instrument that prepares the full working length) could result in more transportation, straightening, and aberrati...

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  • Effect of surface treatments on tensile bond strength and on morphology of quartz-fiber posts.

    abstract::This study evaluated the effect of three post surface treatments on quartz-fiber post (a) retention and (b) morphology. A control group was not treated. Different treatments were performed for the other posts: silanization; etching by hydrofluoric acid 9.5%; sandblasting with 50 microm Al2O3. Two specimens of each gro...

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