Neuropeptide Y in the forebrain and retina of the killifish, Fundulus heteroclitus.


:The organization of the neuropeptide Y (NPY)-immunoreactive system in the forebrain, pineal organ and retina of a biweekly spawning fish (Fundulus heteroclitus) was investigated. Immunoreactivity was encountered in neurons of the nucleus olfactoretinalis, in the large population of neurons in the floor of the telencephalon, and in the nucleus entopeduncularis. Isolated somata were encountered in the hypophysiotropic hypothalamic nuclei, viz., the nucleus preopticus periventricularis, nucleus preopticus, and nucleus lateralis tuberis. Immunoreactive somata were also seen in the nucleus dorsomedialis thalami. The olfactory bulb was abundantly innervated by NPY fibers. The telencephalon showed thick radiating processes basally and terminal fields with modest to high densities in the dorsal and lateral regions. NPY-immunoreactive fibers were also conspicuous in the preoptic area, suprachiasmatic nucleus, tuberal hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and paraventricular thalamic regions; discrete CSF-contacting sites were also encountered. Of special interest was the occurrence of NPY immunoreactivity in fibers of the pineal stalk and organ. In the retina, some amacrine cells displayed immunoreactivity, while the inner plexiform layer revealed a well-developed pattern of NPY fibers different from that previously described for the goldfish.


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Subhedar N,Cerdá J,Wallace RA




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  • The amazing complexity of insect midgut cells: types, peculiarities, and functions.

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