Ribotyping to differentiate Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. necrophorum and F. necrophorum subsp. funduliforme isolated from bovine ruminal contents and liver abscesses.


:Differences in biological activities (hemagglutination, hemolytic, leukotoxic, and virulence) and ribotypes between the two subspecies of Fusobacterium necrophorum of bovine ruminal and liver abscess origins were investigated. Hemagglutination activity was present in all hepatic, but only some ruminal, strains of Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. necrophorum. Ruminal F. necrophorum subsp. necrophorum had low leukotoxin titers yet was virulent in mice. Fusobacterium necrophorum subsp. funduliforme of hepatic or ruminal origin had no hemagglutination activity, had low hemolytic and leukotoxic activities, and was less virulent to mice. For ribotyping, chromosomal DNAs of 10 F. necrophorum subsp. necrophorum and 11 F. necrophorum subsp. funduliforme isolates were digested with restriction endonucleases (EcoRI, EcoRV, SalI, PstI, and HaeIII) and examined by restriction fragment length polymorphisms after hybridizing with a digoxigenin-labeled cDNA probe transcribed from a mixture of 16 and 23S rRNAs from Escherichia coli. The most discriminating restriction endonuclease enzyme for ribotyping was EcoRI. The presence or absence of two distinct bands of 2.6 and 4.3 kb differentiated the two subspecies. Regardless of the origin, only F. necrophorum subsp. necrophorum, a virulent subspecies, had a ca. 2.6-kb band, whereas F. necrophorum subsp. funduliforme, a less virulent subspecies, had a ca. 4.3-kb band. Ribotyping appears to be a useful technique to genetically differentiate the two subspecies of F. necrophorum.


Appl Environ Microbiol


Okwumabua O,Tan Z,Staats J,Oberst RD,Chengappa MM,Nagaraja TG




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1996-02-01 00:00:00












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  • Population Genetics and Characterization of Campylobacter jejuni Isolates from Western Jackdaws and Game Birds in Finland.

    abstract::Poultry are considered a major reservoir and source of human campylobacteriosis, but the roles of environmental reservoirs, including wild birds, have not been assessed in depth. In this study, we isolated and characterized Campylobacter jejuni from western jackdaws (n = 91, 43%), mallard ducks (n = 82, 76%), and phea...

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    abstract::Streptococcus thermophilus is one of the most widely used lactic acid bacteria in the dairy industry, in particular in yoghurt manufacture, where it is associated with Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus. This bacterial association, known as a proto-cooperation, is poorly documented at the molecular and regula...

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